Rembrandt, `Gas delivery to Amsterdam at night`
Rembrandt, `Gas delivery to Amsterdam at night`
Rembrandt, "Gas delivery to Amsterdam at night". . Member reactions:
Awesome work overall, but the bike and gasoline can on the left need some shadows

Funny Bearly remember last Night

Bearly remember last Night
. Member reactions:
I just can't bear it. (altho it does look as if she can)
Judging by the photo the girl is barely legal too

Funny Night Crossing Guards

Night Crossing Guards
It's been a long day.. Member reactions:
Congrats on the double win 420,light one up for me

Funny Saturday Night Blub

Saturday Night Blub

Funny Mistery night

Mistery night
. Member reactions:
I really thought this one would win. Hmmmm Top 5 Luciano

Funny Three Night Show Pigs

Three Night Show Pigs
. Member reactions:
Modern version of the "Three little pigs" tale...Awesome chop.
Very nice craftsmanship. Congrats on the silver

Funny Dali by night

Dali by night
. Member reactions:
Well, it's not a people face swap, it's a Dali by night. It is as SFW as a Michelangelo's David.
Not sure, tough call. Float more fruit to block or something if it get's DQed. Very nice piece though shadows are confusing me of light sourcing. Magnificent composition and working of Dali imaging....
So, here it is covered until some official decision falls
Super. But I have to agree with Hitz. Your new light source seems in conflict.
Well, shadows are already wrong in Dali's painting, if you look at woman's shade and other shadows, you'll see they'll disagree, that's part of a surreal pic.
Pure quality here. Goes well with the original sleep concept by Dali
So thanks Hits, geriatric, Splat, ericnorthend & Newsy.
Congrats on the Bronze, Evirio. Like News said, pure quality.
Congrats on the bronze. The butterflies were a nice touch As far as shadows. When you are Dali, you can take liberties. The rest of us mortals are better to follow the basic rules LMFAO But hey, artistic license is what generates innovation.


. Member reactions:
Yes, I like this hi-tech Mona.
Congrats on the silver, Slixta. Great comeback.
Looking at Mona thru night vision, as she looks back thru night vision, excellent. Congrats on Silver, Slix.

Funny Another Lonely Night

Another Lonely Night

Funny the king of the night

the king of the night
. Member reactions:
Excellent blending, but I wish the cat's face was of higher resolution - this one is a bit blurry. Maybe try an alternative source photo for the cat.
thank you very much newsmaster if it modifies, thanks
Hey, the cat has changed. Good edit. As I can see you like topazing in your chops, let me give you a little advice stylize detail can work fine on a lot of textures and hairs but not pretty well on faces.
A total remake, the cat is gone.Congrats on the gold, Elegary.

Funny Monday Night Football Anchors

Monday Night Football Anchors
Who do you think will be the new Monday Night Football anchors? Will there be any changes to the format (new faces, or possibly adding some additional "entertainment" to the football show?) Create images showing us the changes that might occur with the new Monday Night Football.

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