Resolve Syrian issue by Natural Way
Resolve Syrian issue by Natural Way
Resolve Syrian issue by Natural Way. Please use full view or unresized
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Please use full view or original.
Hahahah Instant classic. Bronzie cupski, Commrade. Really fun chop

Funny Natural chainsaw

Natural chainsaw
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Out of the box.... Great idea and great chop
Deserved a much higher score for photo realism, execution and finding 2 sources that would work together.

Funny Mr Natural's Community Garden

Mr Natural's Community Garden source photos
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Thanks Andwhat
Great cartoon here. Something I saw a lot of years ago.
A real beauty. Thanks for the change... Congrats on the bronze
Thanks everyone.Growing up I always loved R.Crumb and his style of Cartooning
Cute-cute-cute. Congratulations Preemiememe.

Funny Natural Fakir Floating in the Air

Natural Fakir Floating in the Air
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Looks Awesome.... so naturally done and good filters used

Funny Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killer

Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killer
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Looks too "wet" needs some details, making a caricature is all well & good but just liquifying summin to pieces looks like a melted candle. In my humble opinion
Quality work. Not sure if you should associate the American flag with "the killers" though

Funny Natural Disaster Man

Natural Disaster Man
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Damn nice chop. Steampunk meets CAD platform meets Jaques Cousteau Should kick azz
where i can find pic of funkwood with that details . Fantastic chop .
hahaha,,,, it is dissasterman.... omg....
How about that, I won Gold in this contest without having to submit an just dosent get any better then this......Thanks Pree, beautiful job
Congrats for the gold excellent work with lot of details...
your welcome Disasterman111 it was nice to have a good source pic..
Congrats pree, great imagination and nice execution. I like the creatures on the ground around him. By the looks of them I'd assume he's under water. Maybe some bubbles or fish floating around would have conveyed that more. What's that strapped to the front of the tractor. Almost looks like a big heart.
hey .. funk..its a well used heart.. it propels his vehicle i was thinking of adding fish,, but i felt he was down soo deep.. that it was cold. and only a few little creatures are active,,
Congrats on the Win pree.... Golden payback trophy means a lot ...
Congrats on the gold, Pree. Great chop of great subject.

Funny Mr Natural Cartoon

Mr Natural Cartoon
this is the 1st attempted at using the wacom . i got not sure why i posted this..i need lessons haha
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This is quite cool. Me likes. Now we gotta hire mrmo2 for Wacom classes.
i know newsy it wasn't easy ,it was like drawing looking at a mirror .i will keep at it . mrmo2 did a great job i need to ask him 1000)))) questions. i bought the tiny size ,i felt tight in a small box .i think my contour drawing classes kicked in..
Really good first effort, impressive cartooning skill
I don't care what you say, I think it's very cool.. Great comical little character.
Looks excellent for a first attempt. Practice, practice, practice.
Nice creature from the Popeye world. I bet you will get the hang of the Wacom. I'm jealous, I want one too.
Another easier way is to tape the source flat on the Wacom and trace through it

Funny Mr Natural Takes a Drive

Mr Natural Takes a Drive
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Uhh..did you use the provided source or draw something that looks like it. I though the idea was to use the source. But, then I've been wrong before.
No, that's the source pic. Just run through some filters and erased some wall textures....I guess. I must say it's done pretty well. Maybe the straight lines (like in the door and the windows) are a bit too straight compared too the added cartoon.
Yes, it is cute, wish we knew how much is Mr. Natural and how much is the hidden author.

Funny Natural Office

Natural Office
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Great job...makes me want an office like that.

Funny Natural Owl Clock

Natural Owl Clock
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That's "think outside the box" entry. Me likes a lot.

Funny Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters
Show a modern natural disaster by photoshopping the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" to add satire to it.

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