Obama Urged To Release Torture Report
Obama Urged To Release Torture Report
Obama Urged To Release Torture Report. Obama has been urged to release the CIA prisoner, torture report
Member reactions:
Seeing their faces would be torture for anyone.
The American voter is in the cell next door... holding his/her nose
The man on the left with blue eyeglasses looks the most dangerous.
Good one again and I must agree with your earlier comment...It is torturous seeing my mug up there, .

Funny How Picasso Would See Obama

How  Picasso Would See Obama
Member reactions:
Its clean... disorientation done perfectly. No scars seen good one
Nice improvement. Congrats on the Silver.
Perfect Obama by Picasso, sorry by Paul. Congrats.
Thanks, Andrew, hobbit, azwoodbox and G-Man.

Funny Picassian Obama

Picassian Obama
Member reactions:
Shows an interesting and well-done optical take on cubism. Cool.
Creative, and really reflects the Picasso cubism style, in a photoshop kinda way
Cool for sure. Liked this one a lot. Nice job

Funny Obama to Congress: Take This!

Obama to Congress: Take This!
President Obama has assigned the crackerjack Secret Service to protect John Boehner. But they're out getting doughnuts. The President wants a jelly filled. A red line has been drawn.
Member reactions:
uhh... I think you put the faces on the wrong bodies.
Gummy - You don't think Obama wants to strangle John Boehner. Well, if you didn't get it, it can't have worked for you. Sorry.
Oh I got it,,, I was just hopeing for a change.
Put some shadows from the Boehner's chin onto the rope and you have a top job.
Thanks all. Newsmaster - you're right, I neglected that.

Funny Kim Jong un And Michelle Obama

Kim Jong un And Michelle Obama
Kim Jong-un states " I love Michelle being fat".
Member reactions:
There goes Michelle's "Let's Move Campaign"... awesome stuff, Hidden.
at Newsey. You have blended this one super well... This guy has a head full of crack-head hamsters Good to see you win a cup for this, Well done

Funny Obama Dawg

Obama Dawg
Member reactions:
I love how you did the Obama's nose on the muzzle.
Thanks. It must have been divine inspiration.
Great work.... like the cigarrette and the smoke in the dog's mouth well done
Good to see the nose. Looks in good shape. Nicely done
This chop is super. I'm not sure nose and head have the same exact direction. (small detail anyway)
Thank you Luciano, Balodiya, Rajeshstar,and Newsmaster
, an unexpected win considering this slugfest of magnificent chops.... Freaking honored here. Thanks Champ, Pree, Newsey, Jere and Doc.
Woow-woow. Congrats, Hitspinner- new dog whisperer.

Funny Bark Obama

Bark Obama
Member reactions:
Don't normally go with the Obama chops, but this is funny
Thank you very much, Newsmaster, Renagate & ILovelayers.
Interesting.... Obama looks so innocent in this dog mouth like the bun concept
Congrats on the silver, I love Him. The pulling of the tie... The whole thing is fantastic..
Pleasing on many levels, congrats on the Silver.
Subtle yet perfect. Looks so real. Congrats on the silver, Jere.
Congrats, Jeremih. It is the best Pedigree advertising.
thanks my choppingmateys. glad you liked it.

Funny Obama's credit card declined

Obama's credit card declined
Member reactions:
Great chop, but you need to plug a news link as per the contest directions.

Funny Obama in old painting

Obama in old painting
Member reactions:
Huh... he never leaves that expression even in the antique art piece good one
Yes I agree...Very nice Blending, Marian.

Funny obama bat

obama bat
Member reactions:
Fabolous job done... excellent work on the teeth, ears Hilarous and scary no words to express on this chop... Winner I assume
Decent work. I would make the flying skull bat on the left smaller and place it in the corner so that he does not overlap the Obama bat.

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