Tax on NASA
Tax on NASA
Tax on NASA. A big space slingshot
Member reactions:
Congrats on your win. This was pretty cool.
Creative idea and awesome compositing on this Eduen. Golden Congrats.
Thanks robinbobin, hobbit90 & ReggieRey, it was unexpected.
Love the concept and very well executed Grats on a gold 😎🏆
Excellent Work, Eduen. Congrats on the Gold.
Thanks MsgtBob & Manosart

Funny NASA InSight lander on Mars

NASA InSight lander on Mars
Insight on Mars

Funny NASA and the Bahamas

NASA and the Bahamas

Funny Little NASA Dinosaurs in Space

Little NASA Dinosaurs in Space

Funny NASA Staging Moon Landing

NASA Staging Moon Landing

Funny Nasa Reveals the Dark Side of the Moon

Nasa Reveals the Dark Side of the Moon
NASA Unveils New 'B-Side' Of The Moon
Member reactions:
So the Pink Floyd album re-make will be called "BackSide of the Moon".

Funny Kellie Pickler with Nasa Robot in France

Kellie Pickler with Nasa Robot in France
NASA will send a robot to investigate suspected life on Europa and Kellie Pickler is going to guide him...
Member reactions:
For the long trip to the Jovian moon, I'm sure Kellie and Robo-guy will find strength and comfort in the knowledge that we're all rooting for them back home in the forty-eight states.
Very clean work. The shadows are done very realistically

Funny NASA Commander C. Columbus

NASA Commander C. Columbus
It takes a true visionary to attempt a night landing. He never stopped believing he had found the westward passage--He's not about to quit until the Sun is colonized.
Member reactions:
Crazy thought of Columbus going to sun in night

Funny Nasa Teapot Spaceship

Nasa Teapot Spaceship
Doomed Teapot 13 mission suffers a catastrophic o-ring failure.
Member reactions:
I think the tea bag can be used as a saftey device to descend to earth safely
Love the design, and especially the dynamism in this entry.

Funny Declassified Nasa Images of Moon Landing

Declassified Nasa Images of Moon Landing
"There were censored images and VOX communications that NASA kept the lid on for a long time."
Member reactions:
don't want to be a grammar nazi but there's no apostrophe in the word were. There's an extra "we" in there as well. It reads, "We are we we warned off the moon" and we should be capitalized. (We) Unless it's intentional then, nevermind.
THNX Fido for the comment, I really must have been getting tired when I put this image together. Utter shame on my copy writing skills, what a dunce I am." .

Funny Google - NASA Joint Products

Google - NASA Joint Products
[ NASA and Google have teamed up to make Google Earth flyovers available for the surfaces of Mars and the moon. Additional Google Earth data will include real-time weather forecasting and visualization, as well as tracking of the International Space Station and space shuttle activity. ] NASA teaming up with Google to bring the next version of Google Earth is like a street bum teaming up with Bill Gates to bring the next version of Windows. On a tight government budget, NASA became like "down to earth" bum begging for money. Google, on the other hand, is getting into astronomy, and they made their first advances. Google's money is already astronomical. NASA-Google already talk about possible space missions projects. Given the past mistakes, NASA asked Google to equip each space shuttle console with "I'm feeling lucky" button. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related the Google - NASA partnership. Feel free to show what changes this alliance will bring in forms of products, new logos, space missions, etc.

Funny NASA loses moon landing tape

NASA loses moon landing tape
NASA has just announced they lost the moon landing tape. Well, that's quite surprising isn't it? "Looking for over a year, and still can't find the tape" is quite a statement worthy of the world leading Space agency fed with with billions of dollars from tax payers. And to make matters worse, it's not just a tiny roll of tape, ... NASA says "there are over 700 BOXES of transmission tape from Apollo missing". After statements like that I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow NASA boss comes up with a statement "OK, found it. It was under a couch." There's a speculation, however, that NASA people are "full of wit" and that the tape is missing because the whole Moon landing was staged and filmed hoax, and now they decided to get rid of the evidence. Well, not to worry, folks, FreakingNews is here to save the world yet again. Let us help NASA 'restore' the missing tape by showing the stills / photos of Moon landing mission in its original "uncut version" showing all the evidence that moon landing was a staged hoax. P.S. Since the time I first published this contest, NASA has published they now can't find their Shuttle Discovery either. Just kidding. But it's only a matter ot time, you know...

Funny NASA Designs

NASA Designs
Using any NASA Technology - Rocket, Space Stations, Astronauts, Devices, etc - redesign them in ways you think would be improvements, add some additional functionality or anything else you think should be changed or added.

Funny NASA Design

NASA Design
Imagine that NASA engineers were responsible for design of the everyday items. Create images of products that are victims of bad design or poor engineering.

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