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Funny Neighbor Pictures

The neighborFunny The neighbor
Member reactions:

Surreal wonder it is. Love the red bird cat.
This is just Awesome The Parrot and Cat Combination is just superb Cute doggie too
A Freaky and different concept.... putting a cat face on the bird and a devil face on the beauty is really appreciable
So let me guess,,, She's in the Cat/Bird's seat. great stuff here.
I want one of those strange looking cats, great job as always and congrats on the win.
congrats spinner really awesome chop...especially the bird with a cat face
Both incarnations of this did well. Thank you folks.... Ya'll rock and apparently like the surreal as much as I do
Congratulations Hit-man. I think the cat sold the picture, but my favorite is the freaky doll crawling on stage.
Thank you all again. Yep SS, The cat probably should be a chop all by itself. Gummy
Congrats... BOY, you must have some nightmares. What do you eat before going to beds...
Grumpy. The trick is not to sleep Hehe. Thanks everyone

NeighborsFunny Neighbors
Member reactions:

John McAfee `Neighbor`Funny John McAfee `Neighbor`
Member reactions:
McAfee should be Questioned in Murder
Well done... good work done on the poster
, he's worse than computer viruses.

Spying on the NeighborsFunny Spying on the Neighbors
Member reactions:

So busy enjoying the show he doesn't even realize he's been busted by his wife..... but he will find out soon enough.
Brilliant work - looks like a real photo.
Have to agree with Newsy here it does look so real nice work
Yah, that's right. I like the sunlight effect. That makes the photo looks real.... Nice Work....
Great, great job. The best, without a doubt.It's "Clean," the lighting is perfect and the sunlight effect on the guy is what really makes it stand out. Congrats.
Silver congrats for BeerSlayer. What a comeback entry.
Congrats for the silver medal beerslayer...great work.

The new neighborsFunny The new neighbors
Member reactions:

Check the full size view.
right side of the moon brush shows a hard straight line. you may want to fade it out a bit.
I thought this was a good day/night change, like the shovel in front yard, adds to the mood.
Fair work, perhaps add some brightness a bit - it looks a tad too dark even for the night
Thanks for the comments. It is a little dark, but to me, the extreme darkness added the extra layer of creepiness I wanted. It also made the shovel harder to detect which would make it more of a surprise when you'd finally notice it.

Won't you be my neighbor?Funny Won't you be my neighbor?
Member reactions:

I'm with hobbit, I gots da chills from this one.
i think it's that Fred Rogers part in the hair. haha
Yeha, the hair part is the scare part. "And the part of Henrietta sandboxcat will now be played by Billie Jean..."
Hi neighbor. Can you say "mighty fine job, neighbor". I knew you could. Congratulations.
i always thought mr rogers was creepy ,, now ..omg..... congratulations

Neighbor cardFunny Neighbor card
Member reactions:

hope theirs a Fire escape clause in our contract dear...
i think ill stay away from that neighborhood
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be mine, won't you mine, won't you be my neighbor.
Yikes. Feel sorry for that guy, he's become an internet icon Definatly a rejected card, well done.

NeighborFunny Neighbor
Member reactions:

Lovely neighbor. She's better in-person though.
Do not peep your neighbour through key hold they may be dangerous but she looks hot here
A neighbour that everyone wants to welcome
A neighbour that everyone wants to welcome

Woman Listening In to the NeighborsFunny Woman Listening In to the Neighbors
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