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Funny Nuts Pictures

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Amazing stunt scene like ghost rider. I like the fire and effect on his shadows
I mean this the other "OVNI" Avg Rating: 6.781 Weighted Avg: 7.422 + 0,641
Thanks, I am starting to get the fire thing down. It still illudes me how AZ got those fantastic brilliant effects
Not as good as Rainman magic with fire but working on it lately. My God, did I really just butcher that sentence that bad. Hahahahaha Leaving it in for a laugh....

Charlie's brother goes nuts!Funny Charlie's brother goes nuts!
Member reactions:

Ohh... Freaky idea and very well execution
Never expected this type of christmas great chop and the head chopped well with blood spilling all over wonderful scary look given by Brown
Too freaking clever, and stunning work with the source. Silver congrats, DD.

Nut from Nutley New JerseyFunny Nut from Nutley New Jersey
Member reactions:
Tanorexic mom sets evolution back 100,000 years
Tanorexic mom sets evolution back 100,000 years.
You need to link a story/url to it, as per directions
yeah...what he said. at the very least, throw the url in the comments. looks interesting...
oh...never mind. she took her 5-yr-old to a tanning booth, and then got arrested for it. so, if I take my kid to the beach and put tanning oil on him/her, i'm gonna get arrested as well. what if we're going someplace near the equator and i just want to get some color on her skin so she won't burn quite so easily. it's tacky, but hardly criminal...
Creative work done Liked very much, well done hidden
Great job on the face looks smooth and cool needs a news link for more information
here are some links, I forgot that this is international, and the tanorexic mom is only local news. I'm also bad at reading directions.
Hahaha, she looks like a Neanderthal woman .

Captain Nut ObamaFunny Captain Nut Obama
Member reactions:

What are those two white things on hat. Good work.
very hard hat, perfectly fits him and good background in the end.

Flying Nut SquirrelFunny Flying Nut Squirrel
Member reactions:

Looks great . . . though, the acorn is casting a shadow, and the squirrelbird isn't casting any . . . The acorn shadow seems a bit large and dark, and it doesn't match the skin tone . . . see how the source shadows have the skin tone coloring . . .
thanks guys qtrmoonshop. The light is coming from directly above the squirrel finch. that is why the shadow under it's feet is very slim. I gave the acorn a slightly wider shadow line because of the round shape. I did tweak it back a little more though thanks for the advice

Tom Cruise the Scientology NutFunny Tom Cruise the Scientology Nut
Member reactions:

Even the poor alien doesn't believe.After turning, 50 you would think he would get a little smarter.

Walnut Nut BirdFunny Walnut Nut Bird
Member reactions:

Bird made with walnut source only and the background from I chopped portion of the background of the branch source and duplicated it Hope you like it Background portions
Simply a genius work. You have exceeded my expectations of what could be done with this source.
Thanks everyone this was sooo fun to make
congrats on the gold...well deserved..thought yours was awesome..
Congrats on the win, m-note. Truly a masterpiece here.
Congratulations. Like I said:'unique' and a winner.
Nice execution of the walnut....great win congrats.
Nice execution of the walnut....great win congrats.
Congrats on the gold musicalnote, great job.

Robin Williams the Nut HeadFunny Robin Williams the Nut Head
Member reactions:

Fun to work on
just saw death to smoochy last night... he really is a nut head

Squirrel Blowing Nuts Out of a SaxophoneFunny Squirrel Blowing Nuts Out of a Saxophone
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Squirrel With Nuts Inside His BodyFunny Squirrel With Nuts Inside His Body
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NutsFunny Nuts - This Sunday, there was the world's first commercial airline flight powered with bio-fuel made from nuts. The Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet flight was from London to Amsterdam, and Virgin founder Richard Branson said that the flight represents a breakthrough for the whole airline industry. Photoshop any kind of nuts the way you wish. Some examples are: find creative uses for nuts; combine nuts with other other plants, objects or animals; show how life would be different if nuts ruled the world (well, they already are ruling, but you need to show "biological nuts" in your entries somehow), etc. Any kinds of nuts are allowed: peanuts, walnuts, coconuts, hazelnuts, etc.

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