Mutant Kitten Twins
Mutant Kitten Twins
Mutant Kitten Twins.

Funny Mutant Puppies with Many Eyes

Mutant Puppies with Many Eyes

Funny Mutant Basketball Players

Mutant Basketball Players
Member reactions:
Excellent... the outer space creaturs compete to get a place in our record book Hilarious
Scarying caricatures, but excellent job done.
Twisted. I'm really glad this chop does not feature Obama this time
Grats. that left head is a great source picture, isn't it. I have also used it once. link

Funny Goldman Sachs Lloyd Craig Blankfein Mutant

Goldman Sachs Lloyd Craig Blankfein Mutant
Member reactions:
come to think of it, is this the Goldman Sachs boss used as a source there.

Funny The Barack Obama Mutant Alien in the White House

The Barack Obama Mutant Alien in the White House
Full view for more details..
Member reactions:
Yikes. Two terms will do that to you everytime. devolution...
Excellent necro work. Warming up for Halloween.
Mind-Blowing Great. Phenomenal piece of work.
I didn't recognize him at first sigt...then I saw is ears.... Great caricature.
Congrats on the silver canine,your work is always awesome
Simply excellent. I did not think I had a chance at gold with this one in the mix. I guess they are both gold... I am enthralled at the great necro effects on the skin. You got it to look so dead and wax like... yikes . Save some of that up for a holloween chop. I definitely want to see more of this sort. Congrats on the cup... You are a master, sir
Congratulations my friend SilverC....Keep producing more like this one and you'll be raking in the Gold trophies left and right.
Creativity Plus, congrats on the Silver, SilverC.. You have captured Obama's inner-self perfectly..
Congrats on the silver silvercanine Freaky.

Funny Mutant Dork Fish

Mutant Dork Fish
Click here to see orig kid's drawing
Member reactions:
I'd say you had no problem wrapping your brain around this contest theme. Totally out of the park Hidden. Good Luck
Totally freaking brilliant, Hidden. You got help from an inner child in you.
.............................. Nice.....
Excellent composition good caricature like the eyes and the teeth
LunaC totally Outstanding.... congratulations...
Thanks all. I loved the theme of this contest.
This is one of the year's best chops. congrats.
LunaC, Love it, sooooo darn cute and you did a top job on this. Congrats on the win.
much of te guys on this contest have a kid spirit . hehe
Me too LunaC. Was my favorite contest so far

Funny Mutant Girl Excersising

Mutant Girl Excersising
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze Hitspinner Really Awesome.

Funny Mutant Man Holding a Rabbit

Funny Mutant Man Holding a Rabbit
Member reactions:
Ooops... Sorry, uploaded the wrong one. Here's the funny man
I wouldn's say he is funny and obviously not the rabbit.
Makes sense now, though I'd probably be scared of this funny man as a kid

Funny Vladimir Putin Mutant Got Loose of his Leash

Vladimir Putin Mutant Got Loose of his Leash
Got loose of his leash.
Member reactions:
Really great, but needs more work on shadows.
Thank you, my friend. Added shade for dynamite, cart and banner. Please let me know if I skip anything.
Great political chop. Regarding the shadows - I'd make the shadow edges much softer - they are a bit too sharp now.

Funny Mutant Rock Band

Mutant Rock Band
Most sources
Member reactions:
Absolutely beautiful and freaky job done like the one eye concept and the peircing and stitching on the skin is awesome too good to show the rock style band
Fabulous chop,I have no words to explain for this chop,Brilliant work...
Too freaking wild, great imagination, congrats.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. Creatively freaky.
Fantastic, Jere. the freak in the middle is my favorite.

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