Obese Obama eating Fast Food
Obese Obama eating Fast Food
Obese Obama eating Fast Food. Joe tells Barack the Good Humor Truck just pulled up while Michelle slowly begins a fuming eruption.
Member reactions:
Kewl Image. That guy could eat you right out of White House and Home.
So much for Michelle's "Move" campaign. Great chop.
Xlent chubbification. Woody for your effort
Congrats on the wood, Franko. Great to see you back.

Funny Really Obese Man

Really Obese Man
Member reactions:
Sun is on vacation today, at least here. Sun don't shine

Funny Obese Crossing Traffic Sign

Obese Crossing Traffic Sign

Funny Obese People

Obese People
Demi loves Ashton for his, uh, mind.
Member reactions:
Don't like him no matter what, never did....

Funny Obese Britney Spears

Obese Britney Spears
Member reactions:
dang, was going for this concept great knee brace,
A shot of Brittney taken by the new, revolutionary "Internal Beauty Camera"

Funny Obese

Member reactions:
Try using the pen tool to get a more defined curve on the dividing line. But good work
Too Funny, I was thinking of that too, but ya beat me to it.

Funny Britney Spears Obese

Britney Spears Obese
The real Britney, without benefit of lighting, makeup, and camera tricks.
Member reactions:
This kicks ass. She'll give J-Lo run for the money...
more of a girl & more of a women. that gets a little stiff for some people

Funny Obese To Thin Pill

Obese To Thin Pill
Obesity pill that re-wires the brain so it feels full could be available within years after scientific breakthrough

Funny Vilma Soltesz Obese Woman Dies

Vilma Soltesz Obese Woman Dies
Obese New York woman dies in Hungary after airline officials say she was too fat to fly

Funny Obese Dick Cheney

Obese Dick Cheney
Cheney's on a roll..
Member reactions:
" cant put the lap top on my lap or i will lose it"
he needs a bigger laptop or a smaller lap
He apparently not only SHOOTS his friends, he EATS them, as well.

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