Daddy's night story
Daddy's night story
Daddy's night story. Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha . Baby seems to be Putin's grandmother.

Funny Wedding night different approach

Wedding night different approach

Funny Night time reading

Night time reading
Member reactions:
Pretty cool. Did Merkel have an accident and lose part of her leg.

Funny Spying on Keith Alexander - Night Vision

Spying on Keith Alexander - Night Vision

Funny Men Drinking at Vincent Van Gogh's House at Night

Men Drinking at Vincent Van Gogh's House at Night
Member reactions:
Relaxed and having fun with all mates, I like it. Very nice idea & good composition
Hurray.. So unusual. . I'm very happy. Maybe I should put this on T-shirts and sell them,
Congrats on the win. I sympathize, but it just seems unusual when you have dry spells. In truth you win a cup about every 1 out of every 8 of your entries. That is pretty good stats... Actually as I recall, my stats early on were about the same. I love your treatment of the lighting in this. Totally deserving of gold

Funny Little Girl with Night Eyes

Little Girl with Night Eyes
Night Vision bio hack
Member reactions:
One of your best of your latest bunch, me thinks. great image.
Thanks Jere, I honestly thought this one was well crafted enough to give Dan one he11 of a run for the money. Actually flabbergasted and disappointed at the 8.5. Oh well. Sometimes your best just ain't enough. Thanks Gummy, Bob, Doc, Luciano, eric,, D man and Andrew.
As always, one heck of a beautiful chop, congrats on the win.
I was surprised at the final score too Tim...I guess that's where subjectivity comes into play....With a different set of voters our entries would always be different. But I think this is excellent... One of your best to date. Grats on the bronze.
This picture has its mood and style. Very good one. Congrats
Oh y'all can Psychoanalyze it to death, Truth is this one has just a bit to much "YIKES".
You mean "Yikes" as in a ... Oprah Winfrey. Thanks gang. It is what it is and to some it's just jizz Little too much Tim Burton...
Well, for what it's worth I think this is a beauty.
Congrats on the bronze, Hits. She's hypnotizing.

Funny Forrest Gump at the Bus Stop at Night

Forrest Gump at the Bus Stop at Night

Funny Napoleon and the Pope Drinking at Night

Napoleon and the Pope Drinking at Night
Member reactions:
Original quality of sourse is much better
I think you should increase light on the floor. Otherwise very well done.

Funny Cliffhanger Night Climb with Sylvester Stallone

Cliffhanger Night Climb with Sylvester Stallone
Original Poster
Member reactions:
Not sure body/mountains lights are coherent.

Funny Bouguereau's Temptation at Night

Bouguereau's Temptation at Night
Member reactions:
Beautiful. Only crit is that the motion blur on the flying fairy makes her look like she's sliding in--not fluttering. A whispy, curvy trail of stars might work better. But really a beautiful job overall. It has a really nice color palette and glow.
Well it was either you or Shorra with this one. Grats on the Silver.
Thanks everyone. This one was a lot more work than would appear at first glance, but was fun trying something different.
Pretty darn awesome. Congrats on the silver
Stunning remake of the original, looks authentic. Congrats on the gold, Funk.
Wonderful work.I've featured it on Bouguereau Remastered: Permalink: Hope you like it.

Funny Monday Night Football Anchors

Monday Night Football Anchors
Who do you think will be the new Monday Night Football anchors? Will there be any changes to the format (new faces, or possibly adding some additional "entertainment" to the football show?) Create images showing us the changes that might occur with the new Monday Night Football.

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