Tina Fey the Nun
Tina Fey the Nun
Tina Fey the Nun.

Funny Mr Bean as a Nun

Mr Bean as a Nun

Funny The Pope and a Nun

The Pope and a Nun
You just can't count on ANYBODY to be a good role model anymore. Please view full size Story
Member reactions:
Nice work and full view fantastic. Congrats.
Amazing .. I am not sure but maybe I should say welcome back
Excellent..:-O Congrats hidden.
Gr8 work. Though I don't think you been gone anywhere's LoL
Love it
Enlarged heads usually do not help an image, but this one is the exception. Good job .
man, I thought I had seen enough brilliant entries in this contest. This one is just super-brilliant.
Superb work LC.. I especially like the light filtering thru the smoke near the window...
fantastic work Luna , I really thought it's AZ or keepitreal who made it , Congrats on the great gold and keep up top works mate

Funny Amy Winehouse Nun

Amy Winehouse  Nun
Member reactions:
Natural blending. Nice to see you back Mandrak
mandark here ... glad to see you back , great work this should get high score .. keep up top works
Mandrak.. Indeed, welcome back... Great work as is expected from you.

Funny Lil kim as a Nun

Lil kim as a Nun

Funny Tom Cruise as a Nun

Tom Cruise as a Nun

Funny Nuns Wearing Stockings Smoking

Nuns Wearing Stockings Smoking
G20 leaders discuss a draft communique which asks countries to resist rising protectionist pressures in response to the global economic downturn and focus on reviving stalled world trade talks aimed at reducing trade barriers.

Funny Sarah Palin the Nun

Sarah Palin the Nun
Member reactions:
I do not think she is particularly 'holier' than the other participants in the current presidential round of Russian Roulette. Tell you what though, common perception on my 'streets' is that she seems a lot more down to earth and connected to the reality of life's day to day trials and tribulations of most of us poor schmucks who work and live in the much less than glorious up-beat, living-large, upwardly-mobile, expendable-income areas of the American economy.
A little more contrast, and maybe noise, might be an improvement. Concerning the holiness, most of those Evangelical types don't care much for the Catholic Church. Check this out if you wanna see her religion in action: Palin and God on YouTube
So did this help with ya stress 2B Ya haven't lost "it" anyways...nicely done.
Forgive me Sister for I have sinned....ALOT.

Funny Britney Spears the Nun with a Whip

Britney Spears the Nun with a Whip
Monks' favorite magazine
Member reactions:
Quality work, but it's unclear whether this is a book, poster, bulletin or a magazine cover.
Only one "c" in exorcism (don't you hate a spelling nerd.). Still, a good chop.
And ya just KNOW she's not wearing any panties.
Thanks for spell check Tiddlycove. All fixed.

Funny Paris Hilton Becomes a Nun

Paris Hilton Becomes a Nun
Member reactions:
. I think you might wanna try flipping paris' face to fit the rest of the image. But I had a good chuckle.
KimKoziel, the only difference between the faces of my source pic and Paris is the source pic's model has her eyes looking upwards. The angle of the face is the same. Would look odd to change it, I think. ...I'm glad you found the cover amusing.
And if you believe THAT, I got a bridge to sell ya. Excellent Chop.

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