Sir Isaac Newton Making a Pi Table
Sir Isaac Newton Making a Pi Table
Sir Isaac Newton Making a Pi Table.

Funny Tim Cook as Isaac Newton

Tim Cook as Isaac Newton
Member reactions:
At first sight I supposed he was Newton....

Funny Earth and Planets Newton's Cradle

Earth and Planets Newton's Cradle
Member reactions:
Very good one. Add some shadow to the hand.
The earth is brighter than the hand. The hand is backlight. There would be no shadow except on the backside of the hand, as I have it, except for the "thumb" which is lit from the earth and would cast no shadow into space.
Thanks. I'm disappointed, I'll admit. I loved this one.

Funny Newton's Cradle Digital Art

Newton's Cradle Digital Art
This little office toy came out in the 70's and they sold like hot cakes. I can't remember the name of it, if anyone knows let me know, however, I do remember playing with it and watching the balls go back and forth. How easily amused we were in those days.
Member reactions:
Very Cool Bob. It was called Newton's Cradle. I believe you have an extra ball added to your version...but that's good, you get more 'bang' for your buck. Newton's Cradle
Thanks for that slapshot, especially the link and I got the cradle design wrong. But the memory wasn't that far wrong.

Funny Hairy Thandie Newton

Hairy Thandie Newton
Member reactions:
Lean body and the hair all over here body looks uglier but the mustache is too good

Funny Olivia Newton-John Vampire

Olivia Newton-John Vampire

Funny Isaac Newton and the Apple iPhone

Isaac Newton and the Apple iPhone
Newton conceived the theory of gravitation due to the fall of an apple on his head
Member reactions:
...and then Newton came up with a known slogan "Think Different" Clever idea
I changed eyes orientation. now he looks apple iphone
Yeah, I like the edited version when he checks out the darned iphone.
good entry davvero ben fatto sempre forza italia
Grazie... ma mi venuto un ematoma sulla spalla.. a forza di "pacche"

Funny Newton On a Floating Island

Newton On a Floating Island
please give some advice and view in full.
Member reactions:
Fantastic concept making an entry with Newton. Some grass (especially the lower bits on the ground) is fuzzy though

Funny Newton's Square Apple

Newton's Square Apple
Member reactions: I don't get it.......Today's lecture by Steve Jobs..what's that.
Steve Jobs = the owner of Apple Inc. It's the play on word "Apple"

Funny Mrs Wayne Newton

Mrs Wayne Newton
hmmm..newton..figero...fig...FIG NEWTON GET IT aaa (CANT TELL..UNLESS ITS LARGE SIZE)

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