Neanderthal. . Member reactions:
A little hair on the fingers would have worked better. Great Idea.

Funny Angelina Neanderthal

Angelina Neanderthal
Angelina loves children, maybe she will volunteer to be a surrogate. What an amazing addition to her Rainbow family.

Funny Neanderthal Celebrities

Neanderthal Celebrities
. Member reactions:
Fantastic collection of the celebraties Awesome and very colorful like it

Funny The Original Neanderthal Celebrities

The Original Neanderthal Celebrities
Here's a rare look at the real Fred and Barney before they became TV stars. WIP . Member reactions:
Looks like the cover photo for 'Modern Neanderthal' magazine. Humorous.
I saw a freaky movie here, brilliant work. Very well done
I Also agreed they are the ones well done hidden
LunaC. .. congrats on the GOLD..... yabba dabba doooo.

Funny Neanderthal Obama

Neanderthal Obama
Source. Member reactions:
The primitive Obama symbol is a great touch.
Congratulations. His hair looks real-nice job.
congratsss pcrdds. seems Obama smoked even then
Thanks, everyone. Yes, he did, Miss Pree.

Funny The Thinking Neanderthal's Neanderthal

The Thinking Neanderthal's Neanderthal
Neanderthal +Einstein + Tom Sellec's mustache

Funny Hugh Jackman Neanderthal

Hugh Jackman Neanderthal

Funny Neanderthal Kiss

Neanderthal Kiss
. Member reactions:
gary1629 I am totally agree with you
Very Funny Kiss has no boundaries no conditions

Funny Tommy Lee Neanderthal

Tommy Lee Neanderthal

Funny Neanderthal's Best Friend

Neanderthal's Best Friend
SOURCE. Member reactions:
Love the lighting on this. I can never manage to do lighting like this. Is it possible without 3D.
Well mould to the doggy style and the dino style of the long neck great composition
Sweet work..very nicely executed good eye of Dino and funny posture call

Funny Neanderthal Celebrities

Neanderthal Celebrities
Geneticists of Harvard University received millions of dollars of government grants to bring Neanderthals back to life. This will be done with the help of the excavated Neanderthal DNA that will be put into human stem cells, that will develop into Neanderthal embryo that will then be implanted into a surrogate mother. The last step is the most challenging one, says Harvard professor George Church, "We need to find a woman who is adventurous enough to become a Neanderthal surrogate mother and give birth to the first Neanderthal baby since they became extinct 33,000 years ago." So far there are no volunteers for the position of the surrogate Neanderthal mother, but Harvard is positive they will find her. "The surrogate 'Neanderthal mother' will get huge media coverage and will become famous. Plus the job pays really well too", adds Prof. Church. Show how celebrities or politicians could have looked if they were born Neanderthals.

Funny Neanderthals Among Us

Neanderthals Among Us
"The Neanderthals are not totally extinct, in some of us they live on - a little bit", says a landmark scientific study. It was previously thought that the Neanderthals were a separate line, and that all modern humans descended from a small population of Africans. However the current study proved that at least some of the modern humans still share parts of their DNA (genome) with the Neanderthals, which effectively means that that part of the ancient humans mated with the Neanderthals. Show what celebrities or politicians may have Neanderthal genome by photoshopping them as Neanderthals. Many thanks to AzureSky for the contest suggestion

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