Obama Haircare
Obama Haircare
Obama Haircare.

Funny Cougar Obama

Cougar Obama
Member reactions:
I knew It. All that manspreading was a bluff. Go figure.
Retirement seems to agree with him....nice work.
Nat Geo quality, Luciano.... Great satire and congrats.

Funny Barack Obama

Barack Obama
Member reactions:
I think were looking at the future....very nice.
Congrats Mr.Assad. Flawless Treatment. This Rocks...
Great job on the matching tonal values. Congrats mrassad
Just a clean, overall, great chop. Congrats Mr. Assad
Congrats, Mr.Assad. Perfect quality picture.
Love this. He looks so relaxed and cozy.... Congratulations...

Funny Queen Elizabeth-Obama II

Queen Elizabeth-Obama II
Member reactions:
I was going with this idea until Id seen yours Wanderer. Well done. This source of Obama was used in one of my very first entries on FN.

Funny Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Funny US Rooster vs. Russian Spy Chicken (good bye from Obama)

US Rooster vs. Russian Spy Chicken (good bye  from Obama)
Vladimir Putin invited children of 35 US diplomats to Kremlin for Christmas in latest Barack Obama jibe
Member reactions:
I think that now their position is reversed.

Funny Obama Big Mouth

Obama Big Mouth
Member reactions:
Perfect. No mercy for past, current and future politicians on The Freaking news site.

Funny Obama: Unfortunately I did not finish his treatment

Obama: Unfortunately I did not finish his treatment
The last meeting Barack Obama with Putin
Member reactions:
Obama: Unfortunately I did not finish his treatment. Gentlemen, you have to continue and finish it.
When I said "we should keep more in touch" I didn't.....

Funny Putin's 64 Birthday. New i-Phone from Obama.

Putin's 64 Birthday. New i-Phone from Obama.
Member reactions:
Infinite collection of VIPS. The only sure phone is on the table.
Excellent work, though the heads may use slight color adjustments to blend better (the ones that are in the colder colors at least)

Funny Michelle Barack Obama

Michelle Barack Obama

Funny Obama Doppelganger

Obama Doppelganger
Doppelganger is a look-alike or a double of a living person. Since there are over 7 billion people living on this planet, every one of us supposedly has at least several "doppelgangers" scattered around the world. Celebrity look-alikes often choose to make a living as impersonators. In today's photo one such wannabe Obama doppelganger tries to kick another wannabe Romney doppelganger. (He kinda looks like a cross between Obama and Tiger Woods to us.) Photoshop this photo of Obama doppelganger any way you wish. Many thanks to HoHouse for the contest suggestion.

Funny Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly

Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly
Despite the Russia's political isolation, Vladimir Putin was invited to the United Nations General Assembly this Monday, where he met with Barack Obama for about 1.5 hours. They discussed the Syrian conflict, but came out empty-handed. After the meeting Obama came out cold-faced, while Putin tried to stay positive and said that "there's still a chance to work on the issue together". On today's stock photo you see the two presidents walking in for a photo opportunity, which was the shortest POTUS photo op ever - walk in, shake hands, walk out, timed at 13 seconds. Photoshop this photo of Putin and Obama at the UN General Assembly any way you wish.

Funny President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators

President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators
Who could have thought that one day Barack Obama would be happily walking hand in hand with Kim Jong-Un? Well, folks, this day has finally come, according to the today's stock photo. Have at it! Photoshop this photo of President Obama and Kim Jong-Un impersonators any way you wish.

Funny Obama vs Spider-Man Kid

Obama vs Spider-Man Kid
Today's stock photo comes from the White House Press Service archives. It's a personal favorite photo of President Obama from 2012, and shows him pretending to be caught in the kid Spider-Man's web. Photoshop this photo of Obama and a Spider-Man kid any way you wish.

Funny Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin

Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. After the recent tensions over Snowden, and then Syria, the foreign affairs between the US and Russia has hit the new low and descended into the state of mistrust and cold treatment. Are we heading to a new cold war? Photoshop this image of Obama and Putin any way you wish. Some examples are - turn this "state of confusion" into a happy affair between the presidents, use the photo in billboards and promotional posters. These are just some ideas.

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