Snoopy Vs. The Obama Baron
Snoopy Vs. The Obama Baron
Snoopy Vs. The Obama Baron. Obama vs. snoopy in the ultimate dogfight.They have switched each other's vehicles.How did this happen.And what will become of our hero Snoopy.

Funny Double Barrel Obama

Double Barrel Obama
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Silver. (nice improvement - ha)
Congratulations. Old Four-Eyes looks like his usual putz self.

Funny How Obama Spends His Vacation

How Obama Spends His Vacation
Obama golfs yet again while on vacation
Member reactions:
congrats on gold, mr p. excellent chopping and good humor.
Thanks, its420, Gummy, Bob, Tim, Andrew, G-Man and Newsy.

Funny pop art obama

pop art obama
Member reactions:
Excellent but not far from proposed image. Lack of fantasy .
Quality work, though I would make Warhol the central artist, not Obama

Funny Andy Warhol Paints Obama

Andy Warhol Paints Obama
Member reactions:
Clean work, and nice Obama pop-art portrait. Looks like something Warhol could have done these days indeed.

Funny Obama Admits To Childhood Crush

Obama Admits To Childhood Crush
Obama admits to having a childhood crush on singer, Linda Ronstadt
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop.... great caricature Obama with his freaky hairstyle and his childhood secrets revealed
Nice childhood life of him Nice Collection of the different images..
I wonder what did he do after his presidential selection... May be some secret pics would be revealed afterward , what do you say hidden do you got some
Great show of Linda's past memorable photos. She was quite pretty back in the days. Hope Michelle isn't jealous
And the silver.

Funny The Obama Family Nose Best

The Obama Family Nose Best
Member reactions:
the pun, good show.
I knew this was yours hahaha Congrats on the Silver. Luciano and everyone put up a tough competition this time.
Congrats on the silver pcrdds Very nice.
Congrats on the Silver. A real improvement (ha).

Funny Obama Cuts In Line

Obama Cuts In Line
Obama cuts ahead of customers in line and pays for their meals
Member reactions:
The warnings against line cutters are a hoot.
Thanks, Newsy, Dr. Silvercuspid and G-Man.

Funny Shady Obama

Shady Obama
This lamp emits a bright red, environmentally friendly fluorescent light. Specially designed to randomly emit red lines for no good reason. Not available in stores. Only $99.00 Get a 2nd lamp free--Just pay additional shipping and handling fee. Allow up to 8 years for delivery, if ever.
Member reactions:
Clever in so many ways. Love the FN touches you gave it.
LM, poor praise.
Hitspinner/420 Thanks for the encouragement. 5th is almost as satisfying as getting on base from a bean ball.

Funny the light of obama

the light of obama
Member reactions:
Hahahahahaahah Funny.... Bloody true too.

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