Scarlett Na'vi Johansson
Scarlett Na'vi Johansson
Scarlett Na'vi Johansson. Source Images
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Thanks, Eduen. Scarlett is a beauty. And even more special with that blue tail.
Great job and choice of Scarlett, she makes an awesome Avatar. It's great to see you back chopping at FN, Splats, especially when you are churning out those SplatShot masterpieces... Looking forward to it
Thanks, Uncle-C. I greatly appreciate your comment. *☺*

Funny Mad Maxine Politician Turned Na'vi

Mad Maxine Politician Turned Na'vi
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Thanks Hobbit. Thank you D-Man, it sure does.
L.M.A.O...A Classic Gem.
Thanks Ed and thank you Gummy, that was very nice.
Congrats, Champ. I knew this was yours. Great Win. Damn.... by my calculations your 13 points short of the HOF.
Thanks Wanderer, and Thank You Splats,for the good words and the Fav, appreciate it.. Yeah your right on, 13 short and the bar keeps getting higher Used to get in with 6 gold, soon it will be 9 It's just awesome that FN is going to keep the doors open... Thanks Guys.
Great job Champ. Excellent face choice.
Thanks Bob and Hits H.H. Hobbit DDog I very much appreciate your compliments... Thank you friends.

Funny Arnar Na'vi

Arnar Na'vi
Arnar as a Na'vi Original

Funny Green Na'vi

Green Na'vi
Honey, this morning i feel Hulk...
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