At least its not black face
At least its not black face
At least its not black face. Time to offend everyone.

Funny Not My `DREAM`.

Not My `DREAM`.
Martin Luther King would not like what's happening in our Country today, this would not have been his Dream, very sad what is happening in our Country and Shameful.

Funny Are you not Entertained?

Are you not Entertained?
Member reactions:
Creative source idea, and very entertaining. Awesome to see your work, Vicspa.

Funny I may not know art, BUT...

I may not know art, BUT...
I know what I like. (and thats not it).

Funny Not Sure Where He Is Going

Not Sure Where He Is Going
Member reactions:
Lol, I'm not sure where he's going either, fantastic job on this Hidden.
Congrats on the cup. Nicely Asymboled, Hits.
Fine job and towards my thinking too. I couldn't create a work of praise with his horrendous inhumanity to man record.

Funny Not my Precedent

Not my Precedent

Funny Leaking Not Good, Bad!!

Leaking Not Good, Bad!!
Feinstein as Frankenstein.
Member reactions:
That's her on one of her better days. Would like to see all of her skin green to match the hand and face.
I was going to and didn't, but I think I will.
Excellent work of satire, and kool-aid cup the perfect touch. Congrats on the Cup Hobbit.

Funny Not so Mary Poppins

Not so Mary Poppins

Funny Not Again

Not Again
The scuba diver was scooped up by fire fighting air tanker and dropped on the fire.
Member reactions:
Good Idea. Theoretically when the air tank explodes in the fire it will create a 360* (hole in the ground) firebreak 20' in diameter. Alls... we need now are a lot more scuba divers and we can stop this Wild Fire in it's tracks. (or not) By the way... nice job with the big white cloud.
Hahahahaahah actually not really all that funny if you were the diver. I wonder if that story is actually true. It circulated around the fire service but was debunked by some mucky muck in the "Know" but I still wonder Nicely done

Funny Oh No, Not Him

Oh No, Not Him

Funny The last Freak Show (NOT!)

The last Freak Show (NOT!)
UPDATE: Freaking news will go on. READ MORE HERE. This is the last FN contest. Photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). The site has been around for over 13 years, and it's been a great ride. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Farewell. Many thanks to TiredTom for the themepost.

Funny It's Not Rocket Science

It's Not Rocket Science
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Rocket science may not be for everybody but some geeks do manage to build their own rockets. It takes quite a bit of technical knowledge, effort, and money to build a real rocket that will fly as high as 3 miles into the atmosphere. Last but not least, strict safety measures must be taken upon each rocket launch. Photoshop this rocket launch photo any way you wish. Some examples are - re-design the rocket, show where it may be headed to, feature some new "rocket scientists" next to it. (Image credit: Steve Jurvetson)

Funny Al Gore Not Green

Al Gore Not Green
What's all this talk of Al Gore not being green enough? After dining on burritos and refried beans, he generates enough gas to heat the city of Nashville alone. Photoshop Al Gore not green, but doing bad things to harm the environment and society in any way. In all honesty Al Gore is not as environmentally friendly as he tries to present himself. He lives a luxury life style and pollutes the environment with his private jet he uses to promote his film An Inconvenient Truth. He also has a superiority complex of creating the internet and teaching the world of good values. Let's show Al Gore contributing to global warming once and for all.

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