Mustang ADP : Advanced Driving Position
Mustang ADP : Advanced Driving Position
Mustang ADP : Advanced Driving Position. Source

Funny P-51D Mustang Plane

P-51D Mustang Plane
Tuskegee Airman Exhibit A P51 Mustang
Member reactions:
Fantastic plane Dog, looks great against that background.
Thought this would place higher ... Great job.

Funny Mustang by Edvard Munch

Mustang by Edvard Munch

Funny My New Saleen Mustang Being Delivered on Truck

My New Saleen Mustang Being Delivered on Truck
Member reactions:
Woody congrats, deaddog. Great, great job here.
Thanks everyone as I really never expected for this to be so well received, again thanks. P.S. No one would ever unload a 1000,000 dollar car with a fork lift.
I love the way your changing your style DD, ( the realism field is my passion but yet very ( tricky ) to acknowledge, especially without some extra ( plugins ).. congrats on the win..
Thanks salis. I have gotten on this kick of chopping cars and trucks lately.
DD, your chops are real treats. Luv this one. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Ford Mustang Jet

Ford Mustang Jet
Auto executives arrive in corporate jets to ask for money
Member reactions:
This is so well blended - it sells as a real thing.
real nice (maybe fuzz the Ford logo a bit.)
I can imagine it was difficult - to have end result like this would take huge effort even with decent sources
WoW, another beauty Peg, congrats on the Gold...
Congrats Pegleg and nice job, you are the hero of the Weak
Congratulations on the win, peg. HoHouse I think peg is the hero of the week (at least.), not the hero of the weak
Congrats to the hero of the "Weak"....ha ha. Good choppin.
Thanks HoHouse, Newsy, and Slixter. "hero of the weak" promotion, I was "Defender of the Stupid" Thanks all..
the "defender of the stupid".

Funny Tiny Ford Mustang GT Car

Tiny Ford Mustang GT Car
I always wanted to try Photoshopping one of these short stubby cars.
Member reactions:
I think it looks really cool.. I might have left the Ford logo un-stubby, though, just for a sense of realistic-ness. (is that a word.)
Trying the new resize feature in CS4.
Ha. I like it. Reminds me of Penny Racers.
I completely forgot about Penny Racers until now.. I loved those things..
It's compact and cute. Makes me think of Apple-design.

Funny Chevy Camaro + Ford Mustang

Chevy Camaro + Ford Mustang
Two classic gas hogs come together.
Member reactions:
good job. would have been nice if the grill logos matched in size and placement.
Grill logos do match in size and placement. That's how Chevys logo is designed. That's why I left the V in there because it looked off center without it. Thanks for th comments.

Funny Ford Mustang with Legs

Ford Mustang with Legs
Ford has recently been brainstorming on creating a sub-compact Mustang. Here we can see the new concept Mustang easily pulling away from the competition in its first race. You will also notice that they have created sub-compact jockies in order to drive these little beauties. Talk about horsepower. Please view in full. Pretty large.
Member reactions:
The edges are too sharp on the added legs. They don't match the other horse's legs. Maybe try going around the edges with the blur tool to make this look more believable.
Thanks for the advice Keb. I tried your suggestion, I think it looks better now. Let me know what you think. thanks again.
Thanks Keb, it's nice to get comments from a top notch chopper such as yourself. thanks again. Now back to my paying job before I lose it.

Funny Mustang Race Car Racing Out of a Picture

Mustang Race Car Racing Out of a Picture
Member reactions:
great stuff here.. not sure what graphic program you are using..but if it has "remove JPG artefact" run that to remove the lines on the background. Well done.
Hey there, did a bit of reading and found out about removing JPG artefacts, but I am not sure if that would fix anything in this image. Did you view the full version of the file as I cannot see any lines in the background when I view it. Cheers, and thanks for the comments.
Un-jpegging is done after compression ; as the file is compressed for display on the site, not much the author can do.

Funny Buick + Ford Mustang Hybrid Car

Buick + Ford Mustang Hybrid Car
half 49 Buick and 04 Mustang. 49 Buick Mustang
Member reactions:
this is so nice and obiouslly well done and well blended, but the angle of the car don't show too much from mustang.
Good color blending and nice entry overall. I love mustangs

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