Daytona 500 Goat Nascar Cup Series
Daytona 500 Goat Nascar Cup Series
Daytona 500 Goat Nascar Cup Series.

Funny Wealth Care NASCAR Style

Wealth Care NASCAR Style
Member reactions:
I like this & hey it's a viable idea, they put advertising everywhere else...& I so like him in Scrubs

Funny Napoleon Bonaparte Conqueror of Nascar

Napoleon Bonaparte Conqueror of Nascar
Member reactions:
It's 'Napoleon' (or 'Napoléon' to be more precise in French, but Napoleon is acceptable), not 'Napolean' Bonaparte.
By the way, the 'Fleur-de-Lys' was a symbol used by French kings, but not by Napoleon who crowned himself Emperor and was the enemy of the French Monarchy of his time. I know, it's a detail for a photoshop contest, but if you can, you'd better use the Imperial Eagle (for instance) instead of the Fleur-de-Lys as you probably would not use the Republican elephant as a symbol of Democrat Obama.
...or perhaps the bee which became the Corsican's imperial symbol in 1804. And i'd call him an oppotunist but not an enemy of the monarchy inasmuch as he was a corporal in Louis XVI's army until the latter got shortened by a head and the revolutionaries took over. p.s. i like the checkered tricolor.
GeneralPeeper: Yes, the bee would have been a good alternative... Of course, the young Bonaparte was a corporal in the Royal French Army prior to the French Revolution, but when he crowned himself Emperor, he also became the enemy of the French Royalty. I agree with you, he's mainly an opportunist though. I just wanted to explain (briefly) why the author of this chop should not use the Fleur-de-Lys here, and now, we are giving a French History lesson. Lol.
I keep enjoying the French classes. Cool chop too.

Funny Nascar Trabant

Nascar Trabant
Please view in full, lots of details and more of a challenge than expected. Hope you like it. trabant source
Member reactions:
I bet it gets all the trophies hehe. Great job ..
I noticed one typo in the car name. Should be "What can TrAbant do for you."
good job. nice matching on source of light from your source used.
Congrats KillerBee No wonder my UPS mail is slow, if they are using trabants
KB---I've noticed that the QUALITY of your entries is rising rapidly. Glad to see you notching it up. Great work here.
Ooops Newsy. missed the typo. Thanks all. I'm learning as I go. Learning new techniques every day. AZ I really think they do use Trabants at UPS, my service takes forever too.

Funny Queen Elizabeth the NASCAR Driver

Queen Elizabeth the NASCAR Driver
Member reactions:
Decent work. Nice to see you entering contest again Katie.
Thanks Newsy. Good to be back to chopping.

Funny Old Man NASCAR Driver

Old Man NASCAR Driver
109 year old Speedy McGee. Full image is larger and sharper.
Member reactions:
Very nice work right down to every detail. Full view to avoid red crush is imperative.
Love it. Full view shows all the work in details and it's definitely worth it.
Speedy McGee was asked how he lasted through a 500 mile race. His reply was, "DEPENDS"
Beautiful work, the only thing that bothers me is the purplish skin tone on the right side of the face. Super job.
I agree with Reg, but i thought it could be a bruise.
It's called Rainmaker was in too much a hurry and forgot to remove a layer. Thanks for pointing it out Registered...fixed.

Funny Old NASCAR Racer

Old NASCAR Racer
Member reactions:
Methane Gas is what we use, where did you get Jet Fuel.

Funny The Scream Painting Watching a NASCAR Race

The Scream Painting Watching a NASCAR Race
Member reactions:
i'm not sure why there is a part of the original paint at the right side, a crop on it would help this a lot and sure will score more

Funny Nascar Mail Van Advertising

Nascar Mail Van Advertising
Source Image
Member reactions:
Lol, I can just see those two rednecks pulling up next to this mail truck saying that.
I can barely see his reflection in the mirror, but i think thats MY mailman. That explains why all my packages show up all dented. clever idea.
haha, very well done- i love the flying packages

Funny Nascar Lawn Mowers

Nascar Lawn Mowers
Member reactions:
Oh My Gawd. How awesome is that...Cokes better then pepsi though...GO UPS. w00t w00t.


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