Sister Nielsen
Sister Nielsen
Sister Nielsen.

Funny Sergeant Nielsen of the R.C.M.P.!

Sergeant Nielsen of the R.C.M.P.!
Happy Canada Day....EH.. Member reactions:
Thanks, D-man....I'm still learning how to make them. I think, I'm getting better......
Excellent Caricature great job done good clarity chop
Great caricature, keep it up and congrats.
Thanks, Sunshin3.......I am just learning how to do caricatures.
Fantastic chop, congrats on the win,love it.

Funny Leslie Nielsen Resident Evil Zombie

Leslie Nielsen Resident Evil Zombie
What is funny about this story is that when paramedics arrived at the scene they couldn't tell what injuries were real and which were makeup. 16 Zombies InjuredDuring Accident on Set. Member reactions:
Nice Zombie work. The "get well" card is a very clever touch.
You have "yuckied" him up quite realistically.... Well done
Thanks everybody, glad you liked it, my first Zombie.
Wooden congrats deaddog . . . solidly bizarre . . . nicely done
that's really amazing work Deaddog .. love it congrats on your woody

Funny Leslie Nielsen Holding His Head

Leslie Nielsen Holding His Head
. Member reactions:
Hilarious.wish the image were bigger though

Funny Leslie Nielsen Facelift

Leslie Nielsen Facelift

Funny Leslie Nielsen Angel in Heaven

Leslie Nielsen Angel in Heaven to Leslie Nielsen. Member reactions:
A worthy tribute.He will be missed.
I just wanted to say, in trying to pay him Tribute, I wanted to Mirror his sense of humor, and i am Honored that this inspiration allowed me to do that. Yes, this Classy comic will be missed, but remember, Heaven aint that bad

Funny Obama Paying Tribute to Leslie Nielsen

Obama Paying Tribute to Leslie Nielsen
Hopefully one last laugh from one of the greatest comedians of his time...

Professor of Funny Leslie Nielsen

Professor of Funny Leslie Nielsen
Please REFRESH SCREEN and VIEW FULL resolution . Member reactions:
sei sempre un grande
GRAZIE (per ora ci lodiamo e imbrodiamo fra di noi...)
ti avevo sgamato.... il tuo stile pittorico e' inconfondibile.
non capisco... non riesco a vederlo in formato grande....
... comunque mi sa che non vale la pena di continuare a gareggiare qui: vedo che al momento sono addirittura decimo (.; ma francamente non č che ci siano grandi capolavori in concorso (a parte il tuo e i soliti due o tre, dei soliti due o tre). Mah... Speriamo che almeno il tuo vinca, una volta tanto P.Sss... I nostri amici anglofoni cominceranno a chiedersi: "ma che cavolo si stanno dicendo questi due italiani. Pių o meno la stessa cosa che ci chiediamo noi tutte le volte che loro ci parlano e si parlano in inglese"
voto massimo da parte mia per il professore ...
Please don't use the smileys in the title - they mess up the script logic and thus the entry view is not loading. We'll fix the title for you now.Great chop, by the way
OK, Master.Sorry
.. and I apologize for our italian comments

Leslie Nielsen Funny Angel

Leslie Nielsen Funny Angel
sorry for you in heaven, i want to stay a little more time on the earth, please.... Member reactions:
eccellente good italian work
e no rob... stavolta tocca a te.... mi accontenterei della coppa di legno ...
voto massimo da parte mia per il professore ...
ANCH'IO TI HO DATO IL MASSIMO DEI VOTI (ma spero di non essere il solo.)
Quality satire composition and caricature.
Could you guys use English. It is an English site after all
I agree Newsmaster, it is pretty rude & ignorant in my humble opinion guys :/ Got something to say to each other... use the PM function.
google translation:i want to apologize with newsmaster and kellie, i do not know how to speak and write good english, i use the google translator for comments on frekingnews.sometimes writing why in italian 'i've seen that are not the only italian on freakingnews, but do not do it for no disrespect to you, so i apologize to you two and with all the other talented graphic.again thank you all for voting my work ... bye bye guys (sorry for my ignorance)
CONGRATS, Riccardin
Bronze congrats, Ricky.Go Italy.
congrats Italy ,nice chop RICKYTREK, congrats on the bronze.
grande italia, sbarchiamo freaking news..good italian job
boys are touched by all your compliments and encouragement, thank you so much ...
congrats on the bronze rickytrek...excellent work.

Funny Leslie Nielsen Flying a Plane

Leslie Nielsen Flying a Plane
. Member reactions:
The sources were chosen perfectly for this composition.I like how you made the spiral plane trail.
I think I owe you the congrats on the wood Mark, icecream's score is lower than yours.
...not it's not Pike...4 LSD effect icecream 6.833 5 Fly Nielsen Marksdesign 6.828
whwn I commented the cups were out and your score was higher...I refreshed and the cups were gone......
by the way I liked this & I did like how u did the swirl in the clouds.

Funny Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen
Canadian-American actor Leslie Nielsen, best known for Airplane! and the Naked Gun franchise, died Sunday of complications from pneumonia. He was 84. Throughout his career, Nielsen appeared in over 100 films and 1,500 television programs playing over 220 characters. Nielsen's most famous lines are from Airplane!, when he asks the pilot if he can fly the plane. Says the pilot, "Surely, you can't be serious." Nielsen responds, "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley." From Dr. Rumack to Lt. Frank Drebin to Col. Buzz Brighton, to Mr. Magoo, Nielsen made audiences laugh by portraying serious characters who were seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. In remembrance of Leslie, we post some little-known facts about him: * Nielsen's father was a Mountie. Consequently, Nielsen spent his early childhood in the isolated Yukon Territories. * Before he was famous, Nielsen served as an aerial gunner for the Royal Canadian Air Force near the end of the Second World War. After he completed his service, he worked as a DJ at a Calgary radio station. * Nielsen's brother Eric was the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. * Leslie was considered for the Jack Nicholson part in The Shining. For all the laughs you have given, thank you Leslie. You will be missed. Surely. To pay a tribute to great actor Leslie Nielsen, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what Nielsen will do in heaven (or hell), what movies he could have played in, what alternative careers he could have chosen, immortalize him in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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