the Pi Nebula
the Pi Nebula
the Pi Nebula. Member reactions:
You are the future winner of this contest .
I nearly didn't bother entering after this entry
Congrats on the wins, I like all of yours, good work.
Congrats on the gold, vic. Very creative.

Funny Alien Holding a Nebula Christmas Ornament

Alien Holding a Nebula Christmas Ornament
Member reactions:
Good one. it reminds me a peaceful version of the "War of the worlds" poster
It also remembers me as if mother nature is protecting our planet from external forces.... good imaginative art work and awesome composition over all
Stunning work, especially now that it's Christmas time.
Congrats on the gold, Opcrom. Setup an avatar - we use them in many site sections in the new site design.
Nice win. Dig the use of the eagle nebula.
Aha, I see you uploaded an avatar now. Cool beans.
Thank you all voters for the Gold, it has been an unexpected christmas present. Happy holidays to everyone.

Funny Flamingo Nebula Digital Art

Flamingo Nebula Digital Art
Member reactions:
Very well done. Congratulations on the medal.

Funny The Bunny Nebula

The Bunny Nebula

Funny Snail Nebulae

Snail Nebulae

Funny Angel Bride Nebula in Space

Angel Bride Nebula in Space
Member reactions:
Very artistic - one of my favorites in the contest

Funny Bubble Nebula in Space

Bubble Nebula in Space
The Bubble Nebula Source NGC 7635 Planetary Nebula Constellation: Cassiopeia RA: 23h 20m 42s Dec: +61 11' 00 Planetary nebulae form when aging stars lose mass via stellar winds. The wind sweeps up the surrounding medium around the star into a shell, which can appear as a ring or other shapes around the central star due to the effects of perspective and viewing angle. Or....when Freaking News Photoshoppers get a hold of a googled image and play around for a few hours in PSP.
Member reactions:
This bubble nebula is very pretty & easy on the eyes. Good job.
very cool idea. This is a beautiful entry.
Took me a while to see it, but once I did it's very nice.
Very relaxing, and a beautiful shade of red. Great job.
took me a while, but when i got the image it turned out t be very good.
Lovely. It is an image that sneaks up on you.

Funny Nebula in Space

Nebula in Space

Funny Crab Nebula

Crab Nebula
Please critique my entry. Thanks.

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