Nomination. Trump Comments Burden GOP Relations With Latino Voters
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Gold Congrats, NycpixelRob. Excellent job done.
Congrats on the gold, Rob. Political masterpiece.

Funny Grammy Nominations for Kanye West.

Grammy Nominations for Kanye West.
Grammy nominations for Kanye West
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Nicely done, I like the perspective angle of the face

Funny Hillary Clinton Outraged at Sarah Palin Nomination

Hillary Clinton Outraged at Sarah Palin Nomination
iPhone, website, Hillary reflection, picture frame, Bill portrait, darts, desktop all from different sources.
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Great work. I'd add some shadow from the thumb onto iPhone

Funny No Black Oscar Nominations

No Black Oscar Nominations

Funny John McCain Wins GOP Nomination

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination
After Republican presidential candidate John McCain successfully secured his GOP nomination, President George W. Bush gave his endorsement to McCain. Meeting with McCain and his wife at the White House, Bush junior said that McCain is a true Republican and would make a great country leader and commander-in-chief. At the same time many analysts think that blessings from Bush would actually drop McCain's ratings, since Bush has the lowest support ratings of all times, and associating with Bush is not the best thing at the moment. Photoshop anything related to John McCain winning the GOP nomination, his future possible presidency, and running mate. Some examples are: motivational & demotivational posters with McCain, old paintings showing "Christening" of McCain by GOP leaders, his election posters with his running mate, etc.

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