Nightmare On Facebook
Nightmare On Facebook
Nightmare On Facebook. Is Facebook hazardous to your health.
Member reactions:
Canbe hazardous to your bank balance if you Play Candy Crush.

Funny A Christmas Nightmare On Elm Street

A Christmas Nightmare On Elm Street
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood, Paul. One of the best chops on the contest. One small critique - I just wish it looked more like a movie poster - playing with a font type and position and adding some cast / credits would certainly do the job.

Funny The Nightmare Before Christmas with a Cat

The Nightmare Before Christmas with a Cat
Member reactions:
Your Title Cracks Me Up. Very Funny and Done Well.
Very clean and clever poster work. the title.

Funny Obama and Hillary Clinton in a Political Nightmare

Obama and Hillary Clinton in a Political Nightmare
Member reactions:
It's awesome, but some shadows on the bottom are needed - especially from the dog and the spider
Welcome to the podium Great job.. Congrats on the woody
Congrats on the Wood, andwhat especially like Hillary's expression
Congrats on the woody. Cool freak show production.

Funny Hillary Clinton's Nightmare

Hillary Clinton's Nightmare
Most definitely NIGHTMARE.
Member reactions:
'C' looks like an 'O' on the Keep Calm T-shirt.(.)
Hobbit. Top 5 congrats. I thought this looked like a familiar style
What HitMan said, and you have a beautiful and winning style

Funny Kramer Having a Clown Nightmare

Kramer Having a Clown Nightmare
Member reactions:
Exceptional chop, under appreciated but not surprising. I have noticed over the years that partial blends just don't do as well. It's silly really because they require top A+++ skills to pull off well, and well you did. Just one of those things, I reckon. But want you to know I see the work and commend the heck out of ya
Thank you NewsMaster, JoanM, ericnorthend, and Luciano ... Thank you Hitspinner, I appreciate your commendation and your appreciation for the details that others seem to miss. You never know sometimes, what the viewers are going to see and not see.

Funny Barack Obama Nightmare

Barack Obama Nightmare

Funny Man in a Smoking Nightmare

Man in a Smoking Nightmare
I notice a lot of nasty cigarette butts in the picture.

Funny The Nightmare On Elf Street 10

The Nightmare On Elf Street 10
"In this special Elf Christmas horror, Freddy is back terrorizing Elf workers, tired after organizing Santa's toys for the nice kids, Freddy feels resentment after getting a %hit gift for being naughty and seeks his revenge on the Elves..."
Member reactions:
Great mix. Nice touch on the cane hahahah

Funny Obamacare Nightmare

Obamacare Nightmare
Train Wreck
Member reactions:
Great job on that green obama boogie man.

Funny Nightmare

Recent research shows that more and more Americans are suffering from nightmares in the period of economic crisis. Stress is the main cause of sleep disorders and bad dreams. Photoshop nightmares (bad dreams) of celebrities, politicians or any people. You are welcome to photoshop your own nightmares. What is somebody's worst nightmare?

Funny Nightmares

Scientists say a new pill may help people overcome their worst phobias, fears and nightmares. A study released this week showed that by taking the pill some patients overcame their fear with only two therapy sessions instead of the usual seven or eight. Create your own monster or nightmare, or photoshop what the new pills might do to your fears, how could the pills make them less scary?

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