Come on ! Break him the nose
Come on ! Break him the nose
Come on ! Break him the nose.

Funny Minion Gru a Nose

Minion Gru a Nose
For my 7-year old nephew, Gru is a celebrity. Sources

Funny A Liar's Nose

A Liar's Nose

Funny Royal Nose

Royal Nose
. Member reactions:
could be wonderful if you were able to match colors and lights of the two half faces.

Funny Bill Maher's REAL big nose

Bill Maher's REAL big nose
. What a honker.. Member reactions:
I see you are working on your Bobbling muscles Nicely done

Funny Mona Loser Lips and Nose

Mona Loser Lips and Nose
. Member reactions:
Creepy, I may hang this on my refrigerator for Halloween. Excellent Job.
Looks Horrifying but good work on the skin touches over her nose and the teeth and the bloody spilling as well.....

Funny Noses Of Socialism

Noses Of Socialism
What rotten change we got.. Member reactions:
No way, nor do I even like the evil man. I want our country back and we will do so soon. I can't believe the people that is falling for his socialist crap. Also, thanks for the comment.
So funny work freaky expressions ha ha ha
ha ha ha like Obama face, and his badge good work with his eyebrows and the hair given him a funny look

Funny Nose Guard Dog

Nose Guard Dog
I can do this... Member reactions:
great depth of field and a nice clean job
They won't know what's hit them grrrrrr...

Funny Eric Holder's Nose Growing

Eric Holder's Nose Growing
What a cover up.. Member reactions:
He doesn't look like Sergeant Schultz. -Edited by Moderator on 10/25/2011 6:59:41 PM
an fantastic use of topaz filter... very goooooood job my friend
Thank you Rickytrek and thanks to the rest also.

Funny Tommy Lee Jones with a Big Nose

Tommy Lee Jones with a Big Nose

Funny Big Nose Celebrities

Big Nose Celebrities
Mehmet Ozyurek has officially been named the man with the world's longest nose by Guinness World Records. The 2011 edition, which hit store shelves this month, listed the 61-year-old Turk's nose as measuring 3.46 inches (8.8 cm) the world's longest. On a related note, rhinoplasty - a nose surgery that improves the nose appearance and proportion - is on the top of the list of plastic surgeries in Hollywood. Usually the patient's nose is scanned and digitized into a 3-D model. The surgeon then shows different possible nose alterations for the patient to choose from. Talk about picking your nose! You might think it's funny, but it's snot. In this contest you are asked to enlarge noses of any celebrity or politician - make them larger, longer, or reshape them to make a large nose. Many thanks to GarRobMil for the contest suggestion!

Funny No Nose, No Eyebrows (Celebrities)

No Nose, No Eyebrows (Celebrities)
Removing a nose and eyebrows from celebrity faces can produce some interesting results. Some celebrities become hardly recognizable, while others start to look like aliens. Remove a nose and eyebrows from celebrity faces, similar to this example. (Tip: Seems it works best for the nose area when the part of the forehead is copied, resized and placed over the nose area.) Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Nose Toes

Nose Toes
No matter how strange the idea may sound, swapping celebrity noses for toes may look quite natural. Here's a beta test provided by AZRainman. Take any celebrity or politician and substitute their noses for toes, as in this example. You are welcome to use pictures of your toes, if you wish. Please put celebrity names in your entry titles. Thanks to jerrylambert for the contest concept.

Funny Nose Eyes

Nose Eyes
Surveys show that the first thing we notice in people is their eyes. Lips are usually the second thing men notice on a woman's face, however many women answer that the second thing they notice on man's face is his nose. Apparently, just like eyes, a nose can tell a lot about person's character. In ancient Greece and Italy, a crooked nose was considered a sign of leadership. Replace eyes of politicians and celebrities with their noses, similar to how it's done in this example. Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Celebrity Noses

Celebrity Noses
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is not the only one who is desperate to have her nose fixed. We've seen many rhinoplasty operations in Hollywood - successful and unsuccessful. In this contest you are asked to alter noses of any celebrity or politician - make them larger and longer, smaller and shorter, reshape them. Your "victims" must still be recognizable after the nose jobs you give them.

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