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Funny Nancy Pictures

Best wishes from NancyFunny Best wishes from Nancy
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I like this one although the subject is crazy as a s***house Rat.

Nancy PelosiFunny Nancy Pelosi
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Nancy Pelosi and her little pet pekingese named Harry Reid.
All I see are two dogs, isn't one of them supposed to be a human.
boB, If you read the rules you will see that it says "celebrities or politicians" and not one word about HUMANS.
Yikes..I thought you were supposed to include a human. .

Who Did It To Nancy?Funny Who Did It To Nancy?
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Excellent Very well imagination and very well executed..
ha ha Obama looks cute in this puppet style face.... and he cares for all .... Read his book
Purely creeeeeeeepy. I love it. You did an excellent job on this. Really impressed.
If Obama were a puppet, the need of the American people would be the postmaster. Still as much as I disagree with you I still like the puppet face from an aesthetic sense.

Nancy Pelosi the PirateFunny Nancy Pelosi the Pirate
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Nancy Pelosi in The White House underground roomFunny Nancy Pelosi in The White House underground room
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all black magic tools found in Whitehouse underground. Hillary is planning big
Congratulations Wanderer. Great work. You almost swept the contest.
Thank you, Rajeshstar, Paul, Gummy and SplatShot.

Pelosi just quit! Bravo, Nancy!Funny Pelosi just quit! Bravo, Nancy!
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She is trying to exhale all the smoke from her nose well tried

Nancy PelosiFunny Nancy Pelosi
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Smoking NancyFunny Smoking Nancy
Member reactions:

It's good but, would have made it look more like teeth missing.
Creative work.... nice to see the smoke bubbles and good job no teeth at all

Nancy PelosiFunny Nancy Pelosi
Member reactions:

Nancy Pelosi
She definitely looks better as a giraffe.
Great job very funny.... nice blend of the face to the animal and good hanging of it over that wall well done

Nancy DisgraceFunny Nancy Disgrace
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Nancy Grace on Who's Right, What's Wrong, and the Trouble With Honey Boo Boo BEST VIEW PLEASE
Great poster work and love her cheeks and eye lids full of blue color

Nancy PelosiFunny Nancy Pelosi - With Republicans winning the control of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi has been ousted as the House Speaker. Republican John Boehner of Ohio will likely take over as Speaker in place of Pelosi. Pelosi issued a brief statement after being ousted: "Over the last four years, the Democratic majority in the House took courageous action on behalf of America's middle class to create jobs and save the country from the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression..." Nancy inspired many satirical chops on this site, for which we thank her. But now she's ending her epic career of the House Speaker, and her future is uncertain. To say goodbye to Nancy Pelosi, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are - show what Pelosi might do next, show how she may be remembered in history, put her back in time or into the future, frame her in famous paintings or show how she could have acted in movies. These are just some ideas.

Nancy PelosiFunny Nancy Pelosi - A new chapter of American history was written Thursday when California's Nancy Pelosi was formally chosen and sworn in as the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Pelosi is the first female speaker, she's a Democrat, and her last name is Italian. Which proves that these days you have to be a minority to run the country. In related news Hillary Clinton came out as a black lesbian. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Nancy Pelosci any way you like.

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