Attic Nightmare
Attic Nightmare
Attic Nightmare. Member reactions:
What's scary, is that you have scorpions in your attic.
I don't know why... but this non-walking dead creature reminds me of Mitt Romney. He just needs a little water.(:
Very very very well done. Congrats with the win.
That's where it's at. Good one Mano. Congrats on the Win.
Awesome zombie plant with lighting and shadows. Gold Congrats Mano.

Funny Trump's Nightmare

Trump's Nightmare
A nightmarish shadow overshadows the Trump presidency.

Funny Nightmare

Marine the First, Queen of France... Source Queen Sophie of Wurtemberg by Franz Xavier Winterhalter
Member reactions:
She's actually attractive in this portrait.

Funny I have a nightmare

I have a nightmare
Member reactions:
Yes, we all are having nightmares. That hairstyle will haunt us for four years.

Funny Merry Christmas! His nightmare is over!

Merry Christmas! His nightmare is over!
Member reactions:
Trump is right and his hands are right too.

Funny Nightmare for Donald

Nightmare for Donald

Funny He has nightmares but he wants to sleep

He has nightmares but he wants to sleep
In the battle of Vladimir Putin v 70s disco legend Cerrone, Russian footballers win out
Member reactions:
Congrats, Andrew. His Vulture eye reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe's short story "Tell Tale-Heart" 1843

Funny Russian ace Nightmare. Everywhere he sees enemies.

Russian ace Nightmare. Everywhere he sees enemies.

Funny Bernie Sanders Nightmare

Bernie Sanders Nightmare
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Member reactions:
Good to see you back. Fine chop Hobbit. Well done on the woody.
Freaky, spooky, great. Congrats on the wood, hobbit.

Funny Vladimir Putin has a Nightmare with a Skeleton

Vladimir Putin has a Nightmare with a Skeleton

Funny Nightmare

Recent research shows that more and more Americans are suffering from nightmares in the period of economic crisis. Stress is the main cause of sleep disorders and bad dreams. Photoshop nightmares (bad dreams) of celebrities, politicians or any people. You are welcome to photoshop your own nightmares. What is somebody's worst nightmare?

Funny Nightmares

Scientists say a new pill may help people overcome their worst phobias, fears and nightmares. A study released this week showed that by taking the pill some patients overcame their fear with only two therapy sessions instead of the usual seven or eight. Create your own monster or nightmare, or photoshop what the new pills might do to your fears, how could the pills make them less scary?

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