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Funny Nurse Pictures

After NurseFunny After Nurse
Member reactions:

Looks hot in this avatar..... well merged as a Nurse and the good work on the poster
Epic chop really. I appreciate the work. Full on pro job

The nurseFunny The nurse
Member reactions:

Become a NurseFunny Become a Nurse
Member reactions:
Get new sunglasses. I don't think this patronising poster would go down too well nowadays.
very well merged of the glasses in the poster
This poster must be popular on here , already have seen it 6 times in 3 contests , ....
We may need more of these posters in our country wanting, doctors and nurses.
Didn't feel shadows were needed due to the lighting.
Chili of Independents This poster must be popular on here , already have seen it 6 times in 3 contests , .... Where. Please give links.

Queen Elizabeth the Parachute NurseFunny Queen Elizabeth the Parachute Nurse
Member reactions:

Soldiers will be in for a surprise when she lands. (if her chute opens in time)

Silvio Berlusconi in a Nursing HomeFunny Silvio Berlusconi in a Nursing Home
Member reactions:

my friend a great work... number one 10+++++++
cosė deve finire questo manigoldo....... .......................................... so has to stop this rogue .......
Looks very real. The guy in the background - is it the Italy's future PM.
Yeah, THANX FN for the PICTURE of the DAY...
GRAZIE a TUTTI: geriatric pcrdds rajeshstar oo0cns0oo deaddog Disasterman111 johnx1 BOULPIX NewsMaster my beloved friend RICKYTREK1

Nancy Pelosi NurseFunny Nancy Pelosi Nurse
Member reactions:

She wants to make us feel BETTER.
I agree with Newsie but I sure wouldnt want her to be my nurse.
ss... definite "Shock" factor .. LoLss congrats on the Gold ..
It looks like the real thing. I had to really study this one to break down the genius. Congrads on the gold
Congrats on the win, Hobbit. Another shiny photoshop gold in your fine collection.

Nurse Sarah PalinFunny Nurse Sarah Palin
Member reactions:

Thanks jh . DocS'. perfect name for her
John, no wonder you got a woody from this entry. Congrats.
thanks guys. I have to say that after making this pic I have a bit of a thing for her now Thanks again for the votes everyone

Sleeping NursesFunny Sleeping Nurses
Member reactions:

what do you feel when somebody makes hurt for your child. Because of he/she is tired.. Please comment.
Interesting and rather twisted. I feel that the composition is overloaded with the elements, however, so it's hard to head the main idea.
Thanks a lot for the votes and for the comment.

Nurse Paula AbdulFunny Nurse Paula Abdul
Member reactions:

Nice chop. Excellent match of skin tones.
First off, great chop. Second... the low voters are beginning to start a boil-over so maybe we fix it here as friends and take one less thing off Newsie's plate. Agreed, I reviewed the vote stats too and Jerry is justified in saying something. This is an advanced contest, with advanced photochoppers that have paid many years of dues to get to this level. 1-4 votes are just disrespectful unless the chop really is terrible and if it's that bad it has no business in an advanced contest and most certainly was not done by an advanced class chopper... IMO. That said, it is quite possible Camthalio is not familiar with voting guidelines and needs to become familiar with rating chops. For all I know maybe he thinks his was a 5. Perhaps somebody can post the link to the guidelines. Anyway, congradulations on the win and a great chop, Camthalio. Hope to see many more and don't take this too personally. There are a bunch of us that voted too low at some point and got the same speach.
Thanks for the suggestion. This was not done with bad intentions and I will keep it in mind for next time.
Camthalio you doing great at freaking news keep going and big welcome again , ( CONgratS on the bronze
Great clean chop, congrats on the bronze.

Monkey NurseFunny Monkey Nurse
Member reactions:

Monkeys would be better then the Goverment................................CUTE ENTRY.
, that about describes the proficiency of an average nurse.

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