Nun shot
Nun shot
Nun shot. Nun shot in self-defence

Funny Yasser Arafat Nun

Yasser Arafat Nun

Funny Nun Whitney Houston

Nun Whitney Houston
Whitney's first album after watching "The Passion Of the Christ."
Member reactions:
great entry - the scary thing is, i can totally see her being 'reborn' from her rehab experience and using that to sell records.

Funny Nun Howard Dean

Nun Howard Dean

Funny Nun-Corders

Member reactions:
This is extraordinary great concept i really love this

Funny Mitt Romney Nun

Mitt Romney Nun
the real Romney in his Sunday Best.

Funny Nun Fighting with Nunchakus

Nun Fighting with Nunchakus
Member reactions:
Very good work and like the face expression while doing it

Funny Milla Jovovich Strange Nun Angel

Milla Jovovich Strange Nun Angel

Member reactions:
The face looks a tad flat. Otherwise cool job & concept

Funny Leslie Nielsen as a Nun at Heavens Gate

Leslie Nielsen as a Nun at Heavens Gate
One of my favorite comedians, I hope he likes....

Funny Nun Nancy Pelosi

Nun Nancy Pelosi
Member reactions:
The House of Representatives is nun of her business.

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