Lil kim as a Nun
Lil kim as a Nun
Lil kim as a Nun.

Funny Tom Cruise as a Nun

Tom Cruise as a Nun

Funny Nun

Monks' favorite magazine
Member reactions:
Quality work, but it's unclear whether this is a book, poster, bulletin or a magazine cover.
Only one "c" in exorcism (don't you hate a spelling nerd.). Still, a good chop.
And ya just KNOW she's not wearing any panties.
Thanks for spell check Tiddlycove. All fixed.

Funny Nun Reese Witherspoon

Nun Reese Witherspoon
After the divorce it became immediately apparent to Ryan why Reese had become all uptight and boring in the sack...
Member reactions:
Ryan: "When she said 'NUN', she meant 'NONE'."
He dropped her like a bad habit.
When Ryan was asked whether he has reasons for divorce, he said: "Nun"

Funny Nun shot

Nun shot
Nun shot in self-defence

Funny Yasser Arafat Nun

Yasser Arafat Nun

Funny Nun Whitney Houston

Nun Whitney Houston
Whitney's first album after watching "The Passion Of the Christ."
Member reactions:
great entry - the scary thing is, i can totally see her being 'reborn' from her rehab experience and using that to sell records.

Funny Nun Howard Dean

Nun Howard Dean

Funny Mick Jagger with a Nun

Mick Jagger with a Nun
Mic Jagger gives a nun a hissy fit.
Member reactions:
Ha, You could have used this Nun in the "Key Hole" contest.
I didn't know about her during that contest or I would have.

Funny Pope in Brazil With Nuns on a Motorbike

Pope in Brazil With Nuns on a Motorbike
Pope Francis' Brazil schedule

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