Trumps New Dog.
Trumps New Dog.
Trumps New Dog.. Member reactions:
A great match, but dog's toupee got blurry on you. Milk Bone box an awesome touch.
Another good one, love your work, great detail.

Funny Normans new circus act

Normans new circus act
Member reactions:
Nice work with the fur on a not so easy source image.
Very good pic, Norman is a Cutie, Congrats on the win..😊
Congrads on the Woodie, moving on up to the big time
Agree, great subtle work on the fur. On a source meant to bring out skill levels. Woody Congrats.
Congrats on the wood I could see this top 3.
Congrats on the Cup, CL. Xtremely fine Work.

Funny a new Bat Bunny... baby...

a new Bat Bunny... baby...
Member reactions:
Great idea, nicely done, Bellita. Congrats on the cup.
thanks to all.. this is my first cup.. Im so happy.. ;p
Congrats on your first cup Bellita Super morph.
Great Work, Bellita. Congrats on your first trophy...
Clean as a whistle... Grats on the woody.... Great job

Funny Obama's New Look!

Obama's New Look!
Member reactions:
Lol this is great. Congrats on the Bronze Hobbit.

Funny New Spoke Person for Nerf and Turf

New Spoke Person for Nerf and Turf
If people don't Respect America and our Flag, Leave....
Member reactions:
Ha, The bird has better sense, and has a little bitty head. Very nice job, the card a great touch.

Funny New Job and New Meeting Place.

New Job and New Meeting Place.

Funny The New Trash Collectors

The New Trash Collectors

Funny The New Born

The New Born
Member reactions:
Awesome job with realism. Very nice Hobbit.

Funny Making a new face for 2020

Making a new face for 2020
From A to Z is the same face...
Member reactions:
Love the OOB take on this, great job Links.

Funny new gangster, new couple

new gangster, new couple
Member reactions:
Congrats on your gold, the dirty gang... ha ha ha
Looks good, Congrats on the win, hope we all hear something soon.

Funny New Year FREAK SHOW!

Time to usher in the New Year with a FREAK SHOW! Get your FREAK on! Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started! In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). Have a Happy Freaking News Year! PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. Visit a past Freak Show contest by Visit This Link

Funny New Airline Advertising

New Airline Advertising
You would think that other airlines would be a bit more careful in their handling of passengers after the fallout of United Airlines and the forced removal of passenger Dr. David Dao, who was dragged from a United Airlines flight and suffered injuries in early April. Apparently the other airlines haven't learned much. This week an American Airlines employee had a confrontation with a mother carrying twins. Both of these horrid events caught on video for the world to see. Create Airline Advertising that includes new services, enhanced in-flight perks, new rewards programs, including features or services that we could see in the near future that reflects these news stories. For more background on this story involving United Airlines and American Airlines Click Here for the news.

Funny New Traffic Signs

New Traffic Signs
Traffic signs around the world follow international protocols first developed by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals in 1968. This multilateral treaty was designed to increase road safety, especially for drivers, who travel across countries. Create images of unusual traffic signs or roadside signs that cities around the world might display. Many thanks to JannaR for the themepost.

Funny New $10 Bill

New $10 Bill
The Treasury announced that a woman will be featured on the new $10 bill. That woman, still to be determined, will replace the current honoree, Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers. Let us help the Treasury by picking any female celebrity and featuring her on the new $10 bill. In addition, you can womanize this banknote any way you wish.

Funny Jeremy Clarkson's new job

Jeremy Clarkson's new job
BBC has just sacked their biggest global star, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, following his "unprovoked physical and verbal attack" on a colleague. BBC director general Tony Hall said the decision was a difficult one, but Clarkson crossed the line and there was no other way through it. Clarkson joined Top Gear in 1988 when it was a dull and unpopular car programme and turned it into the most popular factual TV show in the world with the global audience of 350 million. Show what new job offers Jeremy Clarkson may (or may not) accept, and what products and services he may promote now.

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