Barry Obama, GOOD OLD B.O.
Barry Obama, GOOD OLD B.O.
Barry Obama, GOOD OLD B.O.. Member reactions:
Thought you might chop pillow man and son for this contest.

Funny Barry Obama and Mutts

Barry Obama and Mutts

Funny Mama Obama

Mama Obama
Member reactions:
looks real. A phenomenal Baby O here. Silver Congrats, great job Splats.
Thank you kindly Reggie and Hits. yeah... Baby O looks a lot like his mother, huh.
Congrats SlaptShot, the baby is a Hoot, looks good...
Thanks, Cos. He will grow up to be President one day. But his smell will never improve.

Funny Hairy Michelle Obama

Hairy Michelle Obama
She may need to opt for the 5 Gallon economy size.
Member reactions:
Hysterical and a knee-slapper. Excellent , quality work, LunaC.

Funny Barry Obama

Barry Obama

Funny Obama sax player

Obama sax player

Funny Obama's New Look!

Obama's New Look!
Member reactions:
Lol this is great. Congrats on the Bronze Hobbit.

Funny Barry Obama

Barry Obama
Only cost 7 Trillion, Where did it Go.
Member reactions:
Great job with Obama's legacy lies., Nice work.

Funny Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Funny Obama's Portrait

Obama's Portrait
Member reactions:
Another winner without a cup, 3 identical scores, and .001 of a point beats them. Again More Voters Needed.
I don't know why there is not to many wanting to vote, doesn't make sense, could make voting mandatory if you submit a picture in the contest.
That's an idea Hobbit, just wish more members,entered or not, would want to participate in the vote. It's a crucial part of any contest.
Excellent... I have an excuse for not voting. I am a retarded idiot that forgets to dress sometimes Again, sorry about that Etta ... OOO
We all get caught up and can't vote sometimes,Tim you're the Best one to me on here and as far as I know you always vote, some just don't, I'm going to try to vote every contest, unless i'm on vacation or sick .

Funny Obama on a Jury

Obama on a Jury
Barack Obama has fulfilled his civic duty as president. Now comes another role as a citizen: jury duty. Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told county commissioners Friday that Obama has been summoned for jury duty next month in Illinois, according to CNN affiliate WLS. Obama plans to serve as juror, according to WLS. CNN has reached out to Evans and Obama's representative, but has not heard back. The former president lives in Washington, but maintains a home in Chicago. With a Harvard Law School degree, experience teaching law and eight years as commander in chief, he is a pretty decent candidate for jury duty. Create images of Obama in the Courtroom..suggestions could include a Bailiff, Judge, Jury, Attorney, Witness, Defendant... PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Obama Doppelganger

Obama Doppelganger
Doppelganger is a look-alike or a double of a living person. Since there are over 7 billion people living on this planet, every one of us supposedly has at least several "doppelgangers" scattered around the world. Celebrity look-alikes often choose to make a living as impersonators. In today's photo one such wannabe Obama doppelganger tries to kick another wannabe Romney doppelganger. (He kinda looks like a cross between Obama and Tiger Woods to us.) Photoshop this photo of Obama doppelganger any way you wish. Many thanks to HoHouse for the contest suggestion.

Funny Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly

Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly
Despite the Russia's political isolation, Vladimir Putin was invited to the United Nations General Assembly this Monday, where he met with Barack Obama for about 1.5 hours. They discussed the Syrian conflict, but came out empty-handed. After the meeting Obama came out cold-faced, while Putin tried to stay positive and said that "there's still a chance to work on the issue together". On today's stock photo you see the two presidents walking in for a photo opportunity, which was the shortest POTUS photo op ever - walk in, shake hands, walk out, timed at 13 seconds. Photoshop this photo of Putin and Obama at the UN General Assembly any way you wish.

Funny President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators

President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators
Who could have thought that one day Barack Obama would be happily walking hand in hand with Kim Jong-Un? Well, folks, this day has finally come, according to the today's stock photo. Have at it! Photoshop this photo of President Obama and Kim Jong-Un impersonators any way you wish.

Funny Obama vs Spider-Man Kid

Obama vs Spider-Man Kid
Today's stock photo comes from the White House Press Service archives. It's a personal favorite photo of President Obama from 2012, and shows him pretending to be caught in the kid Spider-Man's web. Photoshop this photo of Obama and a Spider-Man kid any way you wish.

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