Willie Nelson  Guitar Lein
Willie Nelson  Guitar Lein
Willie Nelson Guitar Lein. Trigger (Guitar) gets cut up for payment due
Member reactions:
I agree with Big D and hobbit, perfectly cut up and masked out.
There is just a problem of thickness: there is no difference between the handle and the case of the guitar. Otherwise it's very well done
Congrats on a much Deserved Chop, fantastic piece.
Less is more literally ha congrats Hits 😎👍🏼🏆
Thank you Bob,Gummy, Ps-Yes, sometimes:, Hobbit, Luciano, Denlig,FM, Steve, DD, Disasterman.... and again, Hobbit. Glad yall liked it.

Funny Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson

Funny Homeless Willie Nelson and 50 Cent

Homeless Willie Nelson and 50 Cent
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, AZ. Great to see you on the podium again.
First entry in 6 months... My day job is really cutting into fun time...

Funny IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes

IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes
And my advice to those who die. Declare the pennies on your eyes. - George Harrison
Member reactions:
Neat and Clean Nice things placed all over the place
Could be the winner, but the blurry face doesn't match the body posture. Guillotine has a perspective problem and shadows need some improvement. Pity.
Lots of work here. I would adjust the face color a bit to match the hands. Love the quote you chose by George Harrison.
Congrats, Swashbuckle. Can I borrow guillotine from your picture.

Funny Willie Nelson's New Marijuana Business

Willie Nelson's New Marijuana Business
Willie Nelson's new business venture
Member reactions:
Nice Passion shown towards smoking. But Smoking is injurious to health Great job done hidden.
I came here to say something but I forgot what it was. uhh, uhh,, oh well.
Def one of your better efforts. Congrats on the wood cup though a green wood cup would be more suitable in this case
Grats on the woody Willie...errr, I mean Doc. Heheh
Congrats on the wood, Paul. Looks like he's already reaping some high profits.
Thanks, Swash and Newsy. "High" profits, is right. .

Funny Willie Nelson Christmas Card

Willie Nelson Christmas Card
Not Much Left After Taxes
Member reactions:
Thanks to hobbit90 Elegary lucianomorelli pcrdds MsgtBob Wanderer hobbit90
It feels a bit like a sad card, I wish there were more Jolly feeling of Christmas. But it's a great artwork nonetheless. Congrats on the silver, Hits. and Merry Christmas.
It is sad, and it is poignant. There is no card I could design with a more positive Christmas message, though. The IRS took everything Willie owned, everything, including Trigger, his Martin guitar. However his fans and friends bought most all of his stuff from the IRS auction and gave it all back to him. There is no better story that illustrates the spirit of giving that I know of. My intent was to bring you all back in time to when Willie was destitute and in his darkest hour just days away from experiencing one of the all time greatest moments of true friendship. The happy ending I left for you to fill in, given the viewer knows music history. I think my aim was a little high for some voters, perhaps unfamiliar with Willie Nelson. I think the high votes were for technical execution rather than content. Sometimes your best just is not good enough. Que sera sera Thanks Newsy and a Merry Christmas to you and Mac and Kellie.

Funny Willie Nelson Holding a Big Joint

Willie Nelson Holding a Big Joint
Member reactions:
Good entry but it looks he is holding, not playing

Funny Willie Nelson is a 5th Degree Black Belt

Willie Nelson is a 5th Degree Black Belt
Willie Nelson, Master of Karate
Member reactions:
The congratulatory weep pot trophy made me giggle. That's Willie alright.
Thanks, everybody. Couldn't resist the trophy for Willie, Newsy.
Isn't he fun to chop. Well done Doc. I see a threesome here.. Congrats on the silver. the bandaids

Funny Nelson Mandela Holding His Nose

Nelson Mandela Holding His Nose

Funny God Telling Nelson Mandela To Come With Him

God Telling Nelson Mandela To Come With Him
Member reactions:
Wonderful idea, pity it is late for contest
Decent work, this would definitely do well in the Mandela contest.
Bolt turn Mandela in heaven. .. at kast reached

Funny Remembering Nelson Mandela

Remembering Nelson Mandela
On Thursday the world has lost a great believer in human rings and democracy, the man who spent 27 years incarcerated for fighting against apartheid, the man who became the first black President of South Africa to lead the country to the future without racial discrimination. The world has lost Nelson Mandela. He was 95. To pay tributes to Nelson Mandela, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson
Hard living country singer and pro-marijuana advocate Willie Nelson will be celebrating his 80th birthday this Tuesday. When Nelson was a teenager, he hated picking up cotton with his family during summer, so he decided to earn money by singing in dance halls and pubs instead. He was well received and started writing his own songs. Nelson founded Farm Aid together with John Mellencamp and Neil Young. He is an active gay marriage advocate, and marijuana advocate. Check out his recent smoking audition for The Hobbit! Happy Birthday, Willie! To mark the upcoming 80th birthday of Willie Nelson, photoshop him any way you wish.

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