Bathroom Bill not W.J. Clinton
Bathroom Bill not W.J. Clinton
Bathroom Bill not W.J. Clinton. Solution

Funny One is not amused

One is not amused

Funny More Fat People Than Not

More Fat People Than Not
Member reactions:
Love it.... Congrats on the double win.
I should have put myself in this one. I have an extra 40 or 50 pounds. But, but, I'm... big boned hahahahahhah

Funny Justin Bieber Will Try Hard Not to Be a Tool

Justin Bieber Will Try Hard Not to Be a Tool
I really don't think there's much chance of this happening.
Member reactions:
Stranger things have happened, so we may only hope
3 in a row, the top ten challenge, good job.

Funny Dick Cheney Resolves Not to Pick His Nose

Dick Cheney Resolves Not to Pick His Nose
Member reactions:
Good thing I wasn't drinking anything or I would have spit it all over the place. Hilarious and super job.... One've got the body flipped so the handkerchief pocket and lapel pin are on the wrong side.
Small problem, but big caricature here.
Congrats on the gold, Funk. Happy New Year.
Congratulations Funkwood, on the Gold and on reclaiming your #2 Hall of Fame position. 35 Gold Trophies in just over 2 months has to be a Freaking News record
Congrads on the Gold Cup, on a roll and perfect as always.
perfect hahahaha and congrats on the gold.

Funny Hillary Clinton Promises to Not be Evil

Hillary Clinton Promises to Not be Evil

Funny Barack Obama Resolves Not to Smoke

Barack Obama Resolves Not to Smoke
Member reactions:
This is very effective as satire, and communicates. And funny.
Well, Michelle said he has basically quit last year.
Thanks, peeps. I don't believe it, Newsy.

Funny Kirk Douglas Is Not Dead

Kirk Douglas Is Not Dead
People Magazine mistakenly published Kirk Douglas's obituary That's his real name on the sign, by the way.
Member reactions:
I remember as a kid how I was impressed with the Spartacus movie and Kirk Douglas in it. May this man live many more years, but this chop cracks me up.
Great looking caricatures Paul, congrats on the woody.

Funny Jabba Is Not Home

Jabba Is Not Home

Funny Make Love Not War Vlad Putin

Make Love Not War Vlad Putin
return O.o
Member reactions:
Fantastic Great caricature Lot of signs can be seen here
Putin as coconut crackhead is a nice touch.
I love the composition and coconut head is just too funny. You have a pretty cool distinctive style. Little tip, pay heed to facial textures, you have three different textures and I know you lost points for that. This chop probably could have won, it is excellent other than that. Big congrats on the cup

Funny It's Not Rocket Science

It's Not Rocket Science
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Rocket science may not be for everybody but some geeks do manage to build their own rockets. It takes quite a bit of technical knowledge, effort, and money to build a real rocket that will fly as high as 3 miles into the atmosphere. Last but not least, strict safety measures must be taken upon each rocket launch. Photoshop this rocket launch photo any way you wish. Some examples are - re-design the rocket, show where it may be headed to, feature some new "rocket scientists" next to it. (Image credit: Steve Jurvetson)

Funny Al Gore Not Green

Al Gore Not Green
What's all this talk of Al Gore not being green enough? After dining on burritos and refried beans, he generates enough gas to heat the city of Nashville alone. Photoshop Al Gore not green, but doing bad things to harm the environment and society in any way. In all honesty Al Gore is not as environmentally friendly as he tries to present himself. He lives a luxury life style and pollutes the environment with his private jet he uses to promote his film An Inconvenient Truth. He also has a superiority complex of creating the internet and teaching the world of good values. Let's show Al Gore contributing to global warming once and for all.

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