Mutant Illegal Alien
Mutant Illegal Alien
Mutant Illegal Alien .

Funny Mutant Space Astrothing

Mutant Space Astrothing
Member reactions:
Ha. At least space didn't damage her rose.
Woody Congrats Hits. Awesome to see you back, hope you stick around.
Glad to see you back on, miss you much, hope to see more, that's what you call Mutation, good one as always, Congrats.
Congrats on the woodie, gave me a woodie.
Tim, nice to see you are back. Congrats. Great quality as usual.
Inspired work. So glad you stopped by for a visit. Hope you come again soon.

Funny Democrat-Mutants Invasion

Democrat-Mutants Invasion

Funny Mutant Circus Freaks

Mutant Circus Freaks
Member reactions:
Good composition with a good freak atmosphere, it's just sad some of the elements are mostly made of big pixels/poor quality.
I liked the big pixels, that is why I exaggerated them. I thought they added interest to the texture of the back wall. But I softened the effect due to this thing getting dismally low scores to begin with, so you must not be alone in your sentiment. Thanks for the input, Evirio and thanks Crafty
Gosh I love the pics that are "Off the wall", beautiful work.
Congrats on the silver Hits,excellent freakfest.You know how much I like the freaky ones
Yes I do, Andwhat, mainly why I make them Thanks a bunch
The monster who went on a diet resulting in that excess baggage. Freak fun. Congrats Hitsy
Silver congrats, Hits. Seen and liked Pan's Labyrinth I suppose.
TY Newsy and Jere. Yeah, it was an okay movie. I only saw it once. But I was fascinated by this creature. I found a picture of one of the model sculptures and kept it for quite a while, as well as the bull source. I figured it was time to use em up or loose em. PS. For those students of the chop. When conducting source searches, pay attention to tone and color and lighting and collect them in related groups like that. So, when you go to chop something, you have a collection of sources that meld as if one. One thing you can do that gets messy as in this chop (originally) is to mix textures and grains. Some people don't like that. You're mission is to gather photos that agree in tone, color, contrast, texture and lighting.
Congrats Hitspinner, I knew that had to be yours, Love it.

Funny Mutant Dragon Dog

Mutant Dragon Dog
Member reactions:
Looks great.
Congrats, SILVERCANINE. Baby monster is already ugly.
Congrats on the silver,canine.Great monster build.I love it,he looks raw,wet and slimey.I actually think he is cute
congrats SC. great creation. the spider.

Funny Mutant Dog and Monkey Hybrid

Mutant Dog and Monkey Hybrid
Member reactions:
What a face. I wouldn't want to see that running towards me. Nice and creepy.
I wonder if desaturating a bit his face...
It's been hittin the weights Great transplant work Hidreley.

Funny Disgusting Mutant Monster

Disgusting Mutant Monster
back to the freakness
Member reactions:
Very nice and creepy little guy, congrats on the gold.
Perfect fit for the Freak Show. Congrats on the gold, SC, and welcome back.
Congrats on the Win, SC. Welcome Back Sir Freaky. ☺

Funny Giant Mutant Nuclear Bird Watching a Woman with a Bird Cage

Giant Mutant Nuclear Bird Watching a Woman with a Bird Cage
Member reactions:
Love it, hope she fits the bird in the cage.
Ha. nice concept Hidden. Been flying too close to those nuclear smokestacks. Birds are mostly feathers. I think he'll fit the cage with a little persuasion.
Interesting lay-out of the picture. Has she just freed the bird or is she there to catch the bird.
I wanted it to be more of a mystery, so no one knows if the bird is hers or if it is big because of nuclear radiation.

Funny Creepy Mutant Carol

Creepy Mutant Carol
Member reactions:
disoriented faces and skull looks funny and the fish out of the bowl really eye catching
Thanks rajeshstar,newsmaster and splatshot

Funny Strange Freak Show Mutant People at a Carnival

Strange Freak Show Mutant People at a Carnival
Member reactions:
Oh my God, this is creepy, but FANTASTIC.
This is really interesting concept. Well done.
I may get nightmares... by seeing this but very well done... good work
You have a wonderful imagination, glad to see this won 1st place, congrats Hitspinner.
Sorry about being so late to comment. I had to spend a few days in the hospital but I am fine and back home. Thanks Hobbit, Wanderer, Rajesh, Luciano. Balodiya, and Joan XXOO

Funny Mutant

Create images of mutants which were created by the use of pesticides, or genetic engineering that might change farm products of any kind (corn, cows, eggs, dairy, farmers, etc). Images must be farm related.

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