Obama's credit card declined
Obama's credit card declined
Obama's credit card declined . Member reactions:
Great chop, but you need to plug a news link as per the contest directions.

Funny Obama in old painting

Obama in old painting
Member reactions:
Huh... he never leaves that expression even in the antique art piece good one
Yes I agree...Very nice Blending, Marian.

Funny obama bat

obama bat
Member reactions:
Fabolous job done... excellent work on the teeth, ears Hilarous and scary no words to express on this chop... Winner I assume
Decent work. I would make the flying skull bat on the left smaller and place it in the corner so that he does not overlap the Obama bat.

Funny Obama Practices For Halloween

Obama Practices For Halloween
Looks like the president is getting an early start on "Trick or Treating."
Member reactions:
Nice trap for Obama, Hidden. He looks beary much enjoying this costume
Super cool pic.
Thanks, Andrew, DDB, FatBoy, Bob and Elegary.

Funny Obama Thinks Of Excuses

Obama Thinks Of Excuses
Obama underestimates ISIS
Member reactions:
I think you are into fonts like me so here are some I think I am going to download Chalk Fonts Cheers mate, really clean chop
Yes, I have the chalk fonts as well, Tim but didn't want to use them here.

Funny Obama's Finest Help Hang A Goya

Obama's Finest Help Hang A Goya
Kerry and Biden, expanding their skill-sets.
Member reactions:
Caricatures are excellent but obama's feet are really too big.
Thanks Eric, Balodiya, and Luciano Edit of shoe size made
Excellent work, but I would not caricature a cigarette - just make it more believable
very funny. love the feet on the bottom.. Congrats on the Bronze Uncle...
Thanks Newsy, Pcrdds, and MsgtBob. Thanks Hits and DDB yea, his lips say Fudge haha. Thanks ItsHere,and Preemie thanks, your very kind. Lol Gummy, Thank you.

Funny Poo-Teen and Love-Raw met Obama in cafe

Poo-Teen and Love-Raw met Obama in cafe
Two from left hate Europe and America, but their daughters are living in Holland, Germany and America.
Member reactions:
Hysterical. Poo-Teen and Love-Raw, hahaha. Putin kinda reminds me Brezhnev here
Awesome Chopping, congrats on the Woody..
Congrats on the wood Wanderer I like the guy in the middle
Woody Congrats, Wanderer nice work, especially like the expressions

Funny Obama Begins The Bombing

Obama Begins The Bombing
The Airstrikes begin Unfortunately, due to poor navigational skills, he was over Egypt at the time.
Member reactions:
Amazing Very well executed.Nice Little Aircraft
.. Obama gets his flight to Bomb crazy expressions good one
Congrads on the threesome, fantastic job.

Funny Obama And Putin Hug For Peace

Obama And Putin Hug For Peace
Member reactions:
Charming couple - from the Cold War to a hot relationship. Clean work, Hidden.
Cool chop. Sometimes ennemies are better than friends.

Funny demonic peace ,obama,isis,demon,putin.

demonic peace ,obama,isis,demon,putin.
Member reactions:
No disrespect, but what Bush has to do with ISIS.
There are no saints in paradise...Awesome chop hidden.
Bright, Bold, and Bizarre. Just the way we like it.. Congratulations on the Gold, Elegary.

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