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Funny Obamacare Pictures

Obamacare BloodbathFunny Obamacare Bloodbath
Member reactions:
The start of a new era in healthcare is upon us.
The ick factor definitely has been amped to the max on this one and your message is loud and clear. Very effective.
Fantastic way to show up Obama with an injection trying to invade patients with their blood good work on blood spills all over
Talk about me smoking stuff hahaahahahaha Fine looking chop as always. Congrats on the cup my friend.
Love this kind of chop... congrats Luna..
nice one LunaC looooooooong time no seen ,, Congrats on the bronze

Member reactions:

ObamaCare has 20000 pages of guidelines.... so to save these papers... a very innovate idea to put them in
Wonderful chop, but real pity you have made it in so small image.

'Shaky Rollout:' Obamacare off the tracksFunny 'Shaky Rollout:' Obamacare off the tracks
Member reactions:
Christian Science Monitor: 'Obamacare: Warning about shaky rollout came as early as 2010, report says' (Best viewed in original LARGE resolution)
Full view is way cooler. Should have scored way higher, in my humble opinion

Obamacare Website SolutionFunny Obamacare Website Solution
Member reactions:

Obamacare Web Designers Blame Obama Administration for Glitches
LOVE the old diskette and the written directions on it, hahaha.

ObamacareFunny Obamacare
Member reactions:

Maybe I'm not very well informed on this matter, being a Canadian, but I don't know why anyone would object to health care that would serve those not fortunate enough to afford health insurance. The paid medical offered is great in the United States but not everyone can afford it. Your picture is well done though.
The answer to that is simple, Joan. They will not let my wife work over 30 hours a week nor advance to a higher responsibility position or they will be required under Obamacare to provide her with full coverage and benefits. PS Let us not forget this is satire Thanks for the comments
This is great Nice caricature Very well executed..
Read ObmaCare Documents carefully before availing any surgery... the results will be unbelievable Great chop in showing the legs stitched to the shoulders and the hands to legs good one
Thanks guys Only humans can find beauty and admiration in horror. We are a curious lot.
Oh those poor Obamacared for freaks. Nice
Congrats on the and I don't want to know where the rest of his parts are. Good job.
Congratulations on the cup Hit-Man. Get a leg up with Obama Care. Classic Hitspinner. Supa freaky
Congratulations. He's looking much better after his treatment.
Kinda figured it was u HitMan, Great job explaining O-Care Congrats on the Cup.
How much freakier can it get, . Scares me too. Congrats on the bronze, Hits, stunning work.

Obamacare LawFunny Obamacare Law
Member reactions:

The Obamacare Law Is 20,000 Pages Long
after reading this 20,000 page law, the person will need to admit in Obama Care...
Great chop, but why the unneeded white space on the sides.

Member reactions:

Non-germane President Obama: Hed rather talk to Iran than John Boehner
First Attack and get admitted in Obama Care

ObamacareFunny Obamacare
Member reactions:

OUTREACHThe group, which has strong ties to the Obama administration and the healthcare industry.
Bean is declared as the Official Care Taker of Obama very funny
Thanks for the extra high votes, it keeps me even. A 5. you see 5, then I better stop.
Even 5 what. I don't follow. But I sure like the chop. Congrads on the trophy, D. Swell job

Obamacare ExtortionFunny Obamacare Extortion
Member reactions:

Awesome.... Obama with the Big snake is twisted and his Obamacare is also confusing in the bills and payment

ObamacareFunny Obamacare
Member reactions:

Train Wreck
Great job on that green obama boogie man.

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