Guardians of the night
Guardians of the night
Guardians of the night.

Funny Fright night

Fright night

Funny White Bathouse at night.

White Bathouse at night.
Member reactions:
Both together even in the night Michael and Obama just made for each other just to hang
Blended quite naturally Obama's ears fit perfectly I'd consider adding a slight motion blur

Funny Night Flight

Night Flight

Funny Ebola Night Fever

Ebola Night Fever
Sorry for my macabre sense of humor.I feel strongly for the people who have died and are suffering with this horrible disease.I hope a cure is found to end Ebola.Thing is,I have a really weird mind,and it thinks up some really strange stuff.No disrespect to those suffering,I just have an odd imagination.
Member reactions:
Now we have the first confirmed Ebola patient in the United States,in Houston Texas.Very frightening
Don't move, don't breathe, don't eat, don't drink.........
Saturday Night Ebola. Seriously though, I hope we get this disease under control

Funny Late Night at Buckingham Palace Bar

Late Night at Buckingham Palace Bar
Member reactions:
This is a freaking masterpiece. The light and shadow work is outstanding
Mmmm. Ligt should produce a shadow from the guard box. It looks like that light comes from the window, wich is not.
The guard box has a shadow lucianomorelli. I don't think you really looked at the image very well. And there is some light coming from the window as the lights are on in the bar.
What happens in London, stays in London. swell job 420. Congrats on the cup
Thank you balodiya, ericnorthend, & pcrdds
Thank you Hitspinner, MsgtBob, & azwoodbox
by the way, the girl is Emma Bunton, right.

Funny Dogs Night Out

Dogs Night Out
Member reactions:
ha papa dog pushing the car..... Dog's day out
Bid dog is leader of the car and he is responsible Dog.....
Dawgs just wanna have fun. Love the whole thing, and especially how you added those two dog passengers
Puscher doesn't look very happy but when help is needed....
Hahahaha so cool, looks like a wookie/wolf hound . Colors are a knock-out... Love it and congrats on the cup.
Congrats, its420here. I like it very much and work lights with lights is great.
Thank you Hitspinner, Elegary, & Wanderer Thanks to everyone for all the great comments
A fabulous job with the car, and puppies in the big city.. Congratulations on the trophy, Its ..
Thank you UncleChamp, NewsMaster, & MsgtBob

Funny Fright night

Fright night
Member reactions:
Great blending. This one has a really nice feel. Congrats on the trifecta.
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze, and Wood.
Congrats on the silver, bronze, and wood, LM.

Funny Wizard of Oz Movie Night

Wizard of Oz Movie Night
I always enjoyed watching the Wizard of Oz on TV as a kid. Seems like they aired it about once per year.
Member reactions:
we hear he is a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was Great chop.
Source Painting-"An experiment on a bird in an air pump" by Joseph Wright
When the whole family use to seat around the screen
Yes. The whole a few extras.
This chop makes me wanna go back to those older days. Plus it's got many references to this wonderful movie.
Great work Luna congrats.. ..its now my desktop picture..

Funny Rembrandt, `Gas delivery to Amsterdam at night`

Rembrandt, `Gas delivery to Amsterdam at night`
Member reactions:
Awesome work overall, but the bike and gasoline can on the left need some shadows

Funny Monday Night Football Anchors

Monday Night Football Anchors
Who do you think will be the new Monday Night Football anchors? Will there be any changes to the format (new faces, or possibly adding some additional "entertainment" to the football show?) Create images showing us the changes that might occur with the new Monday Night Football.

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