Obama and Bush celebrate 4th of July
Obama and Bush celebrate 4th of July
Obama and Bush celebrate 4th of July. we all make this country beautiful no matter where we come from or how we come here.. no one is better then anyone... there is bad people in every raise and good people too..discrimination is also evil just like killing stealing raping and other crimes done by any raise CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG.. it doesn't matter if yur black white brown green short tall fat skinny or with a disabilty we are all human we all come and go the same way.. GOD BLESS EVERYONE NO MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM OR HOW YOU LOOK
Member reactions:
Looks like they share a common dislike for Donald
a great way to say " CAN"T WE ALL GET ALONG "

Funny Obama Celebrates Independence Day

Obama Celebrates Independence Day
Member reactions:
Happy for 4th... great work done LOVELY Obama
When presidents feel pretty Very clean work, congrats on the silver, Paul.
I like it very much ... The flag fit so well Obama's body .

Funny Clinton Obama Wedding

Clinton Obama Wedding
Member reactions:
Freaking hysterical. Obama reminds me a camel in makeup here

Funny Obama and Sharpton Tie The Knot

Obama and Sharpton Tie The Knot
It was only a matter of time before this happened.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. Clever Political satire. The airplane congrats is a great touch.
Thanks, hobbit, Crafty, Andrew, Elegary and Newsy.

Funny Putin Obama Gay Wedding

Putin Obama Gay Wedding
Member reactions:
Looks great, but could use work around the edges, a lot of white showing.
Obama's dress is awesome. Congrats on top 5, abdulaziz.

Funny Obama Putin Cowboy Gay Wedding

Obama Putin Cowboy Gay Wedding
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Funny Putin Obama Marriage Legalized

Putin Obama Marriage Legalized

Funny Michelle Obama and Oprah Lesbian Wedding

Michelle Obama and Oprah Lesbian Wedding
Member reactions:
They belong together. Nice addition of Obama

Funny Devil Obama with Abe Lincoln

Devil Obama with Abe Lincoln
Member reactions:
Pretty cool. I think Abe would look more natural without that extra steam-punk stuff on him though
Congrats on the gold elegary,nice chopping
Congratulations, Elegary. Nice Win with a gem of an image.

Funny Putin Shaking Hands with Obama

Putin Shaking Hands with Obama
Member reactions:
Nice chop,see what Newsie does with the Hitler reference.
It is "shorty" with new hair cut. Somebody can see reference to another crazy guy, may be. I can't see any conflict with Nazy rules.
Don't get me wrong ,I love the poster and I don't think there is any problem with it.I just know anything Hitleresque gets removed .Sometimes I've wanted to use an image with a vague nazi hat for instance,and I've always had my images removed.
I had the same problem when used uniform for Prince Harry. Mustache and hair chup should not be problem. -Edited by Moderator on 7/1/2015 5:22:11 PM
Nice chop, but i too had an image removed for using nazi themed uniform, good luck.
Mr.Obama will be OK. He will wash hands with soap.
Excellent chop, but it needs an edit - at least remove the mustache on the Putin's picture on the wall, he looks obviously like Hitler, and we dont allow any Hitler or Nazi reference.
Overall great, the only point is that Obama seems to have white hands.
Congrats on the silver wanderer,shorty looks good with cigg butts in his Stache
Congratulations on the cup, Andrew. Kewl image.

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