Obama Hits Lowest Approval Rating Yet
Obama Hits Lowest Approval Rating Yet
Obama Hits Lowest Approval Rating Yet. Obama's approval ratings sink
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats Doc. Good chopping and idea
good humor as usual. best wishes and winnings in the new year, mr p.
Excellent chop, wish it could grab a trophy too.

Funny Obama's War

Obama's War
Obama marks end of combat in Afghanistan
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold, funkwood. Handsome chop
you impress us again, funkwood. congrats on the gold and i wish you a very good new chopping year.
Spectacular work, love it, congrats on the win.

Funny Obama and Castro

Obama and Castro

Funny Obama from Gizeh

Obama from Gizeh
Member reactions:
Well If They want him,,, They can have him.
Parody, Well dang, I was hoping for some of that change.
Make you a deal, send Obama to Egypt and I will go home to USA cuz they both suck and would go great together .
Clever chop. The eagle is a bit too big for the statue. Also it seems to have two ears. Still a fine work
I had to put a eagle on the nearest plan. I wanted to be visible

Funny Obama Care Alchemist #1

Obama Care Alchemist #1
Member reactions:
I'd guess the viagra is to help him screw up the rest of the country.
Congrata, Andrew. Nice Chop'n. The character expressions are Great.
colorful image wanderer. lots of details. congrats.

Funny Mrs. Obama

Mrs. Obama

Funny El Presidente Fidel Hussein Obama

El Presidente Fidel  Hussein  Obama
Click Here For The News Story
Member reactions:
lucianomorelli,, Ah come on, only 5 min.s left to vote for it again, This time give it a 10.

Funny Obama Christmas Swatter

Obama Christmas Swatter

Funny Obama's Christmas Puppet

Obama's Christmas Puppet
Member reactions:
Probably not far from the truth, hahaha. Love how you did the strings.
This should have scored WAY higher, Miss Pree.
Nice Chopping Pree. Ouch those strings, really looks like Hillary's face hurts....
Great chop preemiememe Love the expressions on all three and especially Hillary.

Funny Obama Has Acid Reflux

Obama Has Acid Reflux
President Obama has been diagnosed with acid reflux.
Member reactions:
I feel sorry for Obama, but this chop is freaking hilarious.
Thanks, dd, Billy Mac, sai, luciano, LunaC and Newsy.

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