Private Obama
Private Obama
Private Obama. Member reactions:
Great although I did wonder if the fringe could have done with being feathered.

Funny Holder, Obama And Biden

Holder, Obama And Biden
Member reactions:
Classic, great shot of each drag queen's attitude Beautifully done.
Excellent job, Doc. Looks like the real thing
Was my fav, perfectly matched bodies and hair with heads and expressions..

Funny Boehner and Obama Headed For Showdown

Boehner and Obama Headed For Showdown
Things may seem like all roses for newly elected Speaker of the House John Boehner, but the honeymoon is bound to end quickly as deep-seated rifts over issues between the president and Congress seem inevitable.
Member reactions:
Totally love how you did Obama as Uncle Sam.
Thanks. Didn't quite get Boehner together right for this.

Funny Photos From Obama's Youth Will Surface

Photos From Obama's Youth Will Surface
Member reactions:
congrats on a top 5 spot, mr p. good water fx's.
Paul, excellent caricature for Kenyan boy. Congrats first 5.
Clean work - nice job on the hair and dripping water. Congrats on top 5, Paul.

Funny Obama radical nosejob

Obama radical nosejob
Obama finally decided to get a nose befitting the ears
Member reactions:
Jeremix is back with all the other Artists-of-note. Congratulations.
thanks hobbit and dd, and ger..
A total pro work. Congrats Jere, and thanks for taking this to the next level.
thank you for giving us a platform, vlad.
Gold congrats jere. Great work and funny too.

Funny Obama The Drone Ranger

Obama The Drone Ranger
Member reactions:
I like the saddle on the drone and the president on the drone. Cute idea.

Funny Barry Obama

Barry Obama

Funny Putin Obama 2015 World Peace Resolution

Putin Obama 2015 World Peace Resolution
Putin and Obama announce 2015 resolution to come together for world peace

Funny Obama Hits Lowest Approval Rating Yet

Obama Hits Lowest Approval Rating Yet
Obama's approval ratings sink
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats Doc. Good chopping and idea
good humor as usual. best wishes and winnings in the new year, mr p.
Excellent chop, wish it could grab a trophy too.

Funny Obama's War

Obama's War
Obama marks end of combat in Afghanistan
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold, funkwood. Handsome chop
you impress us again, funkwood. congrats on the gold and i wish you a very good new chopping year.
Spectacular work, love it, congrats on the win.

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