Escher Obama Biden
Escher Obama Biden
Escher Obama Biden. I didn't even come close to making the deadline for the Escher contest. This took a long time to complete.Here's a link to the original: Source . Member reactions:
One of the best Escher chops I've ever seen. Truly impressive. Thanks for entering it here.
I have no words to explain this chop , Fantastic, Excellent and amazing concept
Congratz on the Gold LunaC . Your Tons of work paid Off.
Between work and life's other commitments it's impossible to create a masterpiece for a contest with a time limit. Top notch Luna.
Simply amazing, excellence in chopping. Gold Congratulations Lunacy.
Congrats darlin. Well deserved.. amazing work.

Funny Ibis keeping an eye out for Obama

Ibis keeping an eye out for Obama
All he needs is another term.. Member reactions:
Great Chopping. Congratz Paco.
Most excellent concept. Some shadows from the patch and the Ibis would make it perfect.

Funny Obama Family Fishing

Obama Family Fishing
. Member reactions:
The daughter Obama is freaking hysterical.

Funny Obama smoking a cigar

Obama smoking a cigar
. Member reactions:
Super Duper
Thank you kindly, Newsmaster & Qtrmoonshop.
Potus is always a step ahead.
Hahaha Apparently I cast the winning vote this time. Congrats Jere, great chop.
Congratulations on Gold. Flawless Work J.Mix.

Funny obama and putin

 obama and putin
. Member reactions:
thank you , geriatric
Obama girl is done brilliantly here. Would be nice to match the skin tones of the Putin's face and his arms. Great job overall.
Great chop. Putin's face seems to be just glued un the body. No neck, no shadows,
Congratulations on another Gold, Elegary..
thank everyone for their comments and votes, Friends
faaaaantastic job, very well done great

Funny Tiger Cub Is Named Obama

Tiger Cub Is Named Obama
An Austrian zoo names a Tiger cub, "Obama.". Member reactions:
Dr. Silvercuspid...Bwahahahahahaha.

Funny Obama Calls For Concussion Conference

Obama Calls For Concussion Conference
Obama says sports concussions need more attention. Member reactions:
Hahahaaha really well done and a riot to boot. top 5.
HA. No question who did this one. Hilarious.

Funny Obama Balloons

Obama Balloons
. Member reactions:
Congrats doc, The balloon hat is a cool detail.
Congrats on the Silver. Might have done better, if one could recognize that this is taking place at a shooting range (ha).

Funny Obama and Bo at Bus Stop

Obama and Bo at Bus Stop
vacation time.. Member reactions:
Nice details. Reflections, shadows, glass background etc.
Very nicely done ... Though, everything seems to be chopped in a realistic manner except for the size of Obama's head. It's the only element that appears non-realistic and therefore, for me, seems out of place.
did make it a little smaller after all, but just a little, hehe.
It's a great choice for the face, by the way
Excellent work, congrats. I somehow completely missed this chop on an earlier drive through of this contest.
Fantastic work Jere. Congratulations on the cup. You make it look so easy. And thanks for the glimpse into the future.

Funny Obama Fiddles

Obama Fiddles
the World Burns

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