Doodling  On Nick
Doodling  On Nick
Doodling On Nick. I'm using a partially free hand airbrush technique on this one.
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Good job on the pic, looks really good as always, Congrats Tim.
Thanks so much. Maybe it's too artsy fartsy. I lost control but pushed through it.

Funny Nick Cage, No shoot Sherlock

Nick Cage, No shoot Sherlock

Funny Nick Cage the fortune teller

Nick Cage the fortune teller
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Good job... Congrats on the cup. I think yours is better than mine
Congrats On the Win, HH. I think it was the rat that sold it. (:

Funny Nick Cage Iranian Gold Capper

Nick Cage Iranian Gold Capper

Funny Big Nick

Big Nick
Be on the lookout...
Member reactions:
Great concept and execution outside the box imagination congrats
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, very funny and good work.

Funny Nick Fury: Stupid Spy

Nick Fury: Stupid Spy

Funny Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon

Funny Nick Fury with a Big Head

Nick Fury with a Big Head
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Thought this would have won, it was my favorite.
TY Luciano and Hobbit. Oh, I have zero expectations in chop fest entries. It is so basic everybody is on an even playing field. That is why they are fun. I could throw in a zillion effects and probably win but effects aren't the point of these sort of contest. So I keep them simple and stupid hahahaha. However the ones that require more skill are the ones that have minimal sample areas to clone for texture. So, there are some in the contest that did take quite a bit of layering
Sweet Methinks the head should have taken more of the chop space, then it would have scored way higher

Funny Nick Cannon + Barack Obama

Nick Cannon + Barack Obama
For those who don't know him, Nick Cannon is the multi-talented host of "America's Got Talent." PLEASE VIEW AS "ORIGINAL"
Member reactions:
You're obviously missing the point, luciano.
Flawless. Great work as usual, Doc. Now this split in the clothing is darn near perfect
pcrdds its funny how 2 ppl can blend so well yes one looks sweet and the other,,, anyway nICE WORK....
One of the best in the contest. Love what you did to the clothes too.

Funny Nick Nolte with Double Vision

Nick Nolte with Double Vision

Funny Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks
American singer and songwriter legend Stevie Nicks celebrates her 60th birthday today. Nicks has been performing for over 30 years. In her solo career and together with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks produced over twently Top 50 hits, got a Grammy Award and was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. One rumor that followed Stevie Nicks through all her fame years is that she is a witch. Although she loves to wear black clothes and all her work is copyrighted under the name Welsh Witch Music, Nicks repeatedly denied any involvement in witchcraft. In 1998, in an interview to Redbook magazine, Stevie said that she believes in angels and that she's only alive today because "God was looking out" for her during the years of her drug addiction. Even at 60, she continues writing new songs and performing. In fact her latest US tour starts this June. Happy 60th birthday, Stevie! To celebrate the 60th birthday of Stevie Nicks, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are - showing what alternative careers she might have chosen, what other music styles or bands she could have performed in, Stevie Nicks in paintings and movies, etc.

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