Stop infiltrated, not me !
Stop infiltrated, not me !
Stop infiltrated, not me !. K-9 ‘Agents’ Lift Spirits of the Secret Service With Heroics at the White House
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. I hear the jumper was none too happy hehe

Funny Not just for Christmas

Not just for Christmas

Funny The Fight was not over Obamacare

The Fight was not over   Obamacare
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Kewl 3D effect of the Gun. But the barrel is looking transparent in areas.
I think he is wearing a red bandana. If so, lower edge shouldn't be so vanishing.
Cool beans
nicely done … I like the 3D effect … I agree with SplatShot, the gun barrel should be opaque.

Funny I'm not so sure he is one of us

I'm not so sure he is one of us

Funny I do not understand the word independenc

I do not understand the word independenc
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Why do Obama and Putin have women's makeup.
Silver Congrats Elegary, nice work … maybe the Queen could be smaller, and it always helps if your source images have a similar light source in common.

Funny Parking not paid

Parking not paid

Funny Jabba Is Not Home

Jabba Is Not Home

Funny Not so bad

Not so bad
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Good blend from chin to under nose. Great work on the nose itself. Funny source. Good job.

Funny We Are Not Alone!!!

We Are Not Alone!!!
What They're Not Telling Us
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Congrats on the bronze wahphoto Love this one.

Funny Clint Dempsey women's 100 meters! Why not?

Clint Dempsey women's 100 meters! Why not?

Funny It's Not Rocket Science

It's Not Rocket Science
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Rocket science may not be for everybody but some geeks do manage to build their own rockets. It takes quite a bit of technical knowledge, effort, and money to build a real rocket that will fly as high as 3 miles into the atmosphere. Last but not least, strict safety measures must be taken upon each rocket launch. Photoshop this rocket launch photo any way you wish. Some examples are - re-design the rocket, show where it may be headed to, feature some new "rocket scientists" next to it. (Image credit: Steve Jurvetson)

Funny Al Gore Not Green

Al Gore Not Green
What's all this talk of Al Gore not being green enough? After dining on burritos and refried beans, he generates enough gas to heat the city of Nashville alone. Photoshop Al Gore not green, but doing bad things to harm the environment and society in any way. In all honesty Al Gore is not as environmentally friendly as he tries to present himself. He lives a luxury life style and pollutes the environment with his private jet he uses to promote his film An Inconvenient Truth. He also has a superiority complex of creating the internet and teaching the world of good values. Let's show Al Gore contributing to global warming once and for all.

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