Putin And Obama To Meet Here Next Week
Putin And Obama To Meet Here Next Week
Putin And Obama To Meet Here Next Week. Putin to meet with Obama at the United Nations
Member reactions:
Oh boy,... the Putin's Chain. the medals. Wood congrats too.

Funny Obama Antagonizing Papa

Obama Antagonizing Papa
Obama’s Guest List
Member reactions:
And Obama the Muslim Christian serves burger, nice chop.


Member reactions:
Too Good. ...great expression on his face.

Funny Gramps Obama

Gramps Obama

Funny Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
Member reactions:
unbelievable... this would be the impact of staying out of rule

Funny The Obama Diet

The Obama Diet
Member reactions:
Looks better then what she wants the poor school kids to eat.
Creepy chop... looks scary to see that that hand

Funny Running with Obama

Running with Obama
Obama will appear on an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls
Member reactions:
Reminds me of a Montana postcard. hahahah Top 5 congrats.

Funny Obama dances with children

Obama dances with children
--> the party, a special dj was included. celestial dance music. L o l obama dancer
Member reactions:
Superb Nice move. even the child get excited.
Not necessary at all to include the Pope and Sharpton who have nothing to do with the story.
Congrats, Elegary . Cool picture, great quality.

Funny Work Harder So Obama Can Golf

Work Harder So Obama Can Golf
Golfing green Fee charges have risen. Must charge more tax for Obama golf
Member reactions:
Crystal Ball. TY Awesome and it even looks like Obama.
Congrats, Hitspinner. My Favorite in the contest.
Thanks, Luciano, Gummy, Elegary, Andrew, NM and Awesome

Funny Klaatu Obama Nikto

Klaatu Obama Nikto

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