NOKIA Toilet Cell Phones in India
NOKIA Toilet Cell Phones in India
NOKIA Toilet Cell Phones in India. Member reactions:
Yeh this is called out of the box and Pure touch screen feature feel it
Video playing in Classical Nokia Handset and the crowd pulling to witness that event very funny

Funny Nokia Cell Phones For Monkeys

Nokia Cell Phones For Monkeys
Member reactions:
Nice brand name added Nokia Banana at least Nokia is thinking of new innovation among Monkeys
Nice job. The image needs to be bigger though

Funny The Ninja Phone by NOKIA

The Ninja Phone by NOKIA
Member reactions:
This is the last effort Nokia making to regain leadership in the Market ... Ninja really helps to fight with the competitors well done the concept and love the dragon and the dagger

Funny ET Nokia Advert

ET Nokia Advert

Funny Steve Jobs Nokia Lawsuit

Steve Jobs Nokia Lawsuit
Nokia Suing Apple Over iPhone

Funny Michelangelo Nokia Advert

Michelangelo Nokia Advert

Funny Nokia Cell Phone Security

Nokia Cell Phone Security
News : cell phone takes security to new heights Jack Bauer has already ordered one.
Member reactions:
Fantastic secure Nokia. How much more secure can it get.

Funny Eagle Using a Nokia Bluetooth Phone

Eagle Using a Nokia Bluetooth Phone
Wings-Free Communication.
Member reactions:
"I never gave them permission to use my image on their money"

Funny Nokia Phone Laptop with Windows

Nokia Phone Laptop with Windows
What do u want with a phone with a laptop features.... It consists usb ports and mouse pad and all the features which you have to find the normal computer and u can talk without distrubing ur work ...... I hope u like it full view please its clarity and quality is decreases while reducing the image for the contest direction...
Member reactions:
To avoid so much quality loss because of the compression, maybe it's better to resize it to 1000 pixels wide.
It's always best to resize to 500 pixels wide to avoid quality loss then there will be no resizing at all. Of course then full view becomes the same as normal view. So it's a gamble.
Full veiw is a must. It improves its quality a great deal.

Funny Nokia Opener

Nokia Opener
Might get me to finally buy a cell phone...might.
Member reactions:
opener leads to thoughts of beer which leads to the love of beer which leads to certain FNers, hmmmmm.
Lovely, gives you a thirst just loking at it.
I knew this was yours, without even looking at the name. I like.
Knew this hadda be yours b4 I even seen the author ...brilliant image

Funny Nokia Smartphones

Nokia Smartphones
To celebrate the event, design a new advertising for Nokia, or show how their new smartphone can be used. Including a new logo for Nokia is a plus.

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