Obama the Hunter of the NRA
Obama the Hunter of the NRA
Obama the Hunter of the NRA. So Obama is set to blow holes in the 2nd Amendment by executive order. What Happens Next.
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Great chop and a most interesting news story you have here.
Thanks Eric. I was thinking Obama fits naturally here. : -->
Really impressive. Why not in sepia color .
Thanks Balo, and Lu. Lu, it does have a 40% sepia overlay applied. Compared side by side to a true B&W I'm sure you would be able to see.
Thanks, Newsy. B&W is a hard sell. I'm happy you guys liked it.~ And thanks for all the great comments and votes, everyone.
Congrats on the Bronze, SplatS. Awesome job with makeover for big O.
Thank you very much Bob, Uncle-C and Newsy.

Funny NRA Gives in to Gun Control

NRA Gives in to Gun Control
Please view FULL SIZE. The story is worth a read (I hope).
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Great. Nugent looks freaky, he's such a gun pig.

Funny NRA vs Obama in Boxing Ring

NRA vs Obama in Boxing Ring
Bullies: Obama Administration Summons NRA to White House
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Knockout shot... Nice merge of Obama face and its expression also matches with to the shot

Funny NRA Baby Bottle

NRA Baby Bottle
Train'em young.

Funny NRA Seal

NRA Seal
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Love the concept. A little more spit and polish on the execution could have made this a winner.
It doesn't get any better than this. Simply awesome.

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