Captain Obama Dogg Captures WalMart
Captain Obama Dogg Captures WalMart
Captain Obama Dogg Captures WalMart. Missed the Pirate contest. First-Mate Joe "Scalawag" Biden is flying the plane.
Member reactions:
It's very cute with the parrot on the car.
Thanks very much Hitz.
I'm kinda glad you missed the Pirate contest then. Oh wait,,, Now I have to deal with it in this contest.
Me likes a lot, especially in the original view. And that car on the left, I saw it somewhere from a different angle
Thanks Gummy, Balo, Misspix, and NewsMaster. Again Thanks Newsy. Yes you have seen the car before..amazing memory boss. But I'm not surprised, I've seen recall images from the past contest many times before.
Never seen a so tall Obama. Chop is awesome but quite unreal.
This is awesome.. The original view is a must to appreciate. The parrot's reflection on the car a great touch
Thanks very much, Uncle-C. Thanks, Lu. Maybe a bobble-head would have been the ticket here.
I dunno, I am digging on the little head effect. That is a refreshing change hahahahaah Of course chops built this well are going to get my attention no matter what, This is excellent, contrast in this rocks
Thanks, Tim. Your Comment(s) are Very Much Appreciated. To say the least. I am severely disappointed in this outcome. You have a keen eye and the experience to look at a piece and tell how it was accomplished and just how much work went into it. But when a chop receives a combination score of 300 and 200 in the 7(s) column, your work is pretty much trashed in a contest of pack full of great artist. I guess I will just sit here and seethe for a while. It meets my personal in the long run it is a winner.
want to borrow my gun. ha,,,,, zooooom.....
You said it best, great stuff in this contest. Don't seethe Just do what I do when I see I get the short draw, I just set aside a little more time and raise the bar so that anyone low voting the next chop I do chop looks like they're brain damaged At least that is what I try to do. And I come out the other side a little better for it. I sort of had this epiphany that the more a voter lowballs me the more it makes me want to improve. So in a weird twisted sense they are skrooing themselves by making me push harder to improve making beating me that much harder, But the most, bestest, superbly wise thing I have learned is to bloody have fun with it. Clearly you do. The voices are telling me I have blathered enough so bye-bye for now.
Thanks I'm PO'ed Gummy, not Depressed. You can hand me your gun...but just as a safety precaution, you might better drop the ammo in the mail.

Funny traffic guard obama

traffic guard obama
Member reactions:
Great . The only man is rapidly stepping away.
FANTASTIC, Love it., congrats on the win.
GOLD Congrats, Elegary. If it's stop guard has to be red, but green he is cool too.

Funny Obama Is Always Very Careful

Obama Is Always Very Careful
With all the direct contact diseases going around, like Ebola, you can never be too careful.
Member reactions:
Awesome work. I like the Obama's reflection in the helmet's glass
But Obama is the only one non protected,so.....
He's protecting himself from THEM, luciano.
Thanks, everyone.
Congrats, Paul. Is president already infected.

Funny The Obama Family Cholafied

The Obama Family Cholafied
Please see original view.
Member reactions:
Congrats.... Got a twofer today.. Great job
Thank you suni, ericnorthend, balodiya, lucianomorelli, NewsMaster, & Hitspinner
That contest should be splitted for two leaque, for professionals and others. I didn't have any chance to win. You and PreemieMeme beaten all of us. GOLDEN and SILVER congrats, Its420here. Awesome work.
Thank you Wanderer but I'm far from a professional. Thank you MsgtBob, SplatShot, & Elegary
Congrats and this is sooo freaking funny.

Funny Obama in his Oval Crib

Obama in his Oval Crib
Member reactions:
creepy............... You talking about the guy or the makeup. uhh, never mind, creepy said it all.
Decent work, though the lip lines need to be more straighter and a bit narrower to look real
I had two choices -- make the lips lines straight or follow the contours of his actual lips. I chose to do the latter.

Funny Obama Promises To Defend Estonia

Obama Promises To Defend Estonia
Obama says he will defend Estonia if necessary
Member reactions:
Tasty Ice-cream, Estonian people cant understand his act They only thought some candy man is with treats
Many excellent touches here, the slingshot is my favorite.
Obama with crazy teeth revealing all his inner secrets and Biden knows well good chop
Nicely done. Congrats on the gold, Doc. No surprise
Gold congrats, Paul. As usual excellent work.

Funny obama crazy

obama crazy
Member reactions:
Love it, but again the foggy borders are not needed I think
The girl should also produce shadows on the ostrich.

Funny obama and putin playing

obama and putin playing

Member reactions:
Excellent caricature. As often, some difficulties in understanding the meaning of the objects inserted.
I like big butts I can not lie, but when you put them on that guy.... uhh congrats.
Quality work, but I would do heads much smaller - they are excessively big for those bodies
I appreciate you toning down the overexposure/haze lately. I can't tell if you are washing out your mistakes when you do that. So this lowered exposure actually shows your skill involved. Congrats on the gold.
GOLD Congrats, Elegary. High quality art.

Funny Obama Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Obama Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge
Many took the ice bucket challenge This is what I believe Mr. Obama's would have looked like, had he done it.
Member reactions:
You forgot the Marine holding the umbrella over his head to prevent any sunburn.
Ice bucket challenge has been really BIG thing lately, indeed. Nice chopping here, Hidden. No one had the balls to challenge Obama so far. Ahh, they know he would not do it anyhow, but if he would it'd look like here.
Proud Obama should take care of the bottles within ice cubes....

Funny The flying Obama

The flying Obama
Member reactions:
* picks up his jaw from the floor What a feast for the eyes you made, Hidden.
Congrats on the gold jeremix Just Awesome.
W00t, thanks for the gold guys. i was expecting a silver one.

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