Dr Barack Obama of Obamacare
Dr Barack Obama of Obamacare
Dr Barack Obama of Obamacare. Consumers to Get Peek at 2015 Health Law Premiums
Member reactions:
Fantastic work.... Obama looks awesome with this texture and wise look Doctor Obama
Excellent caricature, his expression is great touch.
What do the Chinese do, Marco. Super chop, brilliant character. He's like an entirely different guy but still looks the same. That is good work. Not a lot of people can do that. Gold for you meester Funk.
Obama-Care, illustrated brilliantly. Congrats on the Gold, Funkwood.
Witty satire. Sharp skills. It's Funkster. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Barack Obama the Obamacare Pirate

Barack Obama the Obamacare Pirate
Member reactions:
Kewl 3D effect of the Gun. But the barrel is looking transparent in areas.
I think he is wearing a red bandana. If so, lower edge shouldn't be so vanishing.
Cool beans
nicely done … I like the 3D effect … I agree with SplatShot, the gun barrel should be opaque.

Funny Hillary Clinton with a Barrel of Obamacare

Hillary Clinton with a Barrel of Obamacare
Hillary Clinton: Obamacare ‘liberates’ young people to choose what they want to do in life
Member reactions:
genius work on zombie land full of terror
Great idea and composition. The three zombies in background seem to be lighted frontally but produce shadows in the same direction.
This is like the classic Jacko's Thriller, 2014 style. Good stuff

Funny Barack Obama's Obamacare Bloodbath

Barack Obama's Obamacare Bloodbath
The start of a new era in healthcare is upon us.
Member reactions:
The ick factor definitely has been amped to the max on this one and your message is loud and clear. Very effective.
Fantastic way to show up Obama with an injection trying to invade patients with their blood good work on blood spills all over
Talk about me smoking stuff hahaahahahaha Fine looking chop as always. Congrats on the cup my friend.
Love this kind of chop... congrats Luna..
nice one LunaC looooooooong time no seen ,, Congrats on the bronze

Funny Obama Singing and Dancing the Obamacare Shuffle

Obama Singing and Dancing the Obamacare Shuffle
Song and Dance
Member reactions:
I saw this and cracked up. Great thinking.

Funny Vladimir Putin in Obamacare Waiting Room

Vladimir Putin in Obamacare Waiting Room
Member reactions:
All animals behavioural illness is covered in Obama care
, he looks like a Ukranian Cossack here.

Funny Obamacare Mission Accomplished

Obamacare Mission Accomplished
The Website is fixed. Yea right. It's deja Vu all over again.
Member reactions:
"Tell us just what this freaking moron has done right since he has been president. " As I see it the only accomplishment he has made was in getting re-elected. Next year when he has them repeal the 2 term, term limit he may get re-elected for a 3rd term by all them Kool-Aid drinkers
That terrified look on the woman's face on the website kinda says it all
Yea She has accused us of cyber-bulling her by photoshoping her pic. She said she is getting death threats and everyone is blaming her for the mess. and They didn't even pay her to use the photo.

Funny Obamacare Clowns

Obamacare Clowns
Member reactions:
no doctors available for Obama care. only bafoons treat patients with dose of laughter

Funny Obamacare in the Jungle

Obamacare  in the Jungle
Member reactions:
The specialist will treat you with natural herbs. its scary for nubile young things
Hahahahah gaws, we tore Obama up in this contest I hope he's got a sense of humor and forgot that he has drones Funny chop...

Funny Obamacare 2

Obamacare 2
Member reactions:
The clowns are classic, and B O is clueless as always. Great
poor dog donot know about the outcomes. funny Obama watching all these
Great job HH... Congrats on the werewolf ammo

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