Neckless Hippo
Neckless Hippo
Neckless Hippo.

Funny Neckless Dinosaur

Neckless Dinosaur
Member reactions:
One freak of the nature. Good job on the reflection too
I dont know I have never seen Swamposaurus..

Funny Neckless Parrot

Neckless Parrot
Member reactions:
and congrats on the wood - that's 3 out of 4, cool.

Funny Neckless Dove

Neckless Dove

Funny Neckless Tyrannosaurus Rex

Neckless Tyrannosaurus Rex
Member reactions:
Finally-one that looks like the contest theme requirements.

Funny Neckless Kim Jong Un

Neckless Kim Jong Un
Member reactions:
His face is completely submerged inside his suit

Funny Neckless Serena Williams

Neckless Serena Williams
Dear friends, for you article in "Neckless Celebrities" Magazine Serena Williams: "It's important to look in the mirror and say I love myself and my Neckless"
Member reactions:
This is beautiful.... she looks hot even without neck good job done like it
Thank you all.
Quality work not just on the body but also on the mag cover.

Funny Neckless Sarah Shahi

Neckless Sarah Shahi
Member reactions:
Well covered... she looks hot with out look

Funny Manchester United Neckless Players Rooney and Chicharito

Manchester United Neckless Players Rooney and Chicharito
Member reactions:
'united' is the word you were looking for.

Funny Neckless Maria Sharapova

Neckless Maria Sharapova
Member reactions:
Yeh, good job with her neck and expression is supoer

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