Nimoy Finding Nemo
Nimoy Finding Nemo
Nimoy Finding Nemo. Member reactions:
Did spock get lost. Great takeoff from Nemo's side of the picture.Where is he this time.

Funny Cast Away Nemo

Cast Away Nemo
mmmmmm good.
Member reactions:
First he kills Wilson, now Dorie, who's next, Cat in the Hat.

Funny Sushi Nemo

Sushi Nemo
Sushi Anyone.
Member reactions:
Lots of saki required to get this one down.
I'm getting hungry looking at this, I think I'm gonna go make a sandwhich
Gonna need lots of saki to get that one down.

Funny Nemo Jaws

Nemo Jaws
She could get a nasty nip...
Member reactions:
Watch out for Nemo. His name isn't Jaws though, but you never know when you go swimming in the ocean.

Funny Nemo in the White House

Nemo in the White House
George is scaring the Fish
Member reactions:
awesome job. great idea. I love the blending on bush's face.
great job, the other fish looks like sen. arnold s. which is a bonous.
excellent blending on bush - but arnie doesn't quite work. Think the perspective on his face is off, But really love this.
I didn't know the cat was lost in the house in the first place. I think this picture is funny.

Funny Fishing Nemo

Fishing Nemo
so there's Nemo...
Member reactions:
, love the look on Nemo's eyes.
very funny. you might want to add some contrast to nemo (add weight to him) and adjust the hue in the shadow on his shirt to match the shadow on his arms, a bit more blue.
Put me back in the water. NOW. Try again.

Funny Nemo Lure

Nemo Lure
Member reactions:
This content seems a little difficult and would be suprised if we got very many quality submissions... this one is very good though.
What. Now what have those fishermen come up with.

Funny Finding Nemo Spoof

Finding Nemo Spoof
President Bush and gang will stop at nothing to find weapons of mass destruction. Watch to see how deep they are willing to go.
Member reactions:
Great idea, but try to get larger source pictures.
Pity its so small

Funny Snake and Nemo in Woman's Mouth

Snake and Nemo in Woman's Mouth
if You Are Really Hungry Eat what is there.

Funny Loch Ness Monster in Finding Nemo

Loch Ness Monster in Finding Nemo
Member reactions:
Nice work By the way, is this supposed to the contest direction.
In this contest you are asked to show how Loch Mess Monster hoax could have been created. Was it photoshop editing of swimming elephant, or perhaps a diver holding a puppet monster. Tell us your version of how Nessie might be created. This my version in animation cartoon. Krrish

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