Neanderthal Travolta
Neanderthal Travolta
Neanderthal Travolta. Member reactions:
Congrats on the twofur Ollie. Darn Good work.
Great choice, congrats on the wood, Ollie.

Funny Trump The Neanderthal Man

Trump The Neanderthal Man
Member reactions:
Awesome idea for the Tower, Hobbit. Silver Congrats.
Silver Congrats, Hobbit. Great idea with Tower.
ReggieRey and SplatShot, thanks to the both of you..

Funny Neanderthal man Riding T-Rex

Neanderthal man Riding T-Rex

Funny Neanderthal Al Sharpton

Neanderthal Al Sharpton
Member reactions:
Holy Hairballs. Excellent rendition of ...him.
Really awesome but white writings dont match a lot.
Perfect hahahaha, Ringle Dingle.

Funny Neanderthal Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus

Neanderthal Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus
Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber haunt a Cave in the Forgotten Past - - where they belong.

Funny Neanderthal Danny Trejo

Neanderthal Danny Trejo
Member reactions:
Decent blending. though he seems to be missing some neck

Funny Neanderthal Karl Malden

Neanderthal Karl Malden
Member reactions:
are we permitted to enter more than one entry into contests. if so that is soooo cool

Funny Neanderthal Mr Bean

Neanderthal Mr Bean

Funny Neanderthal Depardieu

Neanderthal Depardieu
Member reactions:
This is what Depardieu really looks like.

Funny Neanderthal Barack Obama

Neanderthal Barack Obama
It seems I'm the only one so far who has interpreted the contest to mean that we should show celebrities/politicians TODAY, who could have more Neanderthal DNA than others.
Member reactions:
That unibrow along with nose hairs and ear hairs scare me, hahaha.
Neanderthals didn't believe in plucking or trimming, Newsy. .
Another improvement - ha. Congrats on the Silver.
Congratss PCRDDS..... I especially love his head
If you actually read the directions it gives you an unfair advantage.
I read it as an either-or, Doc. I thought about a modern setting. Congrats on the silver, you made me laugh.

Funny Neanderthals Among Us

Neanderthals Among Us
Scientists are preparing to create “miniature brains” that have been genetically engineered to contain Neanderthal DNA, in an unprecedented attempt to understand how humans differ from our closest relatives. The genome revealed Neanderthals interbred with our ancestors and successfully enough that all non-Africans today carry 1-4% of Neanderthal DNA. About a third of the Neanderthal genome is still floating around in modern populations. For this contest, show what celebrities or politicians may have a high percentage of the Neanderthal genome, by photoshopping them as Neanderthals. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on Neanderthal DNA research visit this link

Funny Neanderthal Celebrities

Neanderthal Celebrities
Latest research findings show that the Homo sapiens interbred with the Neanderthals about 54,000 years ago, and as a result modern humans carry about 2 to 4% of the Neanderthal DNA. According to another recent study, the fraction of the Neanderthal DNA in modern humans is actually as high as 20%. Lets show what celebrities and politicians could be carrying a bit more Neanderthal DNA than the rest of us. Many thanks to opcrom for the themepost.

Funny Neanderthal Celebrities

Neanderthal Celebrities
Geneticists of Harvard University received millions of dollars of government grants to bring Neanderthals back to life. This will be done with the help of the excavated Neanderthal DNA that will be put into human stem cells, that will develop into Neanderthal embryo that will then be implanted into a surrogate mother. The last step is the most challenging one, says Harvard professor George Church, "We need to find a woman who is adventurous enough to become a Neanderthal surrogate mother and give birth to the first Neanderthal baby since they became extinct 33,000 years ago." So far there are no volunteers for the position of the surrogate Neanderthal mother, but Harvard is positive they will find her. "The surrogate 'Neanderthal mother' will get huge media coverage and will become famous. Plus the job pays really well too", adds Prof. Church. Show how celebrities or politicians could have looked if they were born Neanderthals.

Funny Neanderthals Among Us

Neanderthals Among Us
"The Neanderthals are not totally extinct, in some of us they live on - a little bit", says a landmark scientific study. It was previously thought that the Neanderthals were a separate line, and that all modern humans descended from a small population of Africans. However the current study proved that at least some of the modern humans still share parts of their DNA (genome) with the Neanderthals, which effectively means that that part of the ancient humans mated with the Neanderthals. Show what celebrities or politicians may have Neanderthal genome by photoshopping them as Neanderthals. Many thanks to AzureSky for the contest suggestion

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