Nobel laureate `Alchemist Al Gore`
Nobel laureate `Alchemist Al Gore`
Nobel laureate "Alchemist Al Gore". Nobel laureate Alchemist Al Gore Climate is changing and soon all human will die

Funny Now Nobel Price in Physics for The Newton Law Correction

Now Nobel Price in Physics for The Newton Law Correction
The Al Gore Law - any stupidity can be betrayed for the truth, if you find a group of fools who will believe it.
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Funny Kim Jong Un Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Kim Jong Un Wins Nobel Peace Prize
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Though the irony seems missed, it wasn't by me. It's actually scary hahahahaha Really should have scored much higher. Great job

Funny The Nobel Man

The Nobel Man
Bob Dylan wins Nobel prize in literature
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Impressive expression. Not happy of the Nobel.

Funny Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize Winner
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What does the coin in the background represent.
Silver congrats, William. Your first silver with us.
Thanks all.
Very Nice, William.. Congrats on the Silver..

Funny Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai Coin

Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai Coin
Malala Yousafzai Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize.
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She deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Nicely done, hidden.
Congratulations. Looks like a template for the real thing.
Ahh, me never heard of 16 year old Malala... we should nominate some FNers too. Quality work.

Funny Barack Obama In the Bathroom His Nobel Peace Prize Toilet Paper

Barack Obama In the Bathroom His Nobel Peace Prize Toilet Paper
Member reactions:
NICE. Do the toilet in red, white and blue and make it offical
gary,,, i did try to make his gas red white and blue , but i couldn't get it quite right.
Excellent caricature of Obama and great work done with the room, filled with water and the boat and dolphin too included great job done i am honored to see this chop
Wonderful work with caricature and the water work on floor nice merge
love the chop, except for the face, because apart from the ear it's not obombi no more. You gotta keep some of his features Pree. I like how the paper submerges in the water. looks really good.
jere i guess i over did his ear hu. heres the source face,,
thanks for posting that pic Pree. Looks like a hard one to make a caricature of. The ear came out ok though. I think it's the cheeks and nose that are off somehow. Oh well, a cool pic just the same and it won a shiney cup so what the hay
its ok jere . i think maybe you dont like how i imploded his face,, i was trying to bring out how the back of his head looks,,,so i extended his ear a bit,, ty for your help..
Congrats're really getting jiggy with the warp effects
Awesome political satire + awesome work with the source. Congrats on the silver, pree.
Wonderful job Pree-mee … coverd up as much of that lo-res image as possible, and the parts that do show look great. That is one crazy Obama … looks like he's been chasin' parked cars …great work Silver congratsssss...
That is funny satire.

Funny Robert Edwards Nobel Prize

Robert Edwards Nobel Prize
In vitro UK pioneer Edwards wins medicine Nobel
Member reactions:
Then it's this man I must thank for my little miracle
Here's someone who pushed the world in a positive direction...Its a good sign for the world that someone like this received the noble. Hats off to you Dr. Edwards
The idea with "months and tubes" is freaking hilarious here.
solid work, Cicsaix. Like the embrio's in the tubes. very freaky .
Congrats on the bronze cicsaix, great concept

Funny A Good and Nobel Place

A Good and Nobel Place
News Source This is the hospital where Hitspinner's grandaughter went and it is her featured in the chop
Member reactions:
Lovely pic and Trina is so precious. Thank God she's ok and for the burn center.
Thank you. She is good, read the news story if you like. It is not world class news but it's pretty decent.
That's whats kool about FN creating Art from Beauty.
Really sweet chop-good luck.My empathy & sympathy to you, HS. I burned myself at 2 yrs. old with the mishandling of a hot coffee pot. Mom drenched me in liquid 'Foille' and I, eventually, lived to meet Hopalong Cassidy at the local Children's Hospital(a good thing). Then I was burned by JP-5 in S.E. Asia (30%) and lived. I hurt, dearly, for a long time and that's where the empathy/sympathy comes from. Good luck to your Daughter.
Ohhh, Sorry Geriatric. You sure have had your bout's with fire. I have only had amazing luck and gotten out of scrapes I probably should not have during my years as a firefighter. Was never burned bad at all but can enpathize with you and Trina. Her's is a very happy ending and the main reason I chose the news story they did on her. Since you are still among us, I am delighted that you story has a happy ending as well. Peace
Firefighter. At least your Daughter was in good hands-that's real Luck. Stay safe HS.
not daughter --> grandaughter. I was 100 miles away when it happened but she was well cared for by EMS people in Ridgecrest. That is one thing you can say about the EMS system in this country. The training is so strict and standardized you will get excellent care just about anywhere.
I stand corrected and am happy to hear that something works in this country. And your image was well done and a keeper in my FN library of outstanding Art. Thanks for the dialogue HS.
No, thank you. Comments and discourse are always welcome. That is why I try to keep up a level of chatter even though I sometimes dont feel like it due to less than friendly input. Of course that is rare as hen's teeth but chitt happens. I'm not sure if people are timid, afraid they might not appear understood due to language difference or just don't care to say anything but I think a place is as friendly as the people that go there so I yack . Once Vlad figures out how to serve saspirilla, coffee and beer it will be the perfect meeting place
I'm gonna figure it out one, day, Hits. Great chop of Trina. Blessings to her and wishes of fast recovery. and something in the way she looks reminds me of you.
. amazing lighting effects, tough competition in this contest

Funny Barack Obama Receiving the Nobel Prize

Barack Obama Receiving the Nobel Prize

Funny Obama Nobel Prize

Obama Nobel Prize
Photoshop this Obama Nobel Prize image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: Making Obama hold some other awards and objects, putting Obama and the Nobel Committee man into some new environment, using this Obama Nobel Prize image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Image credit: Pete Souza / United States Government Work.

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