Two Nasty Bugs
Two Nasty Bugs
Two Nasty Bugs. Adam Schiff and Poverty Pimp Maxine Water.
Member reactions:
, that's a hiliarous looking Shifty Shiff. Mad Max looking sharp.
Spot on with the Title, Hobbit. Nice Work.


Member reactions:
Nicely done. Matching sources like that are hard to find
Don't worry, Their bark is a lot worse than their bite,,, no never mind their bite really is bad.
Thanks everyone. I came across the spider pic, which was a Wolf Spider and thought I had to do something. Your right spinner, finding a wolf, easy, finding one taken from that same angle, almost impossible, add the nasty snarl, a trillion to one. Lucky.

Funny Nasty Girl

Nasty Girl

Funny Nasty Women

Nasty Women

Funny Nasty Easter Bunny

Nasty Easter Bunny
Member reactions:
Who is going to have dinner ... very good scary look given to bunny and the wicked smile inviting to dinner is really scary great to see the witch hands coming out the window

Funny Weather is Turning Nasty

Weather is Turning Nasty
Member reactions:
Reminds me of something from a H.P. Lovecraft story. Looks great.
Great work to put the Eye over the Clouds and thunders Good job done with the cloud formation and back lit behind the house
Fantastic job done Good use of the Clouds....

Funny Nasty Chemistry Teacher Silvio Berlusconi

Nasty Chemistry Teacher Silvio Berlusconi
Member reactions:
this one made me laugh. nice touch with the periodic table too. and clock.
Thanks Matthew. Thanks pcedds. pree... We use to have teachers that would stand in the hallway between classes in junior high holding a wood paddle.
hidden for fun....
i thought for sure this would have won,it was very funny,very i gave you a 10

Funny George Bush with a Nasty Rash

George Bush with a Nasty Rash
Member reactions:
I had to tone this one down, the first one was giving ME the creeps
I knew I shouldn't have accepted that invitation from Ahmadinejad

Funny Nasty Chimp

Nasty Chimp

Funny Barack Obama with a Nasty Rash

Barack Obama with a Nasty Rash
Member reactions:
EEEeeewwww. Leprosy. ... Maybe he needs to go back to Hawaii ... the leper colony on Molokai is still there.

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