AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal
AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal
AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal. Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, looks great, ya did good.
Congrats on the Gold, Gummy. AOC's (SG) New Deal doesn't sound very appetizing.
Congrats on the Gold Gummy. Like the green treatment n string twister.

Funny How New Planets Are Born

How New Planets Are Born

Funny New Mullah in the Iranian Leadership

New Mullah in the Iranian Leadership
A new mullah has been successfully introduced into the Iranian leadership

Funny A new world

A new world
Member reactions:
Awesome job with the factor. Love the gorrila caricature. Delightful chop Fugit, congrats on the Woody.
Great Concept. Love the Ape. Woody Congrats, Fugit.
by the way. A belated Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Funny Bob Dylan Old and New

Bob Dylan Old and New
Member reactions:
Interesting fact: Bob Dylan did not perform at Woodstock---But 4 of his songs were played by others there.

Funny New Cromwell in England

New Cromwell in England
Boris, who said you have to dress in knight's armor for audience with queen. Prince Harry, your majesty. Sorry for rusty armor, today is rain in London.

Funny Andy's banana was stolen during new pop-art presentation

Andy's banana was stolen during new pop-art presentation
Andy's banana was stolen during new pop-art star presentation

Funny New Chair for Speaker

New Chair for Speaker
New chair for Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (D) to prevent foolish speeches
Member reactions:
Very funny electric wooden chair, alligator clips, troubleshooting, and voltmeter as well as disconnected battery
Loved this one top 3,in my humble opinion
Thank you. All picture were very good in the contest and very funny.

Funny Kim's New Rockets

Kim's New Rockets
Member reactions:
, Great idea. The rockets are funtastic and perfect for Kim.
Great image, Hobbit. I like the Tweedle Dum Idea.

Funny New Crew Member

New Crew Member
Caption ( You want some Lies with that.)

Funny Queen Meets With New P.M.

Queen Meets With New P.M.
This contest continues with a provided source image. This is a great image of Queen Elizabeth meeting with newly-minted Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It's customary for new prime ministers to have an audience with the British monarch and kiss her hand, after they assume the role. Johnson is fourteenth prime minister that the Queen has worked alongside since she ascended the throne in 1952, and first met with Winston Churchill. (image credit: Victoria Jones/Getty) Photoshop this image of Queen Meets With P.M. any way you wish. Please Note: Limit 3 Entries Per Player.

Funny Sarah Sanders's New Job

Sarah Sanders's New Job
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, will step down at the end of the month. She fiercely defended President Trump through one of the most tumultuous periods in American politics while presiding over the end of the iconic daily news briefing. Many are urging her to run for governor of Arkansas. Image credit: (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Photoshop Sarah Sanders showing what new employment or job offers she might accept, or what other "more interesting, and less stressful" things she may do in her life. Please Note: Limit 3 Entries Per Player. For more on the Sarah Sanders stepping down CLICK HERE

Funny New Year FREAK SHOW!

Time to usher in the New Year with a FREAK SHOW! Get your FREAK on! Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started! In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). Have a Happy Freaking News Year! PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. Visit a past Freak Show contest by Visit This Link

Funny New Airline Advertising

New Airline Advertising
You would think that other airlines would be a bit more careful in their handling of passengers after the fallout of United Airlines and the forced removal of passenger Dr. David Dao, who was dragged from a United Airlines flight and suffered injuries in early April. Apparently the other airlines haven't learned much. This week an American Airlines employee had a confrontation with a mother carrying twins. Both of these horrid events caught on video for the world to see. Create Airline Advertising that includes new services, enhanced in-flight perks, new rewards programs, including features or services that we could see in the near future that reflects these news stories. For more background on this story involving United Airlines and American Airlines Click Here for the news.

Funny New Traffic Signs

New Traffic Signs
Traffic signs around the world follow international protocols first developed by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals in 1968. This multilateral treaty was designed to increase road safety, especially for drivers, who travel across countries. Create images of unusual traffic signs or roadside signs that cities around the world might display. Many thanks to JannaR for the themepost.

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