Paul Ryan gives it to Obama
Paul Ryan gives it to Obama
Paul Ryan gives it to Obama. Paul Ryan criticizes Obama i started out with Ryan giving it to Obama, but then i felt it was a bit juvenile and made it into something more surreal. hopefully it hasn't strayed too much away from the subject.
Member reactions:
Lol...I'm all about juvenile, but this is brilliant.
What happened to my comment. Hmmm okay, here tis again. Excellent work, worthy of praise. Well planned and executed. Congrats on the gold. This one surprised me, thought I had ye. I led the pack until the last judge voted. You have fans in powerful places hahahahhaha
Crazy Funkamix. What's that man doing mommy. Lol
thanks guys. Yeah, we freemasons always stick up for each other.
It may have started as something normal but ended up as something totally freaking and beautiful. Congrats on the gold, Jere.

Funny Americans approve of Obama’s State of the Union address

Americans approve of Obama’s State of the Union address
President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address on January 12th, 2016.
Member reactions:
since his fake tears i lost the last bit of respect for barry. bubbles really seem the one thing this man produces besides hot air. grats mate.

Funny Obama Elvis

Obama Elvis
Member reactions:
Oh my God, won't even ask about Bill and that girl.
Great job making Hilly n Obuma look good. And horn blowing Bill

Funny Obama and Raul Castro

Obama and Raul Castro
news link
Member reactions:
After the second bottle the'll sign for an agreement.
I like how you made this happen at the beach.

Funny Obama and Hillarys Political Philosophy

Obama and Hillarys Political Philosophy
With Hillary entering the 2016 Presidential Race, We will see more of the same old Political Antics that Americans do not want.
Member reactions:
Cool chop but where's the news link (please read the contest directions carefully)

Funny Family of Obama

Family of Obama

Funny Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama

Funny Obama Declares War On The NRA

Obama Declares War On The NRA
So Obama is set to blow holes in the 2nd Amendment by executive order. What Happens Next.
Member reactions:
Great chop and a most interesting news story you have here.
Thanks Eric. I was thinking Obama fits naturally here. : -->
Really impressive. Why not in sepia color .
Thanks Balo, and Lu. Lu, it does have a 40% sepia overlay applied. Compared side by side to a true B&W I'm sure you would be able to see.
Thanks, Newsy. B&W is a hard sell. I'm happy you guys liked it.~ And thanks for all the great comments and votes, everyone.
Congrats on the Bronze, SplatS. Awesome job with makeover for big O.
Thank you very much Bob, Uncle-C and Newsy.
SplatShot no one has had the balls to say it so I will great chop and here goes How would Odumma like it if the NRA declared war on him, that would be interesting

Funny No Home For Obama

No Home For Obama

Funny Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama
Member reactions:
His forehead looks e bit short (nothing inside .)
Congrats on the wood. Obama seems to be happy

Funny Obama Doppelganger

Obama Doppelganger
Doppelganger is a look-alike or a double of a living person. Since there are over 7 billion people living on this planet, every one of us supposedly has at least several "doppelgangers" scattered around the world. Celebrity look-alikes often choose to make a living as impersonators. In today's photo one such wannabe Obama doppelganger tries to kick another wannabe Romney doppelganger. (He kinda looks like a cross between Obama and Tiger Woods to us.) Photoshop this photo of Obama doppelganger any way you wish. Many thanks to HoHouse for the contest suggestion.

Funny Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly

Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly
Despite the Russia's political isolation, Vladimir Putin was invited to the United Nations General Assembly this Monday, where he met with Barack Obama for about 1.5 hours. They discussed the Syrian conflict, but came out empty-handed. After the meeting Obama came out cold-faced, while Putin tried to stay positive and said that "there's still a chance to work on the issue together". On today's stock photo you see the two presidents walking in for a photo opportunity, which was the shortest POTUS photo op ever - walk in, shake hands, walk out, timed at 13 seconds. Photoshop this photo of Putin and Obama at the UN General Assembly any way you wish.

Funny Obama greeting Rick Perry

Obama greeting Rick Perry
It's been a while since we had a stock photo contest, so let's have at it! Photoshop this photo (any way you wish) of Obama greeting Texas Gov. Rick Perry, after disembarking Air Force One at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. (Photo credit: White House / US government work)

Funny President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators

President Obama and Kim Jong-Un Impersonators
Who could have thought that one day Barack Obama would be happily walking hand in hand with Kim Jong-Un? Well, folks, this day has finally come, according to the today's stock photo. Have at it! Photoshop this photo of President Obama and Kim Jong-Un impersonators any way you wish.

Funny Obama vs Spider-Man Kid

Obama vs Spider-Man Kid
Today's stock photo comes from the White House Press Service archives. It's a personal favorite photo of President Obama from 2012, and shows him pretending to be caught in the kid Spider-Man's web. Photoshop this photo of Obama and a Spider-Man kid any way you wish.

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