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Funny Mustard Pictures

Barack Obama Eating Mustard from a TubeFunny Barack Obama Eating Mustard from a Tube
Member reactions:

And mustard loves you, Mr. President. Great job.

Barack Obama with Mustard on His FaceFunny Barack Obama with Mustard on His Face
Member reactions:

LoL funnay, good work totally creating your own poster.

Napoleon Bonaparte French Mustard AdFunny Napoleon Bonaparte French Mustard Ad
Member reactions:
Translation: Happy Starts Here.
Good chop, but the text is not proper French... You can write "La joie commence ici .' or "Le plaisir commence ici ." instead (for instance). 'La joie débute ici .' and 'Le plaisir débute ici .' are also correct, but do not sound as good as my other suggestions. Note also that there's usually a space before the exclamation mark in French.
Oh, by the way, French's mustard as nothing to do with France and is actually an American product. Doesn't taste like real French mustard at all.
I had a feeling you would grill me on that paul .. your worse then my 4th grade french teacher .. hope its to your liking now Monsieur Hisson ... and yes i knew it was an American company but its the best for the joke.
Lol. That's perfect now, Hidden Author. I also think that it's a good joke to use 'French's mustard' in your chop, but just wanted to explain to people who do not know it that it is not a product of France. By the way (and I've already said that several times), feel free to mention my numerous mistakes in English (especially in my own works) as I want to improve my skills and don't want to ruin a chop with language mistakes... Yours was very good... now it's great.
(Anonymus)-You have some mustard on your mustache. (Napoleon)-Ohh, s..t. (Anonymus)-Sorry, I thought it's mustard.
sorry for the joke

Mean Mr. MustardFunny Mean Mr. Mustard
Member reactions:

Mean Mr. Mustard by The Beatles
very nice, i would like to see more bright color but maybe it's just me, well done

MustardFunny Mustard
Member reactions:

Don't squeeze the bottle too hard.

Mustard and KetchupFunny Mustard and Ketchup
Member reactions:

you got ketchup in my mustard.. you got mustard in my ketchup.. ok lets mix it up baby.

Mustard and KetchupFunny Mustard and Ketchup
Member reactions:

When red lights, stop eating. Yellow - get ready to finish.

Medieval Portrait of Lady with Sausage and MustardFunny Medieval Portrait of Lady with Sausage and Mustard
Member reactions:

thank you for understanding my nightmare. mustard lubricants have traumatized me since childhood.

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