National Debt on Doughnut
National Debt on Doughnut
National Debt on Doughnut. Member reactions:
Looks a bit like lifesaver indeed, but awesome idea nonetheless, and I love what you did to the dollar

Funny Obama Destroys the Constitution National Enquirer

Obama Destroys the Constitution National Enquirer
Member reactions:
All freaks at same place especially the Iranian Dr. Nuke
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. That Dr. Nuke looks shady.
Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Newsy...yes, "Dr. Nuke" IS shady. .

Funny Batch US National Beer

Batch US National Beer
Member reactions:
Good try... like the labeling and the wooden beer storage tins
Thank you rajeshstar, NewsMaster, lucianomorelli, & pcrdds

Funny National Tooth Fairy Day

National Tooth Fairy Day
August 22 was "National Tooth Fairy Day"
Member reactions:
Seems like these two are always looking for trouble
Sometimes they return. Horror never ends.
Thanks, D-Man, balodiya, eric, Newsy and luciano.
And top 5

Funny National Enquirer 2014

National Enquirer 2014
Member reactions:
Good job on the hairdos and other pranks here. Had to chuckle "we don't care what we print".
Nice image and perfect matching of Obama hairstyle
Congrads on the Woodie, wish I could get one.
Bwhahahaha Bohener. That is funny schitck. That handsome fellow in the blue cap looks like the probable winner in any pharting contest. But most stinky ... the guy in the middle for sure Congrats on another cup, sir.

Funny National Enquiziter Magazine

National Enquiziter Magazine
Happy April Fools
Member reactions:
I think this is brilliant. Reminds me some older Weekly World News covers
This is the craziest cover I have ever seen...
Bronze congratulations, SC. Bricks stolen, totally cracks me up. Great job.....
Awesome chop skitterchick.Loved the sci-fi comic book theme.Congrats on the bronze

Funny Presidents in National Be A Penguin Day in the White House

Presidents in National Be A Penguin Day in the White House
Weird looking birds out today, I'll say.

Funny Great Cannon National Park

Great Cannon National Park

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama in National Inquirer Magazine

Barack and Michelle Obama in National Inquirer Magazine
Member reactions:
Biden is getting silky grey hair and Obama is getting more fat this April Nice and funny magazine cover good job done
Aaaaaaaa can any one help me to come out of the freaky world I cant stop my laugh this time amazing work hidden.... Michelle (Mike's) beard is top of it and Mr.Obama dont be upset-down
Ya always good for a laugh Paul
grats pcrdds. funniest pic i've seen in a while.
Silver congrats, Paul. Michelle looks very natural a bodybuilder here.
Thanks, Newsy. Start pumping those weights and you too can look like Michelle does.

Funny The National Enquiziter Catwoman Magazine

The National Enquiziter Catwoman Magazine
It's everything but the kitchen sink
Member reactions:
Hysterical and well done. Did you mean to spell "Lindsay" wrong.
yes and no I realized the typo while making it but left it in because she is a fairy version of Lindsay not a real person...
Good job in designing this magazine cover well done
The story choices made me chuckle. Well done.
This is the Perfect Freaking News of the Week I enjoy this entry very impressive faces

Funny National Sandwich Day

National Sandwich Day
It's National Sandwich Day and Subway is giving a free sandwich to each customer today to celebrate. Market research shows turkey to be the favorite type of sandwiches for Americans, followed by ham and chicken. The sandwich came into existence 250 years ago, when John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, called for a slice of beef between two toasted pieces of bread so that he could continue to play cards and his friends asked "to have the same as Sandwich". Nowadays sandwiches are so popular that most big countries even have national Sandwich Associations. Yes, they really exist. To celebrate National Sandwich Day, photoshop sandwiches made with unusual ingredients. Many thanks to Silvercanine for the themepost.

Funny National Movies

National Movies
Bad economy has taken its toll on Hollywood - many film directors are without jobs for months, so they are eagerly signing contracts to direct foreign low budget films. Will this lead to Americanization of foreign movies? Take any movie and give it a theme of some nation or country. E.g. - "French Pie", "Forrest Gumpski", "Iranian Star Wars", etc. Think of some national symbols (flag, people, national architecture and animals) that will fit nicely into your movie poster(s). Your movie titles should still be in English, however. Many thanks to nepaguy59 for the themepost.

Funny National Dog Day

National Dog Day
August 26 is National Dog Day dedicated to appreciating and admiring dogs in our lives and promoting dog adoption. To celebrate National Dog Day and Freaking News, photoshop dogs any way you wish. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny National Beer Day

National Beer Day
April 7 is National Beer Day, a celebration of beer, fellowship, and the good people who facilitate beer's transformation from a humble grain to a glorious libation. National Beer Day, however, is not just another evening at the bar. Participants are encouraged to give one another the gift of beer by buying each other drinks and to express their gratitude to their favorite brewers, bartenders, and so forth by means of generous tips, thank you notes, or whatever else may be appropriate. Create new beer brands by editing any existing beer brands, or creating them from scratch. Many thanks to slixter for the themepost.

Funny National Celebrities

National Celebrities
23 year old US journalist Esther Honig used Fiverr to hire photoshoppers from different countries to make her beautiful by their country standards. She collected over 40 chops, paying from $5 to $30 per chop. As we can see from the results, the beauty standards differ quite a bit from country to country. Take any celebrities and show how their looks would change if they were born and raised in a different nation / country. Feel free to change their face features as well as haircuts, clothing, and add any national accessories. Many thanks to IcyAllEyeCan for the contest suggestion, and to KeepItReal for the themepost.

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