Time to take a nap
Time to take a nap
Time to take a nap. Member reactions:
Nice pic,Freakmaster better not let this contest stand.No voting ,couldnt even submit my work.this is a joke.
No results for contest. Some software Error. Probably it will be fix for following contest. Kellie, please come back to FN.

Funny Superbowl Nap

Superbowl Nap
Member reactions:
Awwwwwwww, that is cute as well. I love foxes.... errr. both kinds
Thanks Hits, I come home to foxes working night shift. 😎

Funny Kim Jong Un Napping While Obama is Talking

Kim Jong Un Napping While Obama is Talking

Funny Leisure Sports Extreme napping

Leisure Sports Extreme napping

Funny Prince William Having a Nap

Prince William Having a Nap
Member reactions:
This is a good time for writing on anything about which you feel strongly about Wake-up Mr.Daddy
Probably accurate. Wish the source for William was larger. Good source for office.
Congrats on the wood, noruss. That's what I call royal sleep.
Nice an clean, well done and you've got wood.

Funny Man Having a Nap in a Riot

Man Having a Nap in a Riot
Member reactions:
He may be busy in dreams juggling his time
Good chop.... this looks so natural He is sleeping without getting care of what is happening behind him

Funny Chimp Having a Nap After Ballet Class

Chimp Having a Nap After Ballet Class
Member reactions:
Extra kudos for photo-realism here. Way cool.

Funny Sand Trap Nap

Sand Trap Nap
Member reactions:
Raise your Leg.. Raise your leg if your Bored..
This sunscreen has high UVPee protection.
If April showers bring May flowers, what do Golden showers bring.
Great chop. A little heavyier shadow where the dogs feet touch the sand (real small) would really set this dog into the image. Beautiful work on his fur, can tell you took some time on it.
... on her, I'll take myself for a walk.

Funny Rumsfeld Nap

Rumsfeld Nap
Rummy Nap
Member reactions:
I'd like to add that head to my collection.
The OLD People have to Shoulder the Burden while the Administration tends to their own Needs.
Head and Shoulder BELOW the REST of the world
Lady thinking to herself: He'd better not drool on me.
Laughing so hard - tears in my eyes, dammit.
Why would this not surprise me... Nice merge.

Funny The Cat Nap

The Cat Nap
Member reactions:
Very seductive, a typical 30's screen goddess.

Funny Bench Nap

Bench Nap
Taking naps is healthy, doctors say, buy only if you do it right. It's best to take naps at around 2-3 pm after lunch and aim them for no longer than 30 minutes. This way you will "recharge your batteries" without feeling groggy afterwards. Such naps will also not interfere with your nighttime sleep. Unfortunately for many of us who work 9 to 5, naps are a luxury we can't afford, unlike the Japanese man on today's photo napping on a bench in a Tokyo park. Photoshop this bench nap photo any way you wish.

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