Giuliani says Obama doesn't love America
Giuliani says Obama doesn't love America
Giuliani says Obama doesn't love America. Giuliani: Obama doesn‘t ‘love America’
Member reactions:
Fan-freaking-tastic artwork and political satire.
Congrats, HOBBESART. Awesome result. First attempt and second place.
Thank you all. Looking forward to join and contribute to this community.
, another first entry cup winner. And deservingly so. We'll look forward to many more from you hobbseart
Congrats on the silver, hobbesart. Welcome to the site.
LOVE this. Refreshing new style here at FN. Want to see more from you...

Funny Obama Mission Accomplished?

Obama Mission Accomplished?
Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. How long was it before we realized how utterly ridiculous this moment in history was. Maybe Obama would have seen it as it happened. Then again....

Funny Presidents Clinton,Obama and Bush at War

Presidents Clinton,Obama and Bush at War
Three Presidents, fighting in WWII
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Nice idea and compo with a little more details could have been far better

Funny Obama replaces General Ulysses Grant

Obama replaces General Ulysses Grant
"There never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword. Ulysses S. Grant" "Even when folks are hitting you over the head, you can't stop marching. Even when they're turning the hoses on you, you can't stop." Barack Obama

Funny Will Obama Send Arms To Ukraine?

Will Obama Send Arms To Ukraine?
Obama is thinking about sending arms to Ukraine
Member reactions:
Ha, I really got to "Hand" it to you on this one.
Nice Concept Very well executed. Best of luck.
Congrats on the Bronze (which I thought would take the Gold) and Wood.
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad joke hhahahahahahaahah. Congrats Doc.

Funny Obama vs Putin

Obama vs Putin
USA Russia: Obama suggests Putin 'not so smart'
Member reactions:
Rock and roll. I love the look on Obama's face.
Fantastic chop, but please edit and remove the Nazi signs (cross and eagle) from Obama's uniform, as references to Nazis or Hitler are disallowed on Freaking News
NewsMaster - Sorry, I did not know about the Nazi signs.
Hidden, just click edit and upload the new version - it will overwrite the current version. The edit link only works till the voting is over. You can send the edited version to and we will upload it on your behalf.

Funny Obama Talks About Legal Weed

Obama Talks About Legal Weed
Obama discusses legal marijuana
Member reactions:
Why not. I hear it is good for killing pain. Of course Big Pharma will oppose it.
. I love the brownie on Michelle's face. Hilarious.
Freaking hilarious flag and Tees are so catchy, all of them are total re-call
Maybe that's why he doesn't care about what goes on around him, he's on the weed. I do see a lot of pic of him stuffing his face. Good chop.
Big Pharma is probably ready to distribute this in pills, suppositories or else.
Well done Paul, I thought this was yours. You have your own unique style.
Pretty awesome, Paulster. I see they like brownies too. Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks, Andrew, hobbit, coolkat, Christine and Newsy.

Funny Obama Called A Coward

Obama Called A Coward
Colonel Ralph Peters calls Obama a coward for not going to Paris
Member reactions:
Good thinking He looks guilty from his expression
And congrats on the bronze too, Paul - clever one.

Funny Conjoined Twins Al and His Pal Obama

Conjoined Twins Al and His Pal Obama
Investigative journalists have examined the White House logs for the last 6 years and although it was originally reported that Al Sharpton had been a guest at the White House 82 times in six years, the actual number was closer to 72 due to a few duplicate entries. Conjoined Twins Al and Pal
Member reactions:
Definitely has a certain revolting charm Very nicely done
LOl good alliance.... now at least they work together... well merge
Great idea. I don't agree about merge, Obama face look darker than body while Sharpton face is darker and yellow.
Twisted and excellent work. Might I suggest to add some necks to them

Funny Private Obama

Private Obama
Member reactions:
Great although I did wonder if the fringe could have done with being feathered.

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