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Funny Nativity Pictures

Black Nativity 2013Funny Black Nativity 2013
Member reactions:

It's a true love of Obama for Michael a great ride of the millennium well done good merge
purificial love... no matter the situation darling

Nativity BirdhouseFunny Nativity Birdhouse
Member reactions:

This is great. Have you thought of another background.

Nativity Moon BaseFunny Nativity Moon Base
Member reactions:

nativity cowFunny nativity cow
Member reactions:

Nice composition, but honestly if you are going to just going to color the cow black you are really chopping, your copying and pasting.. (Sorry if it sounds harsh, but it would be much better practice for you if you used color backgrounds)
simple..... with a great visual impact. a great idea.
you can also add a rope to unit the cow with the donkey, to make this continueslly
Nice, simple image. Good for the season, too.
Effective - but most of the art is in the poster source.
Fell off my chair. Thanks I needed that... I didn't give a number value cause I just joined (thanks to your pic so I could vote on it) - and not sure of the system yet. Thanks again.

Nativity SceneFunny Nativity Scene
Member reactions:

Nativity Jesus Replaced With Beer Can
pshhhhhhh pshhhhhhhhh its coors the american light beer

Street NativityFunny Street Nativity
Member reactions:

Very funny to Obama and Michael as proud owners of that house

Easter NativityFunny Easter Nativity
Member reactions:

Oral NativityFunny Oral Nativity
Member reactions:

South Park NativityFunny South Park Nativity
Member reactions:

The pastel effects don't go with the Southpark character imo

Nativity Scene in a BubbleFunny Nativity Scene in a Bubble
Member reactions:

Fair concept, but the hand source could be chosen without a foam

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