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Funny Obama Pictures

obama and dalai lama vs chinaFunny obama and dalai lama vs china
Member reactions:
US President Barack Obama has met the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, US officials say.
This is great Excellent Costume design for Obama..
Some say Obama is not being himself lately... Looking at this chop, I would not dare denying it
Colorful chop with finest finish.... good caricature

Obama Keeps Eric Holder In LineFunny Obama Keeps Eric Holder In Line
Member reactions:

This is awesome fantastic work and nice caricature
Excellent hilarious caricature but Obama looks like he is thinking at someting else.
Thanks, everyone. Obama has a determined look, luciano.
Hmmmm I don't see my earlier xomment. I have to get used to clicking these things individually. Great chop, standard excellence. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks, G-Man, Bob, Mr. Black, Tim, Evirio and Newsy.

Worried ObamaFunny Worried Obama
Member reactions:
US debt ceiling panic starts up again
Good composition showing the debt burden is more heavier then the natural calamities Like the inclusion of sea and the Statue of Liberty
Amazing way of expressing the News, complexity of Tax-calculation and all financial stuff always makes panic for all whether Govt/individual
Obama expression fully match the problems
Nice work BlackXxX...Congrats for the bronze. I'm sure most of Washington is concerned about how to raise the debt ceiling

Obama Gets Grilled By Bill O'Reilly Funny Obama Gets Grilled By Bill O'Reilly
Member reactions:

O'Reilly Interviews Barack Obama Obama denies any wrongdoing and even blames Fox News for promoting false stories. Someone has been smoking something, huh.
Awesome bi-partisan view on Fox News, hahaha.
Crazy news.... Obama might be forgotten that he is smoking that cigarette good caricature
Fantastic work done Nicely done with the smokeQuality work..
Both caricatures are great.Overall an excellent job.
Congrats for the gold pcrdds. Wish I had seen the interview.
Thanks, az. Thanks, Elegary. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Mr. Black.
Awesome win Dr. P.. Sorry I'm late to congratulate..

Mrs. vs obamaFunny Mrs. vs obama
Member reactions:

can I keep details like the face, bag and shoes.
there's a white dot somewhere on the pic. Find it

Obama Goes To CostcoFunny Obama Goes To Costco
Member reactions:

Obama visits a Costco.
funny Biden.... always following Obama at last a relief came to Fed Employees.
Funny image and good memory of obama because he knows about all products...
.. I don't think. He will buy Top Right one
Awesome. Love how you made Biden and Clinton the common folk shopping in the background
Thanks, people. Had fun with this one. Thanks for noticing Hillary, Newsy.
I'm thinking president o is going to be busy with all that viagra and toilet paper. Congrats on silver.

Obama's train wreck Funny Obama's train wreck
Member reactions:

Jay " look like they were right "
:0) I wonder who I was thinking of .
Thanks NewsMaster. Had click on pic and open to comment

Obama To Visit The PopeFunny Obama To Visit The Pope
Member reactions:

Obama To Visit the Pope. I don't know if I would trust that Gondolier since he looks so much like Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.
I didnt recognize him without the crack
Hahaha, and I thought the Gondolier was Benny Hill.
Newsie is right, he's making that Benny H. face nice work I like the addition of G.W.
Just noticed the jumper hahahahahaahahahaaha good one.. Clean as a whistle and looks fantastically real
Thanks, everyone. Yeah, Tim...unfortunately, "real" looking chops don't cut it anymore. Such a shame.
You are right but some do get through. Nothing I have done lately but Luciano pulls off some whoppers from time to time. He grounds me when I start to get way over the top artistically. Reminds me it is a chop, not the Sistine Chapel. There may never be a trend back to basics but I enjoy a masterful effort. You got one going here, trophy or not, it is a super pro chop. But I understand. The only way these photo-real chops grab a cup is by some large degree of uniqueness in what they communicate. But we have to do them once in a while just to appease the chop God or balance ourselves

Obama and BoFunny Obama and Bo
Member reactions:

He looks so sweet naturally inspired photograph

Obama zombieFunny Obama zombie
Member reactions:

What a face. Did his wife bite his lips off.

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