Obama Cuts In Line
Obama Cuts In Line
Obama Cuts In Line. Obama cuts ahead of customers in line and pays for their meals. Member reactions:
The warnings against line cutters are a hoot.
very nice demon logo...nice warning doc paul.
Thanks, Newsy, Dr. Silvercuspid and G-Man.

Funny Shady Obama

Shady Obama
This lamp emits a bright red, environmentally friendly fluorescent light. Specially designed to randomly emit red lines for no good reason. Not available in stores. Only $99.00 Get a 2nd lamp free--Just pay additional shipping and handling fee. Allow up to 8 years for delivery, if ever.. Member reactions:
Clever in so many ways. Love the FN touches you gave it.

Funny the light of obama

the light of obama
. Member reactions:
Hahahahahaahah Funny.... Bloody true too.

Funny Chris Matthews meets Obama

Chris Matthews meets Obama
Matthews gets a Tesla style "Thrill up his Legs". Member reactions:
Good technique, but IMO he should look at Obama...
Hahaha funny one, Champ. Woody congrats. I like the colorizing
Thanks everybody, Newsy, ItsHere, Andrew, Paul, Hitman, Geri, and Bob...

Funny A Film by Barack Jose Obama

A Film by Barack Jose Obama
Departures - the best foreign language film.....ButThe Law Is the LawGuys, only legal immigrants are welcome in America.. Member reactions:
Remove the drop shadows that are on the background and it will be even better. Is there some reason you kept the Japanese names at the bottom.
Just lazy. Original poster is Japanese. Thank you, Paul.
Silver congrats, Andrew. You're making me crazy with those drop shadows.

Funny Putins Private Meeting with Obama

Putins Private Meeting with Obama
. Member reactions:
, Putin is too much of a man to be seen with that .......... whatever it is
Hahaha, damn brilliant - Putin is reading a pink love letter from Obama.
It's a great chop but a winner for the laugh factor also :0)
Romantic meeting,Nice hair pin of Obama.....
I know it's your first time, but I've got the instructions right here...
Was my favorite by far, better than mine and I knew it.
Thank you deaddog ...damn. That is one New Jersey of a compilement. Thank you Wanderer, gary 21629, NewsMaster,silvercanine, geriatric, sullishere, PSMandrake, ericorthend, lucianomorelli, pcrdds, & MsgtBob You guys are going to have to let me know what to call you for short
Clean. Very nicely done and congrats on the wood

Funny Putin reading Obama's report card

Putin reading Obama's report card
Obama " How do you spell RESIGN. ". Member reactions:
Teacher is giving marks.. Awesome and hilarious.
Thanks guys, did this for the funny factor. Hope it worked :0)
Worked like a charm. Great to see you again, Gary.
I sent the typo correction, Let me know if that works, and thank you sir :0)

Funny Obama and BO Play Bubble Soccer

Obama and BO Play Bubble Soccer
Bubble Soccer is a hilarious new sport. Check it out. Member reactions:
Learning something knew every day, now I know what a bubble soccer is Not sure if I'll ever wish to play it though. Cool chop.
There is no game. Bo has 4 leg so it's like playing against 2 players.
Excellent caricature of Obama and its playful dog really funny and like the big bubbley work
Bronze congratz, Paul. Well played heavy hitter.

Funny Obama Enjoys Holding Babies

Obama Enjoys Holding Babies
Obama admits one of the perks to being president is getting to hold babies. Member reactions:
That crazy tongue action is kinda gross and hilarious. The posters showing how to hold (and not to) a baby are great.
this is awesome... Sara is trying to lick Obama like the tongue to tongue wild kiss concept

Funny Obama Has Foot Problems

Obama Has Foot Problems
Even the president has foot problems. Member reactions:
Get your damn feet off the desk. the man has no respect.
Yell, it's always in his mouth. Good job.
Nice work on the head, foot and toe nails.
Freaking chop.His feet is looking like elephant feet....
Hahahaa, Doctor Salis is there to fix him.
He is big everywhere but brain. Awesome and ironic chop.
Excellent caricature and Obama with freaky foot disease looks cute
Congratulations on all four trophies, Paul.... Must be some kind of record
Congratulations. I missed the vote but, this chop would have scored high.

Funny Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin

Foreign Affairs: Obama & Putin
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. After the recent tensions over Snowden, and then Syria, the foreign affairs between the US and Russia has hit the new low and descended into the state of mistrust and cold treatment. Are we heading to a new cold war? Photoshop this image of Obama and Putin any way you wish. Some examples are - turn this "state of confusion" into a happy affair between the presidents, use the photo in billboards and promotional posters. These are just some ideas.

Funny Obama & Putin at G20 Summit

Obama & Putin at G20 Summit
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of Obama and Putin at the G20 Summit in St.Petersburg, Russia, on September 6, 2013 any way you wish. Some examples are - show how things could go wrong between Obama and Putin on this summit, use the presidents in propaganda posters and movies, demotivational posters. These are just some ideas.

Funny Walking Obama

Walking Obama
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of President Obama on a Friday walk any way you wish (image credit Pete Souza / US Government work). Some examples are - showing where Obama is heading, designing a poster with this Obama walking image, putting the president into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Shooting Obama

Shooting Obama
This Monday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. (We swapped Friday and Monday contests this week.) The White House released the photo of Obama shooting clay targets to support Obama's interview where he said that at Camp David he and his guests "do skeet shooting all the time". Basically, The White House photo was a response to the blogsphere and media who questioned Obama's shooting - if Obama does shooting all the time why have we never heard about this? The photo is dated August 2012. Photoshop this photo of Obama skeet shooting (image credit Pete Souza / US Government work) any way you wish. Please avoid chops that are "too graphic."

Funny Obama Inauguration 2013

Obama Inauguration 2013
Obama's inauguration on January 21 will be the most expensive inauguration in history costing up to $200 million. The good news is - most of this money will be paid by the donors and only $49 million will be covered by US taxpayers (federal budget). Btw, you can still book VIP seats for the event for $1 million. In comparison, George W. Bush spent $45 million on his second swearing-in (2005), and Bill Clinton spent $33 million (1997) on his return to the White House. Less than a minute of reciting the oath of office will be followed by dancing at the inaugural balls and the inauguration party with over 250 guests. $200 mil inauguration'd better be good! Photoshop how this lavish inauguration will be remembered in history and what things/events/surprises we might expect on it.

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