Obama in Dunce Cap
Obama in Dunce Cap
Obama in Dunce Cap. If you haven't heard; Obama said 99% of the world was in agreement with him on the Iranian deal.
Member reactions:
The words on the screen look more like something FOX News would say.
The screen reflection on the desk looks great.

Funny Obama Pooping

Obama Pooping
Member reactions:
Love it and the little pink panties is a hoot.
Amazing work,enjoy in fresh air,Funny dress

Funny Obama Digging behind the White House

Obama Digging behind the White House

Funny Barack Obama visits Kenya

Barack Obama visits Kenya
Obama visits Kenya
Member reactions:
Clean and neat Wild life looks very beautiful.
I inserted the link for you. Please read the contest directions on how to create a link for this contest. Other types on contests do not require any links, only "News in Pictures" contests do.

Funny Moon Drama with Donald Trump and Obama

Moon Drama with Donald Trump and Obama
Land on Earth is a myth, they said. We said, land on Moon is a Hoax.
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant. Congrats on the wood, redobject.

Funny Obama in Kenya

Obama in Kenya
O’Bama visits his birthplace
Member reactions:
, Maybe he will like it and stay. Great job.

Funny Dyslexic Traffic Sign with Obama

Dyslexic Traffic Sign with Obama
Member reactions:
Great chop, but just personally I feel the cross-eyed and toothless look adds a cliche feel to it
Thanks. I guess you are not a MAD magazine fan are ya. Perhaps it is an American thing. Alfred E. Neumann is a timeless icon and about the highest form of Western satire as it gets. You may not like it but MAD fans will love it which is the target audience in this case.
TY Eric. The "Fat Bob" tank gives it long range between stops
Excellent tecnique even if I don't like excessive caricature
Congrads of the Gold Cup, the best of the bunch.
Congrats Hitman. Fantastic interpreted twist to the theme. I feel your chop is spot on absolutely nothing excessive here.
As always, Top Notch Chop. Congrats Hitspinner.
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. The Best so far young Obama for FreakingNews Contest.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. I missed the Alfred likeness at first. Newmann's eyes are not crossed though and the tooth is missing on the other side.

Funny Homeless Obama

Homeless Obama
Member reactions:
Gained a little weight from all that beer hahahahaha

Funny Obama Alien

Obama Alien
Member reactions:
Yes sir, I do believe you captured his true inner essence.
Looks like a cross breed between aliens, Dicaprio, and Obama Excellent work.

Funny Obama Rabbit in Wonderland

Obama Rabbit in Wonderland
Member reactions:
I would have loved to have seen the ears ripping through the hat.
Obamobunny . Just about as strange as they come LMFAO. Nice job...
Great blend with Obama face and Alice in wonderland bunny.Congrats on the bronze wanderer
He fits quite well Congrats on the bronze, Andrew.

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