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Funny Niagara Pictures

The Malls at NiagaraFunny The Malls at Niagara
Member reactions:

good job done... the falls were looking great
Made me laugh. Gotta be seen in full view. Congrats on the woo, paco.
Wood congrats Pacovilla, beautiful view

Meerkat Going Over Niagara FallsFunny Meerkat Going Over Niagara Falls
Member reactions:

Are meerkats related to lemmings.

Man with Umbrella at Niagara FallsFunny Man with Umbrella at Niagara Falls
Member reactions:
Beautiful Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls + Queen MaryFunny Niagara Falls + Queen Mary
Member reactions:

It's a long way from Long Beach, Ca. to the Niagara River but The Queen Mary managed to make the trip.
No critique, just awesome job... hope she can swing that turn
Really cool idea & terific execution. No doubt she could make the trip....but how in the world did she squeeze thru. Brilliant.
good job, just one comment is the shadow it looks just a drop shadow. on my opinion.

Niagara Falls & Sidney Opera HouseFunny Niagara Falls & Sidney Opera House
Member reactions:

Please vew full-sized image.
Beautiful integration. my only critique would be to blur the opera house a touch more to match the trees...
Full view is a MUST. Nice. Very photo-realistic.
simply but convincing wrong- tourist spot. great job.
Thanks for the comments and votes A special thanks to whomever gave it a 3.

Taj Mahal + Niagara FallsFunny Taj Mahal + Niagara Falls
Member reactions:

Taj Mahal + Niagara Falls = Taj MaFalls
Great idea, but check your light sources...the light on the falls(and city the behind) is coming from the right & the light on the Taj is coming from the left.
Thanks for the comments. Right-on with the light sources in the background. Doh. I beg to differ re:the water. The water isn't blocked, that's where it originates. It flows from an elaborate pumping system built by slaves of that period, and was designed by visiting aliens - much like the existing Taj Mahal pools, only different.

Niagara Falls BabyFunny Niagara Falls Baby
Member reactions:

He will scare the tourists away.
I'm thinking soggy Pampers. Very nice image.
you forgot to put the shadow of the baby.
Just look at the size of diaper on that baby.

Niagara Spray StarchFunny Niagara Spray Starch
Member reactions:

very nice. good attention to lighting. the iron and starch is blended nicely into the rest of the picture. i like it.
i thought the can said Viagra at first ..then i read the title
great image, very nice job, but needs little shadow below the iron...
Great work - the texture / painting integration is perfect
Excellent idea. I didn't think anyone remembered that stuff. My Mom used it all the time. Great attention to light & shadow, and excellent blending. ....Playakb..."viagra"....

Niagara FallsFunny Niagara Falls
Member reactions:

this is horshoe falls, its canadian...but otherwise well done

Niagara FallsFunny Niagara Falls
Member reactions:

Great Idea. made me say: "Crap. Why didn't I think of that.."

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