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Funny Natalie Pictures

Natalie Portman Thor Funny Natalie Portman Thor
Member reactions:

Excellent work. I wonder why her eye are sometimes yellow and sometimes green.
just because the original characters, that she has impersonated, had that colour in the original poster.
Excellent. Very good choice of sources and clean job.
Clever choice of the movie and superb blending. Looks pro.
Now that is different. Cool idea and a great chop. Top 5 congrats

Natalie PortmanFunny Natalie Portman
Member reactions:

The beauty at its best.... Looks Awesome

Natalie Portman by LeonardoFunny Natalie Portman by Leonardo
Member reactions:

Looks beautiful.... good one pretty girl always looks beautiful in the chop...
Fantastic very clean and beautiful Good clean chop

Natalie PortmanFunny Natalie Portman
Member reactions:

She is pretty cool with that moustache and beard which is done so perfect...
Ah, ah, ah... CONGRATS, you're the Master of Beardisation
Thanks All for your congratulations,comments and votes...

Natalie Wood Death InvestigtionFunny Natalie Wood Death Investigtion
Member reactions:


Natalie Portman PortraitFunny Natalie Portman Portrait
Member reactions:

I've remade my previous chop in this same contest with a new background Based on Francesco Hayez's (1791 1882) ancient portrait
a masterpiece.... wonderful... perfect execution...
lo sapevo che eri tu... lo stile inconfondibile...... hehehehehehe
What a nice art i like the eyes its too good

Natalie Portman DollFunny Natalie Portman Doll
Member reactions:

Many thanks sams, Goat, geriatric, rajeshstar
I am happy that there is some old voter where they will be finished the old school..

Natalie Portman the Little ElfFunny Natalie Portman the Little Elf
Member reactions:

...she does have that Elfin look naturally doesn't she. Wee bit cute.

Spider Girl Natalie PortmanFunny Spider Girl Natalie Portman
Member reactions:

Very good job. I like the webbing in the BG Only it just reminds me of the episode I watched of The Young Ones this morn where Neil has 6arms LoL yes I am a little bit weird
Excellent job done, very beautiful costume all the best
One of the best chops in the contest. Tight race in this one.

Natalie Portman the Summer FairyFunny Natalie Portman the Summer Fairy
Member reactions:

Hmmmm...I wonder who could have done this. Lovely.
Bullseye. You win the Sunflower Fairy Award. Top marks.
This IS a beautiful piece all over no doubt about that, though hardly recognizable as Natalie in my eyes. maybe I need glasses LoL
Thanks Paul, Carl, Sams, Goat, Geri, Kellie( I changed her color eyes, shaped her eyebrows, make nose smaller, and changed hair... full tunned but it's her) I am so glad you like it
perfect execution... very much nice
Looks very preettyyyyyyyyy all the best
Congrats Sunshin3, wonderful composition
, thank you so much to everybody for congrats I am honored.
Luv that fairy-tale style you have given her. Congrats on the silver, Sun.

Natalie PortmanFunny Natalie Portman - The Israeli-born award winning actress Natalie Hershlag, better known by her stage name Natalie Portman, turned 30 on June 9. Portman made her break into the film industry in 1994 in the French movie "Leon: The Professional". To mark the 30th birthday of Natalie Portman, photoshop her any way you wish.

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