Female Novel `Knight and the Dragon`
Female Novel `Knight and the Dragon`
Female Novel "Knight and the Dragon".

Funny Elphame Novel Cover

Elphame Novel Cover
I made this for my Wattpad novel. Being that there's no rules for this entry, I thought I might as well use it.
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Very clean work. Welcome to the site, Elysian.

Funny Raphael Illustrated Novel Cover

Raphael Illustrated Novel Cover
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I agree. I don't have clue why this one didn't do better. It's a great mix indeed.

Funny Tom Delay Novel

Tom Delay Novel
Best Seller for August 2006...
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ahhhh yes Heartless for many years...now he had time to look for it..
Evidence of Delay having a hollow metal head was finally presented.

Funny Courtney Love Novel

Courtney Love Novel
Courtney Love
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I spelled "remember" as Rememer" on purpose. Just goes to show what the cover is about. No Brains. Kelly
Feel free for comments. I like feedback on submissions.
Looks more like a magazine cover than a romance novel cover.
Maybe it looked like a mag cover more but I have several autobiographies at home and some look like magazine covers at times. Several thousands of authors/book agencies go with this type of feel for several reasons. Check out serial criminals/killers, etc., etc. The stuff is insane man....
i love "from what i remember", get well soon
You're kidding me....I had a life...

Funny Kid Rock Romance Novel with Pamela Anderson

Kid Rock Romance Novel with Pamela Anderson
Yeah, I guess she doesn't look like Pam...I'd link to the source I used, but it's NSFW.
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Good concept but the woman does not look like Pamela Anderson
The women looking like pamela somewhat ruins it.

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