My Wife `Nanny`.
My Wife `Nanny`.
My Wife "Nanny".. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Double win, super job,thought splatshot and hits were in the contest.

Funny Call The Nanny He Stinks

 Call The Nanny He Stinks
Member reactions:
This is a good chop, you used a Trump photo with a genuine Trump child photo.

Funny Jack Nicholson the Nanny

Jack Nicholson the Nanny
Beware of who you invite into your home, to watch your elderly.
Member reactions:
Well merged him as a Nanny looks terrified

Funny Jude Law as Nanny McPhee

Jude Law as Nanny McPhee
Member reactions:
Beautiful chop. very nice representation with starry background I like it

Funny Nanny with a Baby in a Stroller by Degas

Nanny with a Baby in a Stroller by Degas
Modern pushchair,Portrait of Henri Valpincon with Nurse source
Member reactions:
The push chairs were very well designed by including cushions The comfort of the child is being taken care of

Funny Nanny MacFries

Nanny MacFries
Even Nanny McPhee would have her hands full with these two kids. Apologies to our own "macwithfries."
Member reactions:
Did somebody use their own nose. Bwahahahahahahahahaahah
OMGawd...haha looky u matey How fitting....sure as h311 those kids gonna be more trouble than they worth. Great work, funny as all... yeh that
I think hidden author needs to go to the naughty corner.
Awesome job so pretty
just the look on the faces makes me ROTFL nice
Very funny Tooth and the pig peeping out is really hilarious great job to see the eyebrows were touched together and very funny nose
Thanks, everyone. I live in the "naughty corner," macwithfries.
Well done,pcrdds......great work as usual.
OK,the contest is over-you can come out of the Naughty Corner. HA.
Hahaha, she needs to be stricter with these two kids.

Funny Nanny McPhee in Harry Potter

Nanny McPhee in Harry Potter

Funny Crash Test Nanny

Crash Test Nanny

Funny Nanny with a Woman in a Stroller by Degas

Nanny with a Woman in a Stroller by Degas
Source: The Absinthe Drinker Source: Portrait of Henri Valpincon
Member reactions:
Excellent blending of the two pictures. The concept is hilarious too.

Funny Vladimir Putin the Super Nanny

Vladimir Putin the Super Nanny
Helping governments learn to live together.
Member reactions:
There's no problem that a little Plutonium in your drink can't fix.
"When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple"
"If it's Wednesday, it's wear your mother's clothes day"
Are those support hose or are you just glad to see me.
I love this one, the sad thing is Putin could go as a woman.

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