Nemo In Trouble
Nemo In Trouble
Nemo In Trouble.

Funny Alien Nemo

Alien Nemo
Member reactions:
Best ever Hogrrrific modification of a Movie theme...
Cool chop... Congrats on the Wood and the feature spot
Totally brilliant and really clean, I expected this one to win to be honest. The competion is so stiff though.
Brilliant, if it wasn't for the fierce competition I am sure would have won.
Congrats on the Wood, Ninj ... Nice work.
Congrats on the wood, Ninj. Great to see you back.

Funny Nemo and Dory Hiding in a Hippos Bottom

Nemo and Dory Hiding in a Hippos Bottom
Member reactions:
What are they hiding from. Is that a Hippo's Butt.
They were hiding from YOU.... Butt you found them.
Ah I see..they should know better. The Rectal Area of a Hippo would be the first place I would look.
Hahahaha brilliant. Funny as... well.. you know

Funny Nemo 2013 Ice Age

Nemo 2013 Ice Age
Out of a blizzard came a city ready to embrace the new ice age.

Funny Bruce the Shark Chasing Nemo

Bruce the Shark Chasing Nemo
Member reactions:
Excellent work nice detail on the ground and funny to see the fishes good work

Funny Nemo and Friends Wearing Glasses

Nemo and Friends Wearing Glasses

Funny Where is Nemo?

Where is Nemo?
Member reactions:
Yes...not quite all source at all, poor Nemo

Funny Nemo and Dory in Beer

Nemo and Dory in Beer
Member reactions:
A bit more yellow beer coloured overlay on the fish would make this look much more real. And some softening of the edges of the glass, give it a more underwater look. It is a bit sharp. Great idea though.
Nice work. They look a lot more like in the glass now.. A nice blue overlay or something now to make the glass look like it is underwater would really finish this piece off. Good luck.
Looks great now. Should do well. Good luck.
Nice one. Looks good up close too. Good luck.
Congrats on 6th Mia64, good score. Could have came higher in my opinion. Hope I helped some.
Thanks everyone. Thanks PStone for your help, I still have a lot to learn but I'll keep trying,ones of these days I'll grab the gold.

Funny Fantastic Four in Finding Nemo

Fantastic Four in Finding Nemo
Member reactions:
Jer. Indeed. Cool chop

Funny Mutant Bear Eating Nemo

Mutant Bear Eating Nemo

Funny Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo
Give a new look to characters of "Finding Nemo" by 'cloning' them with politicians / celebrities OR show characters of "Finding Nemo" in real life situations.

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