Oak Island Brothers
Oak Island Brothers
Oak Island Brothers. Member reactions:
congratulations for the bronze cup fugit
Congrats on the Bronze, Fugit. You are the master of the caricature. Love that show.
Great Caricature Work, Fugit. Congrats on the Bronze.
They look great, good work and good show. Congrats.

Funny Huge Oak Tree Delivered

Huge Oak Tree Delivered
A neighbor of mine recently had a huge Oak tree delivered, using a massive, 90 ton crane to lift it over his house. Everyone on the block came to see this spectacle. I, of course, am now making fun of it. Bud is a retired fire chief from a nearby community with a great sense of humor. He told us we'd get free donuts for coming to the event and all he had for us was a tiny box of mini-donuts.
Member reactions:
So, you live in a great neighborhood for your purposes, I surmise. Everybody is Nuts.
Yes, we are all crazy. That is what makes it so much fun.
Great story. I would demand a ride on his tire swing if you win. Love the art work too.
He's got a huge backyard and I wanted him to put in a baseball batting cage...but he wouldn't listen.
Came here for the chop, stayed for the story, hahaha. Both are great
Congrats on the gold, Paulster. Part of the winnings go to the charity donut club for your neighborhood
Thanks, everyone. I'll make the donation in your name, Newsy.
Thanks, Gummy, hidreley, Elegary and its40here.
Congrats on the gold, Doc. That makes 201 and put you in the #2 rank over a guy many feel is one the greatest choppers that ever lived. That would be Funkwood. You still have quite a way to catch AZRainman but best of luck. Well done
Thanks, Tim. Don't think I'll live long enough to pass az. .
Congratulations. Your neighbor must have gotten a chuckle from your efforts.

Funny Old Man in the Oak Tree

Old Man in the Oak Tree
Old Man In The Tree

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