Back to Nature
Back to Nature
Back to Nature. He musta go lost on his way home from Woodstock.
Member reactions:
He knew that was a good Time Period, can't Blame him for staying there, Good One. Congrats.
Brilliant, camouflage man sneaks up on ya. Bronze Congrats LunaC.
This one has grab and lot's of it. Congrats on grabbing a cup..

Funny Beauty Of Nature

Beauty Of Nature
Used 5 of Durer's work here:Three Studies of a Tree Bullfinch' watercolor Young Hare, (1502) Wing of a Blue Roller The Large Piece Of Turf by Albrecht Durer Stag Beetle - Albrecht Dürer
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Bronze, Hobbit. A beautiful piece of work.
Congrats on the cup, Hobbit. IMO...Best in The Show.

Funny Self Driving vs Mother Nature

Self Driving vs Mother Nature

Funny When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls

Funny Mother Nature Behind the Scenes

Mother Nature Behind the Scenes
Combined 8 photographs to reach the final merge.
Member reactions:
Beautiful image Malimaz. In the future please don't sign your work. It's the rules I like your work here.
Very Nice. Maybe next time you could link an image source page. I always enjoy looking at them.
splatshot ok next time; in this one there are 3 forest scenes, the dancer of course, the tree texture i used for her body, the crown and 3 different butterflies

Funny Natures Disgust

Natures Disgust
When will we stop destroying our resources, sit back and think"We really stuffed up...." Well not all of us, just the rich getting richer, and we cop what they leave us... Thanks heaps guys, we love your acid rains......
Member reactions:
full of emotions. and it couldn't agreed more.
Interesting fantasy chop. It's Elijah Wood's eyes, methinks.
Hit the nail on the head Newsy.. good observation.... thanks heaps all.. been good do get a bit of time for a chop or 2...

Funny Mother Nature Batting

Mother Nature Batting
Our use of fossil fuels is warming the Earth, making it less hospitable to humanity, and might cause collapse of modern civilization or even extinction of the human race. Nature Bats Last means that Nature will pay us back in kind for whatever we do to her.
Member reactions:
Yes, nature is a powerful force with which to do battle. Nice idea.
Superb Great imagination. Nice to see everything in the ball shape..

Funny Nature Girl on a Balcony

Nature Girl on a Balcony
I put a little make-up on the girl, softened her features, and added a little clothing, then placed her in the tropics.
Member reactions:
great chop like the way you decorated her with flowers you make her more prettier ....

Funny Mother Nature

Mother Nature
"My Christmas Prayer" I ask not to buy christmas trees "true" for Christmas.
Member reactions:
Nice work PSM ... really cool & different

Funny Dead Nature Painting

Dead Nature Painting

Funny Freaks of Nature

Freaks of Nature
Create animal "freaks of nature". Add additional heads, eyes, ears, legs to any animal.

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