Meg Ryan The Nature Queen
Meg Ryan The Nature Queen
Meg Ryan The Nature Queen. Thx to mjranum stock For THIS image
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Beautiful in so many ways, gr8 "gift" for her BD
Congrats Marks . Excellent job as always .

Funny Man Living with Nature

Man Living with Nature
Some sources
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Many thanks Ricky, Balodiya, rajeshstar and Krish .

Funny Mother Nature

Mother Nature
Nature is mighty Nature is strong Nature is usually always right Nature is rarely ever wrong Nature is beauty Nature is moody Nature is smart Nature always has the greater part Nature is blue Nature is green Nature is every color possibly seen Nature is true Nature is beaming Nature is dreaming Nature is in every place Nature is always with grace Nature is true Nature is you Nature is me Nature will forever be free. anees akbar

Funny Rubber Ducks in Nature Digital Art

Rubber Ducks in Nature Digital Art
with provided image only (100/100 all source)
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This is great. Looks like something from Nick Jr.; Like Dora the Explorer if you will. I did something similar without seeing this entry. I love the work and I'm sure you're proud of it.

Funny Mother Nature

Mother Nature
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Great details in the full view ... awesome work ..
just a reminder boys, don't mess with Mother Nature.
Full view would make a great wallpaper. Not sure if the top and bottom black stripes are needed though. Congratulations on the wood too.
Another trophy for haviz Great one , congrats on the woody too

Funny Elements of Nature

Elements of Nature
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Use of a better source or fire brush would have helped this image plus IMO the text is a little blurry, but otherwise I like the idea

Funny Mother Nature Unravels Al Gore

Mother Nature Unravels Al Gore
An Inconvenient Truth: The Earth is Cooling The “scientific consensus” that Al Gore and his fellow global warming alarmists rely upon to force radical changes in how Americans live and work is being unraveled by Mother Nature. Source
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Great Job Maksim and congrats on the Silver...
Thanks for the comments. Thanks so much to everyone who voted.
Silver congratulations, Maksim, and congratulations on your first advanced trophy.

Funny Budha in Nature

Budha in Nature

Funny Nature Flower Eclipse

Nature Flower Eclipse
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I saw this in the sky one night....I did.

Funny Piano & Nature

Piano & Nature

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