DREAMS OF NONSENSE. Member reactions:
, great chop. This puts the Freak in Freak Show..
Grats on the win and for pushing it about as far as you can.
Grats spinner, I like everything about this.
Thanks Gummy, DD, Bob, and Reg. When you have nothing for an idea, just do Trump in a speedo and call it good
Congrats, Mr.Hits. May I use some elements from picture in the future.
Congrats on the Win, Hitman. This one really makes one ponder.
I really Love Trump in this, ADORABLE CHOP, your work is always top to me, Congrats on the win.
Congrats Hitspinner, on the gold and the excellent idea.
Congratulations on the gold. Very nice Trump. Success in creativity
Yep, thanks Vince. It's Dada in Voltairevision. Scattered, defiant and clearly the works of a madman

Funny Nonsense Digital Art

Nonsense Digital Art
Go get the cheese mousie 0 quality :|
Member reactions:
Pike. They all should work in a circus if they dont already

Funny UFOs Are Nonsense

UFOs Are Nonsense
Three UFOs fly over a blog that doubts their existence.

Funny Abstract Nonsense Digital Art

Abstract Nonsense Digital Art
created a few years ago and haven't a clue on a meaning like a lot of other of my pics they just flowed out of my subconscious.

Funny Turkey Nonsense

Turkey Nonsense
I have no idea how this came about, not to mention turkeys are really Freakin ugly.
Member reactions:
I like how you did the Lincoln turkey logo & Hope poster.

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