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Funny Nightmare Pictures

The Nightmare On Elf Street 10Funny The Nightmare On Elf Street 10
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"In this special Elf Christmas horror, Freddy is back terrorizing Elf workers, tired after organizing Santa's toys for the nice kids, Freddy feels resentment after getting a %hit gift for being naughty and seeks his revenge on the Elves..."
Great mix. Nice touch on the cane hahahah

Monster octopus nightmareFunny Monster octopus nightmare
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NightmareFunny Nightmare
Member reactions:

Whose nightmare it is.... Is it for Michael or Obama or Newsy
Man you are improving big time. Nice one D.

One Man's NightmareFunny One Man's Nightmare
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The NightmareFunny The Nightmare
Member reactions:

Great job. Keeping the source small was the only true option
this is great. The source is merged quite well, and full view is awesome.
Like to see her in out of bounds art work good one
Congratulations on winning the Gold Cup , Lady Hobbit.

Member reactions:

I repost my chop with a not-copyrighted background, hoping my picture will not be disqualified again
Great effects shown on Obama's face... amazing job with big fire balls hitting him and his face cracking well done
Great job, hidden nice subtle use of the Topaz filter.
Congratulations PicJockey... One day you will have to share with me the story of the bad background. ; )
Congratulations PixJockey. Great Work. Best in Show.
Thanks for re-submitting the image with a different background. Glad it got a trophy. Congrats on the bronze, Pix.
Congratulations on the Bronze, P.J. great work.
una sola parola: "grandioso" meritavi l'oro.............. ciao cicciolo
Ciao Ricky, amico miooo Lo penso anch'io, ma dipende dal livello di chi vota

The NightmareFunny The Nightmare
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The Nightmare
She looks beautiful but sad nice composition

Kitchen NightmareFunny Kitchen Nightmare
Member reactions:

Hell's Kitchen
Hilarious. and I see the eggs are produced by FN too
Excellent work of Dino out of the eggs case
Thank goodness I don't eat brown eggs. Great Job.

Organic NightmaresFunny Organic Nightmares
Member reactions:

Interesting fairytale characters nice effects and colors its good work
Congrads on the cup, we moving on up to the big time.
Thanks ho,your moving on up at a faster pace than me
Wild chop, andwhat. Congrats on the bronze.

The Nightmare Before CongressFunny The Nightmare Before Congress
Member reactions:

Marvelous Caricature with a big face and the expression gives a real nightmare to Congress.... Love the way he handles his cigarette

NightmareFunny Nightmare - Recent research shows that more and more Americans are suffering from nightmares in the period of economic crisis. Stress is the main cause of sleep disorders and bad dreams. Photoshop nightmares (bad dreams) of celebrities, politicians or any people. You are welcome to photoshop your own nightmares. What is somebody's worst nightmare?

NightmaresFunny Nightmares - Scientists say a new pill may help people overcome their worst phobias, fears and nightmares. A study released this week showed that by taking the pill some patients overcame their fear with only two therapy sessions instead of the usual seven or eight. Create your own monster or nightmare, or photoshop what the new pills might do to your fears, how could the pills make them less scary?

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