Satya Nadella Wearing an Apple T-Shirt
Satya Nadella Wearing an Apple T-Shirt
Satya Nadella Wearing an Apple T-Shirt. Member reactions:
He looks more as a twin brother of Steve Jobs, wearing that Apple Top
Luciano - I have just realized this too. Very clever.
Ahhh the fun we have with the liquefy tool

Funny Satya Nadella New Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella New Microsoft CEO
Member reactions:
Congrats Nadella Clean and neat work done
he is using old Symbian Nokia device and promising to set up new trend in mobile computing using Windows OS looks good and terrific
Very excellent caricature ... Congrats on the cup, BX The real window in the cover is pretty trick

Funny Satya Nadella Riding an Elephant

Satya Nadella Riding an Elephant
New Microsoft Executive Perks
Member reactions:
Love how you did the glasses zoom of the Nadella's eyes, and the expression of the elephant face. Top job.
New Revolution from an indianVery well executed..
An elephant powered Satya looking forward more innovations under his leadership He looks cute with crazy show of his face just like Gandhi Like the Elephant eyes staring to get trigger off
He look a little worried about the ability of the dual-core elephant to lift
I would be worried too. Ty to Luciano, Rajesh, Balodiya, PJ and Newsey.
Thanks PJ (you earned it), BX, and Doc. Nobody asked where I got the elephant source in the tense body position. Trivia...It was built from pieces
Oh, boy, I thought this was just a lucky elephant source. You rebuilt it from parts - it looks real. Hats off again.
PixJay, your stuff was also awesome.
Thanks Pat, Thanks PJ. We all tend to draw from and inspire each other here. Cheers ...

Funny Microsoft Genie Satya Nadella

Microsoft Genie Satya Nadella
... but now I recommend you to open the Windows...
Member reactions:
The new CEO sure feels elevated. I hope it's the fumes and not the farts that elevate him. Great satire here.
Great Ballmer's expression, but his left arm looks small
This is Hilarious... Higher in the sense not he alone... Company comes first Like his Turban and his pet
How'd you do that. You snuck ahead of me at the last second Congrats man, beautiful job.... That is a pretty dusty fart...

Funny Satya Nadella Son Of Windows

Satya Nadella Son Of  Windows
Member reactions:
Please remove that windows logo over his face... he will look smart
Excellent entry. I thought it ranked a pretty strong 8

Funny The New Guru of Microsoft Satya Nadella

The New Guru of Microsoft Satya Nadella

Funny Mahatma Satya Nadella

Mahatma Satya Nadella
Member reactions:
Awesome blending - looks like a real vintage photo
Best blend seen here Looks like another Gandhi of 21st Century

Funny Big Boy in School Satya Nadella

Big Boy in School Satya Nadella

Funny Farmer Satya Nadella

Farmer Satya Nadella

Funny New Windows Folder for Satya Nadella

New Windows Folder for Satya Nadella
Member reactions:
Looks like a Microsoft horror flick - might need a system reboot
.... creepers and Hackers started infecting Satya virus in Windows system. do not download any content with name Satya Nadella.rar
LolU guys.
Cool merge and very nicely done with shadings
After you press YES you get "Unknown error"

Funny Who is Satya Nadella?

Who is Satya Nadella?
Breaking news from Microsoft today - it announced the immediate appointment of Indian engineer Satya Nadella as the company's CEO, succeeding Steve Ballmer. We know very little about this guy. His native name is సత్య నాదెళ్ల, and he was born in Hyderabad, India. Satya got a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in India before moving to the US, where he switched to IT. He briefly had an entry position at Sun Microsystems before joining Microsoft in 1992. There Nadella had a long and successful career, recently serving as Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions. Here is what the blogsphere is jokingly saying about Nadella's CEO appointment - Microsoft has a long history of outsourcing its tech support to India, and now it names an Indian guy as its CEO... will this mean more outsourcing and worsening of services for Microsoft? Time will tell. Meanwhile we wish Satya Nadella the best in turning around the company that once was the biggest IT giant, before Facebook, Twitter, and Google. To welcome Satya Nadella as the Microsoft CEO and spread the word about him, photoshop him any way you wish OR show what changes we can expect from Microsoft under Nadella's leadership.

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